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June 9, 2004
This was the infamous "Turn-Ahead-the-Clock" night at Shea, when the "Mercury" Mets were forced to wear black and silver pajamas instead of their regular uniforms and the player pictures were altered to give a more "alien" appearance (Rickey Henderson had three eyes). The evening was an embarrassment all around. The silver lining here is that whoever dreamt up this promotions fiasco must have been fired because the Mercury Mets were never heard from again!

flushing flash
June 14, 2004
Rickey Henderson stepped into the batters box and as he got set he heard Jason Kendall and the home plate umpire laughing. He asked them what was so funny and Kendall replied, "Look at the scoreboard, Rickey".

June 17, 2005
I had the misfortune of being at this debacle of a promotion as well. 3-eyed Rickey and the rest of the Mercury Magnificents didn't stand a chance.

This was, if I am not mistaken, Kris Benson's first Major League complete game.

April 28, 2014
MLB has the bright idea to have every team (I believe the Braves and Yankees were the only two to refuse to partake) have a "Turn Ahead the Clock Night" and wear gaudy uniforms either with goofy sleeves or a large superimposed logo in the front. The Mets had the former, the Pirates the latter.

Good grief, were those uniforms all kinds of hideous. Jason Isringhausen's jersey just said "Izzy" on the back a la Pistol Pete in the 70s. Just an awful night all around, and yes, I still have the promotional Mercury Mets hat (sponsored by Century 21) from this game.

The first of two gems Kris Benson would throw at Shea this season.

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