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May 30, 1968
Mets 5, Pirates 4
1968 Regular Season Game 44
May 31, 1968
Cardinals 2, Mets 0
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June 1, 1968
Cardinals 6, Mets 5
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National League Standings, May 31, 1968

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Tommy Sullivan
March 22, 2002
My second Met game. I was 10 years old. Dad sprung for the field boxes this time. Larry Jaster baffles the Mets for 7 2/3 innings of perfect baseball until either Don Bosch or Greg Goosen broke it up with a hit. I also remember Roger Maris in right field for the Cards.

October 4, 2002
This game was on a Friday night. My dad and I went with one of his co-workers who was a friend of Cardinal's second baseman, Julian Javier. Before the game, we talked to him and he tossed me a ball (a much bigger deal then, than now). After the game we met him again outside the stadium and I got reliever's Wayne Granger's autograph.

Bob P
June 26, 2005
Further to an earlier posting on this game, it was Greg Goosen who broke up Larry Jaster's perfect game with two outs in the bottom of the eighth. Goosen's hit was a clean single to left.

Don Bosch had the only other Mets hit this night, and it came with two outs and the bases empty in the bottom of the ninth.

The Cards scored both of their runs of Tom Seaver in the top of the third. Lou Brock led off with a triple and scored on a Curt Flood single. With two outs, Seaver threw a wild pitch and then intentionally walked Tim McCarver. But Mike Shannon singled and the Cards had a 2-0 lead.

Seaver lost the game to fall to 2-5 despite a 1.91 ERA in what would later be known as the "Year of the Pitcher." But Tom won his next five decisions and did not lose again until July 5 on his way to a 16-12 record.

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