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May 10, 2003
Mets 4, Padres 2
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Bob P
September 30, 2003
Mike Piazza hit the game winning home run in the bottom of the tenth inning of this game off Jaret Wright to give the Mets a 4-2 win.

These two runs would turn out to be the only extra inning runs the Mets would score all season!!!

Joe Figliola
October 3, 2003
Bob, I was in the stands for that game. And the part you mentioned about those two runs being the only extra-inning runs the Amazin's would score in '03 is incredible.

Anyway, I nearly missed out on all the excitement. In the middle of the 10th inning, I had to take a whizz. I said to myself, "Y'know, I have a feeling that the Mets are going to win this because the bottom half of the inning is about to begin, I'm in the men's room, and someone's gonna do something and I'm going to miss it."

I make it back in time just as Bell makes contact and gets on base. And no sooner than I sit down I'm right back up on my feet as Piazza's bomb goes over the left field fence.

My timing could not have been more perfect.

Phil Thiegou
January 5, 2004
Being a big Mo Vaughn fan (yes, I know...bite my tounge) I was looking forward to Mo Vaughn bobblehead doll day. Little did I know that Mo's injury earlier in the week could not only end his season but his career, and wreak even more havoc on the disasterous career Mo had here in Flushing. How unusual that the Mets were honoring a player with a bobblehead doll that may never play for the Mets again, not to mention the following month was John Franco bobblehead doll day, and we weren't sure when or if he was coming back from Tommy John surgery. Well, I got my bobblehead and when I was leaving someone left theirs behind and I figured I could make a few bucks on eBay with it. N0THING!!! I even tried listing it for $5. N0THING!!! Even Mo's bobblehead doll is just as worthless as he is/was.

As for the game, when Benitez came in to finish off the 8th, he got a bigger round of boos usually reserved for John Rocker or Larry Jones, Jr. (Chipper to everyone else) He made it through the 8th and barely blew it in the 9th. Then in the bottom of the lOth, look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane...IT'S SUPER MIKE PIAZZA and along with his trusty bat Mizuno, belts the game winning home run preserving truth, justice and the Mets way.

original mets
May 7, 2009
I was at this game with my son who was 11 at the time. We sat in the right field loge seats right above the auxiliary scoreboard. The RF for the Padres that day was future Met Xavier Nady and the CF was Shane Victorino (when no one knew him) What I remember about this game was Piazza's HR and going to Bloomingdale's after the game to buy my lovely wife a Mothers Day gift.

January 14, 2011
I was also at this game. Benitez didn't hurt the Mets this day; he helped them.

He entered the game in fact with a 2-0 count on Xavier Nady and struck him out swinging. He came in because Scott Strickland was injured: As it turned out Strickland never appeared again for the Mets. This game also marked what would be the only major league start for the Padres pitcher, a little lefty named Roger Deago, who did pretty well.

Did the team use pink bats in this game? There is nothing on my scorecard indicating that.

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