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Previous Game:
June 19, 2003
Marlins 5, Mets 1
2003 Regular Season Game 72
June 20, 2003
Yankees 5, Mets 0
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June 22, 2003
Yankees 7, Mets 3
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National League Standings, June 20, 2003

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Max Power
June 25, 2003
I know most Mets fans love these "Subway Series" games but I absolutely hate them. I get pretty depressed when the Mets lose a regular game but when it's against the Yankees and the whole city is watching it is so much worse when we lose. It puts me in a bad move for days on ends, especially with all the wise ass Yankee fans around. So when everyone is pumped up for the great series, I shudder, and pray the Mets will pull it out. Since the Mets are only 12-18 going into this season against them, these series have been less than fun and I try to avoid even watching them because it's just too intense and nerve racking. If anything I watch the Mets at bats only unless they are winning big and I'll watch more.

This particular game I figured it's a new year, we don't have much to lose so what the hell. So I'm watching and the Mets blow a few early opportunites angainst an Andy Pettite who is having a horrible year. It's intense and I'm going nuts and then Trachsel who was pitching well gives up the homer and I'm so depressed it's scary. I can't take any more so I turn it off for a while, only to turn back later and see it 3-0, and soon there after 5-0. It kills me. I'm devasted and pray that rain rains out every remaining subway series game.

Sunday night is a killer, I watch alone with great hope only to see Benitez ruin another big game. At some point I'm going to jump off a bridge I'm so depressed. I hate these games. No more interleague play!

April 28, 2006
I remember it was a rainy night and the first home game for Jose Reyes. Also I remember that Shinjo made a great catch going over the center field wall robbing a Yankee of a home run.

Not to mention a Yankee fan accidentally spilling his beer down my back!

I gave up the ghost in about the 7th inning and heard Giambi's blast on the radio while leaving the parking lot.

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