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August 1, 1976
Phillies 2, Mets 0
1976 Regular Season Game 107
August 2, 1976
Expos 5, Mets 4
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March 14, 2002
If memory serves right, this is the first game my dad took me to and the Met's first Jacket Day. When you are 8, the mighty high upper decks at Shea make the field seem much further away than it already is! Got there to catch both teams take batting practice. Couldn't figure out why you didn't hear the voices of Kiner, Murphy and Nelson coming over the PA. Reckoned if you could hear them on TV, you should be able to hear them at the ballpark. Seaver vs. Woody Fryman. Mets lost of course. Somehow they became my team and I almost got heat stroke from standing in my front yard the next day, in NYC August heat...proudly wearing my vinyl Mets jacket.

Makes me all misty-eyed for the blue and orange shingles that used to grace Shea.

June 1, 2008
I, too, remember that as being the first jacket day at Shea. It was actually a night game, and those jackets they gave away were the hottest pieces of vinyl I ever put on! They didn't breathe! I went to the game with families from the Little League, and remember Torre having a good game and my father saying that Torre finally woke up! Anyway, those jackets were all white with the Mets lettering across the front; I can still feel the sweat!

August 11, 2009
Jacket Night, and a Tom Seaver start at Shea, drew a tremendous crowd. I was 10, and this was maybe my fourth game ever.

Went with my dad, one of my dad's friends from work, and his son -- and we sat in the most hellacious traffic jam. Didn't arrive until after four innings. Parked who knows where.

I guess I still got a jacket. Remember it being white. And I was so pumped to see my first Seaver start in person, so disappointed I missed four innings, but thought I was going to see the Mets win.

Said to dad that it looked like we could pull this one out, and I recall the dread of Morales' big pinch hit. Didn't remember it was off Lockwood. I just knew Seaver was robbed, and so was I. Still remember how empty that felt.

August 31, 2011
My first ever game. My dad took me, just me and him. I was 6. Can remember sitting way in the upper deck and getting the white raincoat which sat in my closet for at least a dozen years after. My only memory of the game is Roy Staiger hitting a home run. That fact, and also remembering the game was against the Expos, and approximately the year gave me enough info to find the actual date of my first ever game using the net to research. Pretty cool discovery! I also remember staying up to see the lights on the Verrazano bridge coming home. Still watching the Mets, and coming to games with my dad since!

October 19, 2011
I was at this game, too. I remember going with my entire family. The white unstylish vinyl jacket they gave away. I was a kid and was excited I'd be getting a free Mets jacket. I remember being disappointed that we didn't get the royal blue Mets jackets walking in. Can someone confirm, I think I remember from this same game, Mets manager Joe Frazier going ballistic and getting ejected for throwing bats onto the field or was that a different game?

Mark Corrao
September 26, 2013
I too was at this game. I remember all the hype for the promo give-away "Jacket Day - now you can wear an authentic NY Mets jacket, just like the players wear!" My father picked my brothers and me up and we sat in a traffic jam, people actually parked their cars in travel lanes on the elevated highway and walked to the game. We parked by the junk yards and missed a few innings. We got our white vinyl jackets and being only twelve stated, "These are not just like the players wear!". I remember Seaver pitching and stating to my dad that Seaver threw fast! It wasn't my first Met game, but one I remember well. A few weeks later a hurricane blew into the region and I remember wearing my white raincoat outside to escape the rain.

July 7, 2012
My first Mets game. My mom drove to the park and ride in Secaucus, then a bus to the Port Authority and the #7 train to Shea. Final was 5-4 Expos I believe. I remember telling my mom that it was a good game and that's all that mattered.

The jacket was a bit of a disappointment. It was white with "Mets" in script across the front. The M and the ets on mine weren't even close to lining up.

The #7 was packed and extremely hot going back to NYC. Best night ever at that age. Sat way in the upper deck on the 3rd base side. You could see the ball being hit before you heard the crack of the bat.

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