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August 12, 2000
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September 16, 2000
Irish Night at Shea. 50,000 fans, 40,000 of whom are drunk, and all of us know how many outs there are. Poor Benny gakks in leftfield and hands a caught fly ball to a fan with two outs and two on. He thought it was the 3rd out! Both runners score on the play!

It was a wonderful feeling to be there and support Agbayani in spite of his error. Even when he struck out with guys on base, which he did twice that night, it wasn't BOOOO! but AWWWW! Zeile finally bailed him out with a clutch 2-run double in the 8th and everyone went home happy. What a great game!

Won Doney
October 25, 2004
I remember seeing the look on Benny Agbayani's face after he realized that that wasn't the third out. I seriously thought that he was going to cry.

April 28, 2005
Yeah, Benny blew it in the 4th. We all forgave him a few months later. Zeile's 2 run 2B in the 7th was the key blow. An old man sitting a few rows up from me in the Mezz got so cranked up, he jumped up when the ball was hit, and went spilling down a few rows until he landed right on my back. Scared the daylights out of me because I thought he was dead. Nope. Just excited. Wasn't even hurt either, although I'm sure he felt it the next day.

Michael SanPietro
August 23, 2006
I was one of the drunk 40,000 and was sitting Field level not too far from where Benny handed the ball to a fan with 2 out. I sat on the Barry Bonds side of the field. I think Mike Bordick went yard to left field as well. I was driving a rental car and drove back to motel after Mets went ahead in 7th to avoid a traffic mess and and got home in time to see Armando get the last out.

RB Samla
April 12, 2013
I remember sitting in Left Field for this game. We lost sight of Benny catching the ball, and all we could see were Giants running the bases and wondering why Benny didn't throw the ball back to the infield. It wasn't til we got home and saw the replays that we found out what happened.

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