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October 4, 2000
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2000 Division Series Game 2
October 5, 2000
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April 4, 2001
This has to go down as one of the biggest wins and most memorable games in Met history. After having been embarrassed in Game 1, on the road, against an excellent team, we give up a 3-run lead on a dreamatic HR by Snow off Benitez, but we hold them there, then we score on em, then we hold em again, as Franco catches Bonds looking. This game gave the Mets the confidence to take the series -- and the next.

July 19, 2001
I'm a life-long Giant fan and was actually at this game, but I can assure you my feelings and emotions about game 2 aren't the same ones you guys have. When Snow hit the home run off of Benetiz I pretty much thought the series was over. Snow was probobaly the last guy on the planet I would ever expect to get a hit of that magnitude. Granted, it was a 310 foot fly ball, but when the ball left the year, I was sure that the Giants were finally going to get that elusive WS title. Only the Giants could find a way to lose that game. As hard fought and brutal of a loss as game 3 was in NY, I knew that the Giants wouldn't be back at PacBell as I left after Game 2. That was the back-breaker. Gotta give you guys credit because 99 out of 100 teams would fold tent after an emotional let down like that, the Mets didn't. I've seen a lot of bad loses in my years as a Giant fan, but that night at PacBell is at the top of the list.

January 12, 2002
Typical Armando, thank you Johnny Franco. The changeup on the inside corner that we've seen for years was used at the best time ever.

August 18, 2002
For Johnny Franco, my all-time favorite Met player of all time, this was the moment of a surefire Hall-Of-Fame career. I'm not married, don't have kids, so that may have been the happiest moment of my life (may live on past the kids as well). Of course, it's targeted for elimination when the final out of the New York Mets fantasy World Series championship is made.

January 23, 2004
As a Mets fan who came of age in fandom in the mid 1990s, there aren't that many games to pick from in terms of all-time favoirtes, but I think this one takes it for me. It just sent you through the wringer, and really, starting early on. Al pitching so well, then Fonz "clinching" the game in the 9th with that home run.

But of course, Benitez had his say before the night was through, and then the game's over for the second time that night with JT Snow, and there goes the season. Then, comes I think Bobby V's finest managerial moment or two.

First, he went out as soon as the ball was gone, settled Armando, and he got the side out. And next was the most unexpeceted thing, showing such heart, they had to win it there with the momentum that was swinging, with Hamilton and Payton. Finally, Bobby V did his thing again, the great change, and then that other great change, that back-up by Franco. It was from game won, to season lost, to series won in the span of one hour. Incredible theater.

September 30, 2004
Game 2: 5-2 Mets, bottom of the ninth, 2 runners on, Benitez on the mound, 2 outs, J.T. Snow. He hits it down the right field line, it's gone and the game is tied. Benitez settles down, gets the final out of the inning, game tied at 5, the Mets score and then Fracno comes in and the last pitch to Bonds, he doesn't swing, his knees lock, called strike 3, and the Mets tie the series at 1.

July 13, 2004
I attended this game in my Met colors.

At the many games I attended at Candlestick over the years, there were TONS of orange and blue hats, shirts, etc. Lots of Met fans at the 'Stick.

Wow, was it a different scene at Pac Bell, especially for the playoffs. I waited outside for a friend and saw ONE Met hat during half an hour. Inside I saw scattered Met fans but none nearby.

So, I didn't make any friends at all with my Mets cheering, which was, as usual, passionate, loud, constant, and clean.

God, when Fonzie's HR cleared the wall did I go nuts. That's when people started getting nasty.

I knew when Jeff Kent beat out that cheap-ass infield hit that doom was imminent. I left my seat and watched from the wings and said to myself, if Benitez gives up an HR, I am outta here.

And damn if that punk JT Snow didn't hit a whiffle ball HR into the RF cage. Have never seen or heard a stadium so loud. I was in a taxi before Snow touched home plate.

So, I watched the end of the game at home. We had a small place then - a little studio while we shopped for a house. My wife was asleep about 10 feet from where I was sitting with the TV on quietly. I was trying to be considerate.

When Franco caught Bonds looking, I opened the window and yelled as loud as I could 'sit down, Barry', 'take that, San Francisco' etc. etc. Lots of things a 39 yr old man should not be doing, but it was the Mets in the playoffs!! My wife tried to be happy for me while telling me to shut up...

Thanks to Fonzie (who else?) the Snow HR did not sink us that night.

Joe Lanzisera
February 23, 2009
Bonds knees buckling and looking at a called strike three from an over-the-hill Johnny Franco is a top-10 all-time Met moment. The Snow home run is an all-time bottom-10. What a swing of emotions in just a few minutes. It's not Game 6 of '86 but it was a wild ride.

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