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May 23, 1998
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April 16, 2001
Credibility, excitement and most importantly, fans returned to Shea on this brilliant Saturday afternoon. All had come to see the New York debut of Mike Piazza that day, and he did not disappoint, slamming an RBI 2B off Jeff Juden in the 5th. 32,000 fans were on hand, giving Mike ovations from the moment he stepped onto the field before the game, to his first AB, and it reached a head when he got his first hit. The NY Times headline the following day read: "Piazza swings a bat and suddenly, it's the 80s again." How true it was. Oh, and Leiter was brilliant too, tossing a CGSHO to a catcher who was criticized by his former team of being a poor handler of pitchers. Didn't have any problems today, it seemed.

Stu Baron
May 22, 2008
I didn't attend, but on the occasion of Mike Piazza's retirement, I can recall the excitement I felt for his Mets debut just watching the game on TV at home in Hamden, CT.

Mark Heaney
November 15, 2011
I listened to this game on the radio laying on a blanket at Harbor Park in Mamaroneck on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. One of those great joyous memories - my Mets were back! Leiter throwing a shutout to MIKE PIAZZA! One of those memories to last a lifetime. I remember packing up and leaving late in the afternoon - I was in a great place in my life and my Mets were back. Life is good.

Dan the Man
November 17, 2011
I caught this game on SNY as a Mets classic last week. Being that except for the return of Beavis and Butthead I really can't stand anything on TV, I watched a good portion of it. Gotta say I was sucked right back in to the moment. When Mike Piazza got that double and ended up at third, I was as excited as I had been in five years watching/following this team. All in all it just seemed like a great day to be a Met fan. Hopefully, better days like this will be ahead.

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