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August 11, 1994
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National League Standings, August 11, 1994

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April 16, 2001
Listening to this game on the radio, knowing that the strike was on as soon as the game ended, was one of the most interminable experiences ever. And the game simply wouldn't end. I don't even remember how it ended, only that when it did, I glumly tossed my walkman aside and went to sleep.

Brooklyn 539er
September 4, 2003
I went down to Philly that night thinking that it would be the last game of the year. By the 12th inning everyone in the stadium, both Mets and Phils fans were saying that if the negotiators tried this hard to save the season the strike would've been averted. We were also hoping that if this game went long enough it would be the last game of the year. Turns out a game in Seattle ended about 45 minutes after this one did. This was also the last time I saw Fernando Valenzuela pitch.

Bob P
September 11, 2003
One more bit of trivia about this was the final major league game for Kevin McReynolds, Jeff McKnight, Jim Lindeman, Mauro Gozzo, and Roger Mason. All of those players got into tonight's game for the Mets.

Also, former Mets Daryl Boston (Yanks), Bill Pecota (Braves), and Randy Milligan (Expos) played their final games on this date.

Shickhaus Franks
November 25, 2007
After the game, this is where Bobby Bum told Ch. 7's Art McFarland (I always felt sorry for Art) to "Make His Move". Yet another "feel good" moment in Mets Misery er I mean History.

June 16, 2009
This game was the last game before the players turned their backs on the fans and went on strike and wiped out the rest of the season as well as all of the postseason. It was on my 23rd birthday as well. Nice birthday present to go on strike. Since I now live in South Florida, I did go to the Marlins-Cardinals game that night knowing it might be the last of baseball for 1994 and it was.

Also the Mets did finish at 55-58 which to me was not too bad of a record considering how disastrous it was the last year in 1993.

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