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August 18, 2006
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Joe Figliola
March 31, 2007
This was the first of three consecutive Mets games I attended with my friend Mindy. She had the idea of going to an entire three-game series after the first two Mets games we saw were losers (Brewers in '04; Atlanta the next year). "They can't possibly lose three games, right?" she reasoned. Even though we got to see the Mets win a game in person against Florida that April, I thought that the idea of having three chances to win one would be moot. But she insisted on doing it and that it would be fun. Who am I to turn a lady down?

We sat in loge and, unfortunately, my "favorite" pitcher Steve Trachsel was on the mound. That piece of rotten prune danish never won whenever I saw him pitch in person... until that night.

Endy Chavez became Mindy's favorite Met thanks to a bomb of a home run. I had just finished explaining to her that with a runner on first, Chavez would lay down a bunt to put the runner in scoring position when Chavez unloaded. Some bunt.

Mindy also took an immediate dislike of the Rockies players because they all had first names that sounded like they all sang for N'Sync or some other boy band (i.e., "Cory" Sullivan; "Garret" Atkins; "Jamey" Carroll). She can boo opponents with the best of them.

One down, two to go.

Skyler Donachie
April 23, 2012
This is the first game I ever went. I was 10 years old. I remember I was so excited because it was the first year I started to really pay attention to Mets baseball. I don't remember much but the one vivid memory I had was Endy Chavez pulled a home run over the right field fence. He was the last person I expected to hit one. I also believe he caught the last out leaning over the right field fence in foul territory hit by Yorvit Torrealba. I started to like Endy Chavez a lot more after this game.

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