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October 3, 1981
Expos 5, Mets 4
1981 Regular Season Game 105
October 4, 1981
Mets 2, Expos 1
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National League Standings, October 4, 1981

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jj kennedy
January 26, 2001
nice day! glenn, troy, ralph and i. boxes third base side. torre's last game. hostetler homered in ninth to blow shut out. expos went on to playoffs we went home. season's over. strike killed our summer.

Ed K
September 4, 2002
I twas a weird season because the strike killed the middle two months. So MLB took the winning teams from the first half of the season and had them play off in each division against the winners of the second half. With only about a 50 game second half, the Mets stayed in contention for a while under Torre before playing down to their potential and getting eliminated with maybe a week or ten days to go. I remember after this final game of the year, GM Frank Cashen came on Kiner's Korner to announce that Torre would not be coming back in 1982 because the Mets wanted to go in a different direction. George Bamberger wasn't the answer either, but Davy Johnson proved to be.

John K
April 13, 2004
Last game of the year. Torre is let go. Ballpark is empty. Another grey day at Shea. I was 15 and all excited to see Carter play. No such luck. Montreal had clinched the day before. Falcone pitches extremely well. Hostetler hits bomb in the ninth for the Expos which clears the left field bullpen.

Jack - Floral Park
August 6, 2013
This was Joe Torre's last game with the Mets. I had tickets behind third base in the Field Level. During this game I observed Joe Torre sitting in the dugout like a bump on a log while an animated John Stearns relayed signals, yakked it up and appeared to be managing the game. Fast forward 32 years... My buddy Greg went to Mr. Torre's golf outing this week in Westchester and asked him if my John Stearns suspicions were true. After commenting how nobody was in the ballpark so how would anyone know, Joe Torre confirmed the suspicions. John Stearns DID INDEED manage this game. Joe Torre's last in a Mets uniform.

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