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September 15, 1996
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Bryan Hoch
July 16, 2001
An otherwise meaningless game for both teams, but this day was the occasion of my second Mets game, over six years from the date of my first.

I sat in the mezzanine behind home plate on an overcast, damp afternoon and watched Tom Glavine shut down a lineup littered with guys like Roberto Petagine and Chris Jones. We also got to witness the major-league debut of Mets catcher Charlie Greene.

Nothing all too special about this one, but I'd be back for '97. And '98. And '99. And...

September 18, 2002
At the end of this generally depressing, of its era contest, my friend and I sat quietly for a moment, giving it a "what a long season it's been" pause.

An usher came by.

"All right, get moving."

I've always wished I'd said, "What do you need the place for? A Bar Mitzvah?"

March 7, 2004
Well, my story of this game may well top the least from a sad standpoint.

First of all, I originally had tickets for the previous afternoon's game, the Hundley 41st HR/great 12-inning win game. However, it was also Rosh Hashana, and therefore I would not be attending that game. I traded my tickets for that game with a friend who had tickets for this game. Not quite the same, although I ended up with better seats.

But the kicker was, in the days when Chipper Jones was simply the Braves up-and-comer, and not the hated LARRY!, I happened to be seated in the loge, just underneath a box full of female teenage Braves fans. This was what I was subjected to the entire game:





Of course, Chips is enjoying a 3 hit game. However, all the Mets fans in my section have wised up by his 4th AB, and boo long and lustily as he approaches the plate, drawing the ire of the girls, and we cheer even louder after he struck out. At least the girls shut up for a few minutes.

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