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June 3, 2000
Mets 1, Devil Rays 0
2000 Regular Season Game 56
June 4, 2000
Devil Rays 15, Mets 5
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National League Standings, June 4, 2000

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Bob P
October 13, 2003
Tampa Bay pitcher Esteban Yan hit a home run in the top of the second inning and then allowed a home run to Jay Payton in the bottom of the same inning...a rare daily double!

Phil Thiegou
November 16, 2003
Go figure, the Devil Rays are 2-4 at Shea Stadium and guess which 2 games I went to? Yes I went to Hideo Nomo's Mets debut in which he stunk and the lousy bullpen blew a valiant comeback in extra innings in '98 and there was this game. I went because the Mets were giving out those stylish and very practical mini-duffle bags. Plus the Mets had whupped the Rays in the 2 previous games, so I figured the Mets would sweep. Instead the Mets made dubious history as the opposing pitcher ESTEBAN YAN hit a home run in his first major league at bat on his first pitch. His name sounded funny, in fact on ESPN when they showed the highlights of ESTEBAN YAN hitting that homer and they showed Bobby Jones with a look of disgust on his face for giving up a home run to an American League pitcher, and the announcer said that Jones feels like an ESTEBAN YAN. And since that day, not only have I felt like an ESTEBAN YAN, but that we all have an ESTEBAN YAN in all of us.

Bob P
September 9, 2004
Not only did Tampa Bay pitcher Esteban Yan hit a home run in this game, he hit it on the first pitch of his first major league at bat! He became the first AL pitcher to homer in his first at bat since Don Rose of the California Angels did it in 1972.

The Devil Rays batter before Yan, SS Felix Martinez, had just hit HIS first major league home run one pitch earlier.

October 15, 2004
Went to this one expecting to see a rout, but not like this. I still don't know who Esteban Yan is.

Shickhaus Franks
February 4, 2007
A beautiful warm sunny day at Shea and the Mets get beat by the D-Rays big time!!! Sat in the field box (3rd base side) and stayed through the whole game. I always stay until the last out (or walk-off hit) but as things got ugly on the Shea field, at least I decided to check out the wonderful eye candy in the stands. Esteban Yan's home run was a classic (probably his only highlight of his career) and many Simpsons fans will recall that Millhouse pretended to be him in an episode of that classic show.

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