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April 3, 2003
Cubs 6, Mets 3
2003 Regular Season Game 4
April 4, 2003
Mets 4, Expos 0
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April 5, 2003
Mets 3, Expos 1
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National League Standings, April 4, 2003

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April 19, 2003
Welcome back to New York David Cone! 5 innings and 2 hits along with 5 k's. A game I'll never forget while I'm a Mets fan. I'm getting my cone heads out right now. Good luck in NY Cone!

SI Metman
August 2, 2003
I drove 3 hours home from SUNY Binghamton to Staten Island and picked up my girlfriend and drove another hour to Shea to see Coney's comeback game. We nearly froze to death since the temperature lingered in the low 30's for most of the game with wind chills in the 20's and teens. The stadium seemed nearly empty, but there were plenty of Coneheads around.

Cone retired the 1st 8 guys in a row, including getting Vlad to whiff. I kept thinking to myself that he was going to pitch a no-no in his 1st game back. Then Tomo Ohka managed to get a hit through the middle off of him. Still, Coney gave it all, and as we found out later in the season, that was probably all that he had left.

August 2, 2003
I went to this game. If I did not know better, I would have thought it was an October game. It was majorly cold. It was me, Dennis (my brother-in-law), Rich (my roommate from school), and my dad. I did not expect the game to go the way it did considering the Expos came in with a 3-0 record, and the Mets were starting a 40-year old David Cone. My dad, Rich, and I waited in the cold before the game with other people outside the Diamond Club. I am studying criminal law in school, and even ran into a guy who happened to be a criminal prosecuter. My dad expected me to play "20 Questions" with him, knowing how I am with that topic. We ate at the Diamond Club, and met Dennis for the game. It was awesome! After Mo Vaughn made that error to load the bases for Vladmir Guerrero, Dennis yelled "eat a salad" at Mo Vaughn. The best was when David Cone blew away Vladmir Guerrero on what I believe was a 2-2 pitch. After he blew him away, the song from the end of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" played loudly from the stadium speakers. The crowd was awesome. The Mets went on to win behind five innings of two-hit ball from David Cone, and some good offense. An awesome highlight in what I did expect to be such a miserable season.

Ed K
April 5, 2007
This was a marvelous game - what was really Cone's final signature appearance. He had three more starts (all losses) after this and went on the DL in late April. In May, he came back for one relief appearance before calling it quits. But this game was his final win and done in horrible conditions: snow flurries and drizzle. It really was a shame he did not try to play at all in 2002 (apparently waiting for a call from the Yankees that never came) because he probably would have gotten his 200th win if he had.

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