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May 24, 1979
Mets 4, Cubs 2
1979 Regular Season Game 39
May 25, 1979
Mets 3, Pirates 3
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May 26, 1979
Mets 10, Pirates 8
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National League Standings, May 25, 1979

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Ed K
May 2, 2003
This was the great "fog-out" game. Youngblood hit a routine fly in the bottom of the 11th but fog had rolled in making it impossible for the outfielder to see it and it went for a triple. The umps then stopped the game for over an hour to see if the fog would lift. When it did not, they called the game, and it went in the books as a 3-3 tie.

Ed K
June 28, 2006
I should add that this season seemed like it would never end for Met fans - and thanks to this tie, it went 163 games instead of 162.

July 22, 2008
May 25, 1979 was one of the strangest games I ever attended. I was not quite 13 years old and attended the game with my older brother (by two years) and a slightly older friend who had just gotten his license to drive. Anyway we were there for the first time on our own. I seem to remember that the Mets had just installed a TV video screen in left field. I don't think it was the current DiamondVision. Our friend had gotten three tickets right over the Pirates dugout and we were excited to see ourselves on the board. (Hey, we were kids.)

Anyway, the game started out just fine. It was a little hazy but no big deal. By the 6th inning or so a strange fog or mist was visible above the light towers and the upper deck. The Pirates rallied and took the lead, 3-1 I think in the 8th inning. Nothing unusual for 1979. Right? Wrong! The Mets rallied in the 9th and tied it on a pop-up "single" by John Stearns that either Dave Parker or Bill Robinson (I can't quite remember which) lost in the fog. The Pirates were HOT arguing that the game should not have continued in those conditions. They played another couple of innings in even worse conditions before the game was stopped and not continued at least that night!

To this day it was the most bizarre weather conditions I have seen at Shea. You literally could not see anything in the air and the eerie spectacle of the scoreboard lights was amazing. I still have my ticket stubs in memory of that night.

April 20, 2012
I watched this game on TV. I remember the cameras showed one fan who was trying to blow away the fog by repeatedly opening and closing his umbrella.

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