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October 15, 1986
Mets 7, Astros 6
1986 World Series Game 1
October 18, 1986
Red Sox 1, Mets 0
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Chris Rosa
October 25, 2001
My brother and sit in the cold and watch in agony as Bruce Hurst frustrates the Mets. A brilliant pitching performance by Ron Darling is wasted as Tim "@#$%*" Teufel allows Gedman's ground through his legs, allowing Rice to lumber home for the game's only run.

norton redmond
June 5, 2003
Teufel's error was probably the worst moment of my very young life to date at the time.

June 15, 2004
My only World Series game ever.

What a DUD!!!

Not only did the Mets lose - it was freezing cold and the game was awful.

The only run scored on the error by Tim Teufel, but I think Ron Darling had Jim Rice (who scored the run) 0 and 2, then ended up walking him. That was frustrating.

"Frustrated" does not begin to describe the guy next to me, who paid $500 apiece for two seats!!!

I'd rather watch an Adam Sandler film festival than sit through this disappointing yawner again.

Final note: I went to this game; my best friend went to Game 7. He still gives me grief for that!

March 17, 2006
It was a pitcher's duel between Bruce Hurst and Ron Darling and suddenly, Tim Teufel lets the ball go through his legs and the Mets couldn't come through. I guess Buckner was payback.

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