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Previous Game:
September 8, 1962
Colt .45's 6, Mets 5
1962 Regular Season Game 145
September 9, 1962
Mets 7, Colt .45's 7
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September 10, 1962
Braves 5, Mets 2
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National League Standings, September 9, 1962

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Feat Fan
June 12, 2004
This game had just about everything except good pitching and a winner. The .45s and Mets send a total of ten pitchers to the mound – five each - and the game is halted at the end of eight innings because of curfew (no inning shall start after 7 p.m. on Sunday night). When the game was called each team had seven runs, ten hits and one error. This was the final game scheduled between the two teams in Houston which means next week they will attempt to play six games in three days due to earlier postponements.

Only 3,630 paid for this Sunday afternoon 90 degree game that lasted over four hours with only the individual statistics going into the record books.

The most interesting inning was the seventh and how the Mets scored the run that tied the game at 7-7. Jim Golden entered the game to start the inning and walked Joe Christopher and while striking out Frank Thomas and walking Elio Chacon Golden throws two wild pitches to move the runners up to second and third. With first base open Golden walks Choo Choo Coleman to load the bases and then is relieved of his duties and replaced by Don McMahon. Felix Mantilla then drives in the tying run with a sacrifice fly to Carl Warwick in center in a game that one inning later had an end but no winner or loser.

Ed K
June 10, 2006
First tie game in Met history.

Ed Koch
August 23, 2006
As Featfan noted, the failure to play this game to its conclusion meant the two teams needed to play three straight doubleheaders in NY later in the month to complete their 1962 schedules. One of those three days ended up rained out and thus the Mets ended up with a 40-120 record instead of a full 162 games of wins and losses.

Ed K
March 27, 2008
One other item of note: This game marked the last Major league appearance of Sherman "Roadblock" Jones. He had been sent to AAA by the Mets in May and recalled in September.

Sherman is remembered for being the originally scheduled starter for the Mets opener but was replaced by Roger Craig when Sherman temporarily hurt his eye with a cigarette lighter. Instead, he started the Mets home opener and lost that game.

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