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July 11, 1964
Cardinals 11, Mets 4
1964 Regular Season Game 86
July 12, 1964
Mets 1, Reds 0
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July 12, 1964
Mets 5, Reds 1
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National League Standings, July 12, 1964

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January 24, 2003
My parents took me and my brother to a July doubleheader versus Cincinnati on July 12, 1964. My dad got the tickets through his work and I think they were in the loge or mezzanine section. I do remember walking through the Diamond Club and thinking how great it is to see my first big league game, a doubleheader no less. In those days a win was a rarity and the Mets took both games that day. I remember everyone yelling loudly, so much that my mom lost her voice the next day. If my memory is correct, Vada Pinson of the Reds hit a homer that day in one of the games. I think it might have hit the foul pole. Great seats, a doubleheader win, what more could a 9 year old Mets fan ask for?

Ed K
January 4, 2009
This was the opening game of the first doubleheader sweep ever by the Mets at Shea. In the six previous doubleheaders at Shea, the Mets had split twice and been swept four times.

For some reason, the Mets had the Reds number in the early years and played better against them than just about any other team except the awful Cubs. The Mets had also swept the Reds at the Polo Grounds in a 1962 doubleheader and nearly did it a second day in a row before settling for a split. And there was also the game the Mets beat the Reds after being no-hit by Jim Maloney for ten innings.

October 19, 2011
My first of many, many visits to Shea. A memorable one at that for a 10 (going on 11 in two weeks) year old, also my first doubleheader. My father took me, we had great field level seats in the Rheingold box, up close and personal at the visiting team on-deck circle.

Dad helped me keep score. I was first introduced to the reasoning behind the pitcher batting ninth in the order.

Field level seats were yellow back then and the scorecard had a Worlds Fair logo on the front cover like the patch on the players sleeves. I saw Casey Stengel close up and remembered my Dad tipping the usher after he wiped our seats upon arrival.

Mets won both games and played like a first division club. Pete Rose was the first ever batter I saw at Shea. How ironic that I sat in those same seats almost to the day 44 years later in 2008, the last year of Shea Stadium's existence!

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