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Previous Game:
July 11, 1979
Mets 4, Dodgers 3
1979 Regular Season Game 84
July 12, 1979
Mets 12, Dodgers 5
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July 13, 1979
Mets 7, Giants 6
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National League Standings, July 12, 1979

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Phil Brewer
July 13, 2003
The game stats for this game, I think, are wrong. I remember this game because I was there. I was a big Dodger fan and my parents took me to see this night game on the way back to Florida after visiting my aunt and uncle on Long Island. We sat about ten rows up from the top of the left field fenc, about two aisles to the foul side of the foul pole. Home plate was a galaxy away, but I didn''t care. Anyway, what I remember is my boyhood idol, Steve Garvey, making it a game I would never forget when he stroked a late-inning laser beam over the left field wall with two on. The ball was out of the park in less than four seconds, and Garvey hadn't reached first base. Thanks, Steve.

Oh, about the wrong stat. You don't credit Dodger right-fielder Gary Thomasson with an error for dropping a simple, short fly ball. I know he did because I saw it, and I remember thinking that was typical for the Dodgers that evening. No way the scorekeeper would have awarded the batter a hit on the play. I think Thomasson was too focused on getting the runner tagging from third.

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