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June 5, 2004
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Joe Figliola
June 19, 2004
This was an ugly game to score and an ugly game to witness at Shea Stadium.

Everything that went wrong did. First, my friend Jordan decided not to show up for the game because he thought the weather was going to be bad. It was overcast, but it did not rain.

Second, I had to sit amongst MARLINS fans. That's right... Marlins fans were at the game. There were two little brats behind me who constantly kept clapping and saying "Luis Castillo, yay!" (clap, clap, clap) or "Hee Seop Choi, yay!" (clap, clap, clap). To my left were about six Marlins fans wearing out-of-date teal jerseys and batting helmets screaming their lungs out and berating the Mets.

Normally, I don't give any overzealous fan who roots for the road team the business at the game. However, when the Mets went up 5-2, I flashed dirty looks at those little punks behind me and shook my fist menacingly at the Marlins fans, who were literally shrinking in their seats.

Unfortunately, that didn't last long because of Damien Easley's three-run pinch home run. When they started screaming again, I yelled over, "HEY! YOU DIDN"T GO AHEAD! WHAT"RE YOU CHEERING FOR?" That sort of worked. They shut up until they got the lead again.

In the bottom of the ninth, Piazza led off against Benitez. And if you posters/readers read my comments from the 9 May 2003 game against SD, then you will recall about how I took a piss just before Mike won the game in extra frames. Well, guess what? I had to take a wicked whizz, so after I relieved myself, guess what? Piazza homered to bring the Mets within one. However, Dan #$%@!@ Wheeler gave up a tack-on run in the top of the frame for a tough loss. I never left the ballpark so humiliated.

I did get a measure of revenge the next day, because the Amazin's skinned the fish and I was there at Shea to see it. Happily, there was one Marlins fan amongst a sea of happy Mets fans who went home disappointed.

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