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October 5, 1969
Mets 11, Braves 6
1969 League Championship Series Game 3
October 6, 1969
Mets 7, Braves 4
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October 11, 1969
Orioles 4, Mets 1
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tim daiss
June 10, 2001
October, 1969, I was seven years old and fell in love with the Braves. But, as they did for a decade and a half, they broke my heart. Though favored, with more veterans, than New York the Braves were simply outclassed. T. Daiss, Savannah, Georgia

Richard Beattie
July 13, 2004
My father tricked me. I was a Met's fan from the start- and now I was 11. I had a broken wrist that fall. My folks went under the cover of a check-up at the Doctor. Mom took me in to Dad's office in Brentwood and then we were to go to the Doctor. Dad asked me "Do you think the Mets will win?" and I said, "Yes- I know they'll win!" He laughed and held up the tickets- and I remember saying "You're kidding!" We headed off to Shea. Parking was so bad that day that Dad sheeplishly said- "I don't think we can find a parking space." Well I started to cry and he found one pretty fast. When we got to the gate we heard a crack of the bat and the crowd groaned. Henry Aaron hit a massive home run off of Nolan Ryan. But the Mets roared back. Gentry relieved Ryan- and the crowd poured on top the field. I asked my Dad if we could get some turf- and that's where he drew the line. My younger brother has never quite forgiven me for going to game three of the first NLCS. But I never will forget what my Dad did for an 11 year old with a cast on his arm.

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