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August 9, 1990
Mets 5, Phillies 4
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April 16, 2001
Gotta be the wackiest game I've ever been to. During an era where there was a lot of bad blood between the Mets and Phils, things seemed to reach a head tonight. Gooden started, and was pretty wild. He had hit 2 or 3 Phils and was trailing 3-1 when he stepped to the plate leading off the 5th vs Pat Combs. And Combs plunks Doc in the leg with his first pitch. And Doc goes after him, and pops him one in the face before Darren Daulton caught him from behind, and rained some punches on the back of his head. And chaos ensued. Then-Phillie Dennis Cook got body slammed by Umpire Country Joe West. Mackey Sasser landed someone on the ground--don't know who--but Mackey was beating him mercilessly. And just when it looked like order might be restored, Darryl decides to take on John Kruk, and all hell broke loose again. All told, this was about 15 minutes of solid beatings, and 7 ejections--Gooden, Strawberry, Teufel, Combs, Daulton, Cook and if memory serves, the Philly bullpen coach got tossed. Left shorthanded, the Mets then came back in the 6th. HoJo hit a 2-run HR, and then Kelvin Torve, in his lone appearance wearing #24, belted a 2-run double off the wall for a 5-3 lead. The Phils were relentless this game, though, and cut the lead to 5-4 before Franco closed it out. Philly, I believe, had 16 hits this game to the Mets 7--Dykstra alone had 5 hits. But all for naught as the Mets won an unforgettable affair.

idan solon
June 13, 2003
My grandfather and I were sitting next to this kid and his father. The kid had binoculars. The Mets were trailing 3-1. The kid said, "The Mets need a home run and a miracle." Then Gooden got hit with a pitch and charged the mound. The place went bedlam. The kid was going crazy looking into the binoculars, giving the play-by-play. "Strawberry got punched in the face!" The noise was insane.

I wondered what my grandfather must've thought. He was buying hotdogs for us when it happened. When he came out, he said he thought someone had hit a grand slam. There was a special kind of noise in Shea Stadium in those Strawberry, Gooden, Hernandez, Carter years.

Putbeds 62
January 6, 2006
I went to an off-Broadway called "Quiet On The Set" with my brother and mom; I had 2 disappointments that night: 1) Cady McClain, who I had a huge crush on,she played Dixie on All My Children, was SICK and didn't appear in the play. 2) I wish that I had brought my radio because that was the night of the brawl. After the play ends, my sister and her then-hubby pick us up in front of the theatre and he's telling me about the brawl. He drives me and my mom home and I rush into the house to put on the Ch. 7 news and the brawl was the top story of the night instead of Saddam Hussein, who had just invaded Kuwait. Outside of the '73 NLCS & '86 brawls; this one was the most violent brawl ever. Still remember Country Joe West slamming then-Phillie Dennis Cook to the ground on the highlights.

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