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June 10, 1985
Phillies 6, Mets 4
1985 Regular Season Game 54
June 11, 1985
Phillies 26, Mets 7
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August 10, 2000
I remember Von Hayes hitting 2 homers in the 1st inning, one of them off Tom Gorman. That was miserable. 9 runs in the 1st and 7 in the 2nd innings. I remember the announcers, I believe Tim McCarver, talked about how important it was for the Mets to come back the next day, and forget about this disaster. The next day, they won 7-3. I will never forget that....Von Hayes!

Christopher Kuhn
January 10, 2002
All I can remember is it was 16-0 after two innings and Von Hayes had hit two home runs in one inning. Amazing that this, the worst defeat in Mets history (I think), came only one year prior to a championship.

January 19, 2002
Unforgettable game, for the wrong reasons. Tom Gorman was an emergency starter...someone else (Darling?) couldn't go at the last minute. Gorman didn't last long, and neither did the Mets.

Joe Reskin
April 10, 2002
The next day, Jeff Herbst, a Yankees fan, said to me, "Twenty-six to seven?" I said, "Shut up. They're going to win the World Series next year." Herbst said, "No way. They'd need someone to make a really bonehead error for that to happen."

clubhouse report
April 20, 2002
strange but true trivia: both Schiraldi and Sambito who each gave up double-digit runs in this game, would pitch against the Mets for the Red Sox in game #7 of the '86 World Series.

Bob P
June 11, 2003
Von Hayes this night became the first player in major league history to hit two home runs in the first inning.

Vincent Safuto
June 30, 2003
I've always remembered this game, and it came back in my memory after reading about the Marlins' huge loss to the Red Sox, where Boston scored 14 runs in the first inning and won 25-8.

Back in 1985, I remember reading the stories about the game, and the Mets players talking about it being the worst loss they experienced since Little League, and the like. Unlike today, they didn't whine about Philadelphia running up the score. I mean, 26-7 wasn't just a whuppin', it was a bad whuppin'.

It could happen to any team, I guess, and it just goes to show what a weird game baseball is. The next game starts at 0-0, and you just go out there and play again.

1985 was a good year for the Mets, and 1986 was better. Bad games happen, but in a 162-game season, you just have to put it behind you.

Don L
November 10, 2003
Tom Gorman - a lefty who had "nothing". He was so bad the players sarcastically nicknamed him Gorfax, as in Koufax. Gorman gave up the incredible tying homer to pitcher Rick Camp of the Braves less than a month later in extra innings of the memorable July 4th-5th game the Mets eventually won 16-13.

Feat Fan
February 19, 2004
Von Hayes was nicknamed "5 for 1". The Phillies sent five prospects including a young Julio Franco (yes, the very same) to the Tribe for this talented outfielder. Hayes had himself quite the night blasting a few first inning home runs and passing for 235 yards in the 26-7 win. Guess the Philly placekicker missed 2 extra points. What a blowout.

June 10, 2006
I was at the Vet. Life-long Mets fans, we had graduated college a few weeks before, and stayed in town. We were thrilled to get field box seats, too; 200 level on the first base side, a few rows behind the dugout. Hostile crowd; Phillies were a shadow of their pennant winners in 1980 and 1983; Mets were putting together a winning team and were up in the standings.

A couple Mets runners in the first with no results. Von Hayes leads off the bottom of the first with a home run and bats again in the inning, hitting a grand slam. 16-0 after 2 innings and it was over; Hernandez and Carter were pulled in the third. Phils pitcher Charlie Hayes barely lasts the minimum 5 innings to get the win, getting booed off the mound as he closes out the 5th having given up 7 runs with the hugest of cushions. Phils add another 10 in the late innings for good measure.

We stayed proud in our seats until the last out, with more than a few empty beer cups at our feet. The game still holds Mets records for earned runs (24) and hits allowed (27), in a game of any duration.

Shickhaus Franks
January 24, 2007
My area didn't have cable in '85 so I had to listen to this disaster on WHN 1050. A Mets game that was Marcia Brady smiling with Braces "UGLY"!

August 18, 2011
A bunch of friends joined me on a trip to Philly to celebrate my 21st Birthday! Gee thanks, Mets. Schiraldi and Sambito each giving up 10 runs as a reliever? That can't happen again in ML history.

The weirdest thing is that every year on my birthday, I have to read in the paper "This date in baseball history", and its always 1985 and Von Hayes and 26-7. Always makes the cake taste sour!!!

January 23, 2012
Brutal, just brutal.

I recall Bob Murphy ending his call of the game by saying "The damn game is over!" Everybody remembers his "They win the damn thing" comment but not this one, perhaps because I may have been the only person still listening on radio.

July 6, 2012
At the end of the game the Met announcers had to state the turning point of the game as part of a radio contest. Gary Thorrne said the turning point of the game was the "National Anthem". Sad but true.

community chest
June 8, 2013
The Daily News headline the next day was: PHILS DESTROY METS. That's a rare verb to put into a headline, even for the News.

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