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June 10, 1980
Mets 5, Dodgers 4
1980 Regular Season Game 52
June 11, 1980
Mets 6, Dodgers 2
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Mets 6, Dodgers 5
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National League Standings, June 11, 1980

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Richard Holmes
February 14, 2002
I was visiting my mother in Connecticut when I got a job teaching summer school back in my district in Northern Virginia. I was planning to see the Mets on my visit and my sudden wave of good fortune did not send me immediately back to Virgina. I had to see the Mets first. It was a great pitcher's duel and was deadlocked at 2 after 9. In the 10th Mike Jorgenson hit a grand slam homer to win the game 6 to 2. My adrenline was pumping so hard through me that it kept me awake for the next three hours on my way home to Virginia. I got home at 6:00 AM, took a shower and taught my first day of summer school. It was worth it.

Marc Cohen
December 17, 2002
I was 11 years old and my Grandfather got tickets first row behind the Mets dugout. When Jorgensen hit that Grand Slam in the 10th to win it, me and my brother were jumping up and down on top of the dugout like they just won the World Series. I went to a lot of games at Shea in the early 80's and I have forgotten most of them, but that moment I will never forget.

February 25, 2003
Jorgensen's homer was a great moment in my LIFE! Hey, I caught the ball!! I brought it to Shea the next night to get his autograph on it. Pete Falcone was signing autographs and took it into the clubhouse for me, and brought it back, signed by Jorgensen. By some chance, if someone out there just happens to have a video tape of this home run, (they used it later in the season in commercials for Fireworks Night) please email me!

December 28, 2010
I was home from college and there with friends sitting along first. When Jorgy jacked it we were jumping around, I was hugging strangers. My friends gave me grief, but I didn't because the Mets won and it was a happy recap.

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