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July 2, 1986
Mets 4, Cardinals 3
1986 Regular Season Game 74
July 3, 1986
Mets 6, Astros 5
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July 4, 1986
Mets 2, Astros 1
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National League Standings, July 3, 1986

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Henri Devigne
June 21, 2001
I was 19 at the time....I was pretty psyched about going to this game not only because it was fireworks night, but the were playing the NL West leading Astros too....In my mind this game was legendary in the annals of Mets history......The score was tied 4-4 and went into extra innings....In the top of the 10th, Phil Garner hit a solo HR off of Jesse Orosco to put the Astros up 5-4, but in the bottom of the 10th, Darryl Strawberry and Ray Knight hit back to back HR's to win the game 6-5...Shea went ballistic!!!....I'll never forget it....What was funny though was when during the fireworks afterward when they were showing season highlights on the Diamondvision a shot of Jesse Orosco popped up on the screen and he got a resounding boo from the crowd (for giving up the homer to Garner in the top of the tenth earlier).....It was a great night. A sign of things to come.

Joe Lanzisera
July 22, 2002
This is also on my list of memorable Mets games. Darryl and Ray going back to back in the bottom of the 10th to win it. I remember Darryl's either hit or just about hit the flag pole in dead center. Ray's went into the bleechers in left center and they were going crazy! Just another in a long line of memorable victories in '86.

flushing flash
July 22, 2002
I was watching it on TV, classic McCarver call:

This one's hit to deep left field, way back, this ball IS....OUTTA HERE, THIS BALLGAME IS OVER AND I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!

June 19, 2004
Watched this at my best friend's house with our mouthiest Yankee fan friend.

He was really on our case in the bottom of the ninth, and then we got on his case. Lots of jumping, shouting, hugging...and the usual good- natured, Mets/Yankees bashing.

This game produced two strong visuals seared in my memory - Darryl's HR going over the CF wall and Ray Knight's over the LF wall.

Oh, not to mention Houston manager Hal Lanier trashing something in the dugout...

July 8, 2005
One of THE greatest Mets games ever, and what a harbinger of things to come! I remember watching this game with fellow Mets fan Mario in our Fort Washington Ave. apartment, and how nuts we both went when first Strawberry then Knight blasted HR's for the win. Lots of involuntary jumping and yelling. And I think I was not the only Mets fan thinking back to this hot July night during the bottom of the 10th in Game 6, thinking...we've come back from two runs down before...

Joe From Jersey
November 29, 2005
I was at this game; I remember Knight's home run but the moment I'll never forget was on the PATH train ride home. I was wearing my Mets jersey (no number, though) and this preppie woman who was buzzed on something said to me, "You're a Mets fan? The Red Sox Rule." I told her, "This is the year of the Mets. Period." I get off at my stop and this father and son who had been at the game and had witnessed the chat and the father said "What was up with that?" I told him, "That girl doesn't know a groundball from a groundhog" and had a good laugh.

john t from greenpoint
August 23, 2006
I was at this game. Great come from behind win, just a taste of what we would see in October. I remember listening to Bob Murphy and him saying how the Mets just refuse to lose a ballgame. Gave me chills up my back. I remember Hal Lanier kicking the water cooler. Very funny moment!

Raphael from Oneonta (somewhere Upstate)
July 16, 2008
I was in the cheap seats just to the left of home plate. My memory didn't serve me well, as I could swear that George Foster hit one of the home runs, but it turns out it was Knight. Anyway, I remember Darryl's shot going straight out to dead center, and me throwing everything I had in my hands up in the air and going completely crazy. That was a great game.

December 23, 2009
I was at this game sitting in the Upper Reserve general admission area behind home plate. I made sure I got there early to get a general admission seat behind home plate. General Admission was in the last 8 rows. (1986 would be the last season the Mets had a general admission seating area. All seats became reserved after that.) The reason to get there early was it was a sold out game and it was fireworks night after the game. And boy there were a lot of fireworks to be seen on this night.

This was 7/3/86 the night before 4th of July and NYC being in a buzz for the Statue of Liberty 100th Anniversary Centennial. It was dubbed as Liberty Weekend and I saw many fans at the game wearing Liberty wigs. There was a huge fireworks display and celebration at the Statue of Liberty on the next night on the 4th of July but this game provided a nice appetizer.

The teams traded leads back and forth all game and 5 HR were hit in the game including 4 by the Mets. The game went into the 10th inning and the Astros took the lead on a Phil Garner HR.

The fireworks came in the bottom of the 10th as Strawberry hit a 2-run HR to tie it and then Ray Knight hit the walk-off HR to win it and the crowd and myself went crazy. What a way to come back and win the game on fireworks night! Then after the game the Mets and Garucci put on a great post game display of fireworks. This was a great way to start a historical weekend in NYC.

This would be a preview of things to come against the Astros in October. This game to me was the most exciting game of the regular season in 1986.

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