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September 22, 1972
Phillies 5, Mets 4
1972 Regular Season Game 145
September 23, 1972
Mets 5, Phillies 3
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September 24, 1972
Mets 2, Phillies 1
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National League Standings, September 23, 1972

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Ralph Sassano
February 12, 2003
This was the first game I ever went to. I seem to remember that it had rained like hell the night before, but it turned out to be a clear crisp early autumn day. I wore one of those old baseball jackets that had logos of select teams on them--remember those? My mom took a picture of my older brother and I outside the old house in Yorktown Heights before we left, gloves in tow. The picture is dated on the back and it said the score of the game.

Anyway, I was only 7 years old and I went with my brother and my father, who has recently passed on. I remember a few things about the game. The Phillies had those toxic blue uniforms and I kind of thought they were cool. Another thing that stands out clearly is that the crowd was really getting on Bob Boone, the Phillies catcher. I can recall when he got up to the plate everyone in my section going BA-BOOOOOONE!! BA- BOOOOONE!!

I think it was because there were a couple of Met beanings in this game. I'm certain that Rusty Staub hit the deck (maybe twice). I don't know if there were words with he and Boone, but I think that's why everyone got on Boone.

I also remember that Dave Schneck hit a triple. Why I remember that I have no idea, but I am certain that it happened. One thing also, I think that Willie Mays pinch hit in that game. I'm not sure.

If he did, I don't know why I remember the beanings, the Schneck triple, and Ba-Boooooone! so clearly instead of that.

Bob P
May 22, 2004
Further to Ralph's comments on this game from Feb. 2003:

The boxscore shows that Duffy Dyer was the only player hit by a pitch in the game. Phils starter Jim Nash hit Duffy in the fourth inning. It certainly is possible that Rusty got brushed back once or twice in the game, but he didn't get hit.

Willie Mays did not get into this game. He was not in the starting lineup and the Mets made no substitutions.

Dave Schneck's triple came in the bottom of the eighth after Cleon Jones had led off with a double. Schneck then scored on a sac fly. In fact, four of the five Mets runs in this game crossed the plate on sac flies!

Jon Matlack pitched a five-hitter to improve to 14-9, and all three Phillies' runs were unearned.

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