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October 5, 1988
Dodgers 6, Mets 3
1988 League Championship Series Game 3
October 8, 1988
Mets 8, Dodgers 4
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April 16, 2001
Here's a fun game. 40 degrees and raining all day, the field was an absolute mess. See Keith Hernandez fall down running from 2nd to 3d. See him fall down again on the same trip. See gimpy Kirk Gibson slip in the outfield and still catch a liner. See a comebacker to McDowell in the 8th. McDowell steps...and falls flat on his face. See McReynolds up in the 8th, Mets down 4- 3. Count is 3-0. See Davey Johnson come out of the dugout to talk to the umpire. What's that Davey? You say Jay Howell's got something in his glove? Apparently he's slipped some pine tar in there, and he's outta here! See the Dodgers try to win without their closer, and watch them implode. Watch the Mets string together a walk and four hits, and plate 5 runs. Watch David Cone close it out, and the Mets win a memorable one!

June 28, 2001
It was a wonderful day. My wife was pregnant. It was her due date. I kept watching the game and looking at her thinking that she was going to birth before the game was over. My son was very considerate; he did not come out until later that day. Here we are nearly 13 years later and he is the biggest Mets fan.

Joseph A LajaraJr.
July 26, 2001
Oh I remember as it was yesterday on October 8th 1988, I was 12 Years old and was in the 7th grade,but man what a game that was it was my first ever playoff game ever because my father got the tickets the day before the game was rained out on friday and was rescheduled on a Saturday afternoon,we sat on the upperdeck behind homeplate there I was with my sweater and my Old school Mets Jacket and umbrella over my damp light blue old school met cap and shivering and shaking thoughout the game, I remember when the crowd went wild when Daryl Strawberry's pop fly turned out to be a base hit when Dodger left fielder (could not remember who it was at the time)dropped the ball and the Sharp tv moniter showed a cartoon video of a Dodger outfielder getting burried by Strawberries. Then during the middle of the game my father and I walked one level down and found two seats unoccupied so we sat on them for the rest of the game, so as my father was standing during every time the Mets had a rally I stood on my chair and highfived the fan who was sitting next to me, soon after the game was over as my father and I were exiting Shea everybody around us were all yelling out (LA CHEATS,LA CHEATS,LA CHEATS.)In reference to Jay Howells pine tar incident.

May 31, 2002
What a wild one! Game 3 had actually been scheduled for the night before (Friday night) but it was a miserable day and night, and the game was postponed. I think game 3 wound up starting at noon on Saturday. I've been to Shea a couple of hundred times, and that was the coldest I've ever been. I know it was snowing in the upper deck in left field where we were sitting. But we had a great view of Gibson falling and Keith doing the breaststroke into third base. Of course, we had no clue what was going on when Jay Howell was ejected. Luckily someone near us had a radio.

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