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October 16, 2000
Mets 7, Cardinals 0
2000 World Series Game 1
October 21, 2000
Yankees 4, Mets 3
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October 22, 2000
Yankees 6, Mets 5
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July 18, 2001
benitez cost us the game and the Mets have yet to recover

January 12, 2003
This is the funniest site I have ever seen. I'm glad to know that the loss is still causing Mets fans agony.

If you'd had some professionals on your team, you would have won the series (what the hell was Timo Perez thinking walking around the bases on Zeile's fly ball off the wall? and why, for that matter, was Zeile jogging?)

The Yankees played that series with controlled desperation. The Mets just looked happy not to embarass themselves.

Mike Piazza is one of the few professional ballplayers you've got, but screwups like Agbayani, Payton and Wendell remind us that baseball is a team effort, and that one man alone can't compensate for the shortcomings of his teammates

February 14, 2003
The at bat by Paul O'Niell was the best sequence of pitches I can remember watching as a Mets fan. I'm am supremely confident that if he makes an out there we win the series...

July 2, 2004
The Mets had the game but Armando Benitez blew it. This was really the first time that Benitez blew a big game for the Mets but it certainly would not be the last. It went into extras and then a villain for the ages, Jose Viscaino, stepped up and lined one into left and the game was over and, in my mind, the Yankees won the World Series right there.

Joe Lanzisera
February 25, 2009
So many nightmares from this game. I was in Arizona for business/pleasure watching it in the early evening while my wife and mother-in-law went shopping. Obviously the O'Neill at bat was gut-wrenching as Mike mentioned, but for me the Zeile hit was the key play. I will never forgive Timo for not scoring on that play - no excuse for it at all. The series was decided in that O'Neill-Benitez matchup I believe. That was the turning point. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

January 23, 2013
This was the first full World Series game I ever saw. I was excited through the whole game. I remember when Justice gave the Yankees a lead with a double. When Zeile hit what should have been a home run I was excited jumping up and down. Then Trammell's 2rbi single got me excited and the Alfonzo hit gave us the lead. Al pitched such a great game and in the 9th it looked like the Mets were going to win. Then Benitez blew the game and I was shocked. I stayed up all night just to get disappointed. If we would have won that game we would have won the World Series.

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