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August 29, 1974
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Jersey Joe
August 17, 2001
This was my 10th birthday .... I think that they gave away "photo albums" that day. I can remember my father bringing several of my friends to the game and we all got those great photo albums with framable (sp?) pictures of Teddy Martinez.

John Rogers
January 14, 2002
It was Dairylea photo album day, and Shea was packed. It was my first trip to a big-legue game and Seaver completely dominated Houston that afternoon. I've been a Met fan my whole life, and I'll never forget that game.

Louis D.
April 23, 2002
This was my very first Met game. I was 11 years old, and could not sleep the night before in anticipation of going to my first game. I remember that it was a Thursday afternoon, 4:05PM start, and most of the Met subs started that day, like Theodore, Martinez and Dyer. However, Tom Seaver started, and pitched his finest game of that subpar season, in which he went 11-11. I'll never forget the feeling I had when I saw the field in person for the first time. We got great seats in Loge behind home plate, first row. That day will live in my memory forever.

April 1, 2003
Wow, apparently this was a first for many people. I was 8, and this was the first Mets game I ever attended. It was a make-up game for a rain-out earlier in the year and my Dad and I drove out to Shea at the last minute because he heard tickets were still available. The seats weren't terrific, but Tom sure was.

John Q
March 5, 2005
I was seven years old and this was the first game I ever went to. For some reason I always thought that this game was played on a Sunday. I remember that the place was packed and that Tom Seaver pitched a shut-out that day.

My parents are from France, so this was also the first game my father, mother, and sister attended. My sister’s friend was supposed to come with us, but she stepped on a bee that morning.

My father wasn’t a baseball fan, but he really enjoyed watching George Theodore play. He thought that the gangly outfielder was funny. My mother became a baseball fan and Rusty was her favorite player. My sister loved Wayne Garrett and Buddy Harrelson was my favorite.

We were all happy that day because each person’s favorite player was in the game. I remember my sister and I were really excited to receive the photo album. It seams strange now, but in those days it was really rare to find large color pictures of baseball players. My sister cut each individual picture and tacked them to her wall. I remember they stayed on her wall for about two years.

My sister remained a Met fan until Wayne Garrett was traded for Pepe Manguel. Then she switched her allegiance and started following the Yankees (How terrible!). My mother and I remain Mets fan until this day.

August 11, 2015
This was my first MLB game as well. I was 8 years old, and my family was up from D.C. visiting friends. Made me a life-long Mets fan. I vividly remember Seaver pitching the complete game, and that it was a shutout. I had forgotten about the photo albums until visiting this site. Wow, brings back memories. I also recall that Seaver had to pitch his way out of a (bases-loaded?) jam in one of the later innings to preserve the goose egg. Anyone else recall that?

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