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June 16, 2001
Yankees 2, Mets 1
2001 Regular Season Game 69
June 17, 2001
Mets 8, Yankees 7
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June 18, 2001
shinjo showed tonight how much this team could use some more team speed. they were trying to come back against the immortal carlos almanzar when he hit a grounder in the infield which wasnt quite a routine 4- 6-3, but probably wouldve been had anyone else on the team hit it. as it was, shinjo beat out the throw (sliding into first and hurting himself, no less), relaford scored from third, and then Piazza came up next and hit a ridiculous bomb over the picnic area to take the lead. those are the little breaks and hustle plays that this team has been sorely lacking all year.

Jimmy D.
April 25, 2003
Gary Cohen's call of Piazza HR ("deep into the night!!!) is probably his best one ever.

SI Metman
July 30, 2003
As of now, the best game I ever attended. I scored the tickets about 10 days before on and decided it would be my father's day present for my Yankees fan father. I had my Mets fan mother on my side though.

The Mets seemed to had many chances against Ted Lilly who allowed many baserunners and had no control early on, but he managed to keep them off the plate since the Mets offense couldn't get that timely hit.

The Yanks pulled away off of Rick Reed and added two more in the 8th to make it a 5 run lead. That's when the Mets offense started clicking with hit after hit. Shinjo's hustle to break up the DP and set the stage for Piazza's homer was the key to the inning. That play would send Shinjo to the DL, but send the fans home happy. I didn't even see where Piazza's homer landed. All I saw was his bat connect with the ball and the ball flying away on an upward path. I didn't need to see where it was landing to know it was gone. The few of us Mets fans left on that late Sunday night went wild.

Armando almost gave it away in the 9th though. He served up a meatball to Bernie Williams that landed in the Right Field Mezz, but foul by only inches. Thankfully, he'd get Bernie to K on the next pitch to end the game.

January 9, 2011
Very frustrating game until Piazza finished them off with a bomb to center! I sat with my then-boss and his young son, and he was appalled by my language. This is why I try not to go to games with work colleagues.

April 15, 2013
At this point neither the Mets or Yankees had ever swept a Subway Series. I remember staying up till what I considered late at the time (I was a freshman in high school) listening to this game on the radio, legitimately worried the Mets were about to get swept first. The Piazza home run seemed a bit bigger than it actually was in the grand scheme of things.

Little remembered fact - Shinjo hustled hard to beat out a double play that would've pretty much ended the game right before that Piazza shot, and was injured on the play. Dude played hard in 2001.

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