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flushing flash
February 7, 2002
Doc Gooden's first game back after cocaine rehab. But it was most memorable for the violent Mookie-Lenny face-to-face collision in left- centerfield. I've still got that one on tape. Sid Bream hit the ball and he couldn't believe Mookie caught it and neither could anyone else. What a trooper Mookie was.

Joe Lanzisera
July 22, 2002
I was at this game - way up in the upper deck behind the plate. It was Doc's first game back after his suspension. Dick Young had written a really negative column - saying that the fans should stand up and boo. Well the fans were chanting "Dick Young Sucks" all night long.

Gooden struck out Barry Bonds swinging as the first batter he faced. Can you imagine that - Barry Bonds hitting leadoff! The crowd went nuts. He really wasn't his dominating self, but the team won.

This was also the night that Lenny and Mookie slammed faces together in left-center. I swear you could hear the "smack" in the Upper Deck. I can't believe both of those guys got up. Ouch!

Steve Rogers
June 9, 2004
This was also the game that featured the cheezy Mets-Marvel Comics promotion of "Spider-Man's wedding" where the fans were given copies of the 1987 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 where Peter Parker and MJ got married

And the fans were treated to a "live version" of the wedding featuring Spidey and MJ.

Marc Schechter
July 4, 2004
First baseball game I attended--sat on the field level behind the Mets dugout. Still remember that collision in the outfield!

Diamond Dave
March 1, 2006
I remember the anticipation of the Doctor's return. I was in the Lodge level with about 10 of my buddies from softball team on the 3rd base side. And clearly remember a much skinnier Barry Bonds striking out swinging to lead off the game. The Doc was BACK, or so we thought at the time. The collison looked bad but did not get the real impact until later, on the highlights. This was when Shea was rockin'!

Jeff LaPadula
February 22, 2007
I was 10 years old and although this was not my first Mets game I think it may have been my first awesome Mets game. I remember the Mets- Marvel Comics promotion of the Spider-Man wedding which was stupid; I still have the comic and bag of crap they handed out to fans as they entered Shea.

I remember the collision between Mookie and Lenny, I recall them showing it a few times on the diamond vision board and the whole crowd collectively groaning and wincing. It was a brutal way to get an out!

I remember the focus of the game being that it was Doc's first game back from Rehab. Bonds led off the game and struck out on 3 pitches. (At least in my mind I remember it on 3 pitches and if it wasn’t please don’t email me and tell me it wasn’t!) Our seats were on the middle level above the field level and I will never forget the crowd noise when Doc took the mound in the top of the first. It was amazing, just amazing!

I recall and will never forget a banner that was hanging from the upper deck that read "The Doctor is IN" Awesome memory, thanks Mom and Dad!

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