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September 12, 1997
Expos 3, Mets 2
1997 Regular Season Game 147
September 13, 1997
Mets 9, Expos 6
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September 14, 1997
Mets 1, Expos 0
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National League Standings, September 13, 1997

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Jared Marcus
October 3, 2000
Wow!!!. This game has got to be one of the greatest games in Mets history. At the time the Mets were still mathematically alive in the wild card race that they had so valiantly crept back into. I remember being at this game and wanting a win so badly to keep pace with florida. However, at the start of the sixth the Mets were not only trailing 6-0, they were being no-hit by Dustin Hermanson. They ended hermanson's no-hit bi din the sixth, but did not strike until the 9th. With the bases loaded and the score 6-2, Carl Everett came up as the tying run. Everyone was thinking Grand Slam, and then it happened, Everett corked one 400 plus feetd down the line...FOUL!! Noone could believe it, it was that close, and everyone pretty much figured that was it. But not Everett, who took another mighty swing and launched one 400 plus again, only this time it was a GRAND SLAM, and the Mets tied the game. They went on to win on home-run in extra innings, SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

Rob Diamond
June 19, 2002
This truly was an amazing game for me, not only for the late-inning heroics, but just the fact that it was the second Mets game I had ever been to, turning me into a Mets fan for life. The stadium had cleared by the bottom of the 9th, so my friends and I easily found field level seats to watch the 9th. I am fairly certain they didn't score their runs until they had already made two outs in the inning. But what a shot by Carl Everett! As he ran around the bases after unloading the game-tying grand slam on a 3-2 count, the scoreboard flashed "KING CARL" which was pretty accurate for that game. Bernard Gilkey hit a three-run shot in the 11th inning to win the game, an amazing end to a wonderful game! This is still the greatest game I've ever been to, by far.

Steven G
September 15, 2004
I have to admit that I was one of those fans that left the game after the 8th inning. As I was driving home, I almost drove off of the Major Deegan Expressway when Carl Everett hit that home run.

I have never left a baseball game before it ended after that.

Nick Pauly
November 28, 2004
This was just the second game I had ever attended, and at the age of nine, I was upset at my parents for taking me to a Mets game instead of the Yankees, but it was an experience I would never forget. At the time, I didn't understand the game of baseball all that well, but when Carl Everett hit that grand slam, it stuck in my mind for eternity, as it made me the proud Mets fan that I am today.

October 12, 2006
I was also one of those fans who left the game early. My friend and I were driving through the Bronx, I think (heading back to CT), when Everett hit the HR. I couldn't believe I missed it! We ended up going to Bobby Valentine's in Stamford to watch the end of the game.

June 5, 2008
My friend and I decided to stay despite the 6-0 score. When Carl Everett batted with the bases loaded, two outs, and launched a long drive just foul I was crestfallen. I told my friend I had never seen someone just miss like that then hit one out. Well this was the first time, as we stood in disbelief and watched the ball disappear, and the game tied. Bernard Gilkey's smash in the 11th only justified our staying. Now whenever I'm at a losing game and someone wants to leave, I bring this game up.

June 16, 2010
This game was similar to June 14, 1980...look it up all you ultimateMets.com fans

scott r
January 23, 2012
I was at this game, had front row upper deck right behind home, great seats. I remember the Mets had no hit= s until the 6th and that one could have been scored an error I was thinking to myself when the bottom of the 9th started, "Please all I want is one legitimate hit." Then they get a bunch of hits, score 2 runs and have bases loaded for Everett. He hits slam and Gilkey wins it in the 11th. A great night.

August 30, 2012
My girlfriend and I were back in high school and had been dating for only a few weeks when we went to this game together. She wasn't a baseball fan at all and this was her first baseball game ever. I wasn't leaving until the end and she was too polite to ask to go, so she suffered through what had been a horrible effort by the Mets until the 9th. I remember gathering our things as the Mets were down to their last out (so we could avoid the rush of all the 35 people left at Shea) when Husky got that single in the 9th. So we sit down and just a few batters later the game was tied and they had "King Carl" up on diamond vision as they followed him around the bases after his grand slam. I looked over at my girlfriend, who was near asleep 20 minutes prior, and she was up and jumping with her arms in the air like the biggest fan in the stadium. Unbelievable! So here we are, 15 years later and still together, married and bringing our 1 year old son to his first Mets game in a few weeks.

September 26, 2013
One of the greatest comebacks ever. The Mets did absolutely nothing for 8 innings and were down 6-0. They mount the comeback in the bottom of the 9th, with Everett tying it with a dramatic grand slam. No way they could lose after that and Gilkey won it in extra innings. Amazin!

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