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August 12, 1983
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1983 Regular Season Game 115
August 13, 1983
Mets 5, Cubs 1
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Hank M
February 14, 2005
I went to this game with a friend of mine. We saw Tom Seaver and Jesse Orosco shut down the Cubs. Darryl Strawberry drove in two runs with an 8th inning triple.

The thing that I remember most from this game, though, is seeing something that I had never seen in a ball game, either before or since. In the bottom of the first inning, Keith Hernandez was on third base with two outs. From my seat in the left field corner, I saw the home plate umpire yelling something to Bobby Valentine, who was the third base coach at the time. About a minute later, the umpire again said something to Bobby. the next thing I saw was the Cubs' players running off the field. The inning was suddenly over!

What happened was that Bobby had violated a rule stating that the third base coach cannot leave the coach's box while the pitcher is on the rubber. If he does, a runner at third can be called out. When Keith was called out, Bobby was livid. He argued loudly and got ejected. The crowd was confused, not knowing what really happened -- until an explanation of this rule was put on the DiamondVision a few innings later. I always knew this rule existed, but I have never seen it enforced except in this game.

Does anybody else remember this bizarre occurence?

flushing flash
February 15, 2005
I would have been in summer camp when it occurred, and probbaly wouldn't have been listening (and definitely not watching) the game.

According to retrosheet, Hernandez was ruled out on coach's interference, because the umpires ruled that Bobby V was moving around trying to force Cubs pitcher Rich Bordi to balk.

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