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August 31, 1975
Dodgers 5, Mets 2
1975 Regular Season Game 136
September 1, 1975
Mets 3, Pirates 0
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September 2, 1975
Pirates 8, Mets 4
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National League Standings, September 1, 1975

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Barry F.
March 25, 2002
Backpage of Daily News the next day said TOM'S 20TH ZIPS BUCS. After striking out Manny Sanguillen for his 200th, for a record eighth consecutive season, Seaver gets a standing ovation and turns his back to the crowd to stare out to the outfield in appreciation of the moment. The Mets have moved to within four games of the first-place Pirates with the 3-0 win. It is one of the last important late-season games Seaver will pitch as a Met.

Dave Whitham
April 3, 2002
This was the first game I ever went to - Seaver's 20th, a shutout, and his 200th strikeout.... It didn't get much better than that.

Richard H.
April 28, 2002
I always remember my first major league baseball game as the Mets beating the Pirates 2-0 and Seaver on the mound. Looking at the archives, I suspect this was the game as it shows up as a 3-0 Seaver win. My dad was a Yankee fan and after going to my first major league game, I became a Met fan. (I think it broke his heart.) The combination of a Met fan and Yankee fan in the house made for some very interesting discussions and debates over the years.

David Block
August 2, 2002
Tom Seaver was as good that day as I had ever seen him. I was sitting between behind third base, 2nd or third level, and he was just a machine that day! As always, his form and concentration were inspiring. The Pirates, always a good hitting team and the eventual Division winner, were absolutely overmatched. When Sanguillen went down for the 200th K (it was only a matter of time), Shea was deafening!

It was a consumate performance of a consumate professional. It was also about the last time that the Mets contended in September while he was a Met. Koosman lost on Labor Day, and the Mets slipped after that.

August 23, 2006
I remember this game not only because it was Seaver's 20th win of the season. Mike Vail homered. I was 8 years old at the time. My father took me and my cousin to the game. We were leaving and I dropped something outside the car. Me and my cousin got out to pick up the stuff and my father drove off. Didn't notice we weren't in the car till he got on the Grand Central. Needless to say he came back. We laugh about it now but still have the score card now and the only foul ball I caught ever at a game in my house as an adult

Joe Figliola
September 8, 2006
If memory serves me correct, this was a twi-night game that started around 5:35pm. I missed half of the game because my mother and I went to the supermarket. When we returned home, one of the neighborhood kids told us the news. At first, he said that Seaver struck out the pitcher for his 200th K, but he was wrong.

I recall not being annoyed because I missed seeing Seaver's achievement. My rationale was that they would show it on "Kiner's Korner," so I'd get to see it then. However, I was a little disappointed over not seeing Mike Vail's first ML home run as it happened.

Recently, there have been a slew of World Series DVDs released on the market. I'd like to see A&E put out collections of great games of superstar athletes such as Seaver. This game from '75, along with his 19 strikeout game (if it exists); his return to the Amazin's in April, '83; his near-perfect game from '69 and, perhaps, game four of the '69 World Series would make, for example, an excellent collection.

Frank the Met
October 5, 2006
Actually, Joe, this was a single day game at Shea on a Monday afternoon, begininning at 2pm. I was at the game. It was a huge series. Seaver was magnificent. There was electricity in the air. Over 50,000 at Shea. Fans were predicting who would be the 200th strikeout victim. None predicted Sanguillen because he was a good contact hitter, but Seaver was so awesome he just blew it by him on a high swinging strike three. In fact, this was the only game the Mets defeated the Pirates all year at Shea. They had been swept in two previous 3-games series, and lost the next two in this series. The pennant race was essentially over after losing the next two.

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