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September 29, 2007
Mets 13, Marlins 0
2007 Regular Season Game 162
September 30, 2007
Marlins 8, Mets 1
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March 31, 2008
Mets 7, Marlins 2
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National League Standings, September 30, 2007

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The Big H
October 1, 2007
What a failure. The season was lost for good on the last regular day. Not 1 game in October. Glavine must not be brought back. There must be another .500 pitcher out there that is cheaper, if the owners want one so bad. This season was a bust. Yeah they were in first place one-hundred something days this season, except the only one that counts.

Anthony R
October 1, 2007
After Saturday's results, I could not wait to watch this could-be historic game. But Glavine's performance and result was a microcosm of this last month of what was to be a great season. DISASTER! 7-0 after 1/2 inning is totally unacceptable, even for a last place team. But, sometimes these thing bring change for the better. Maybe now Omar will realize that we need YOUNG decent pitchers, and players that respect the manager. We have a great young nucleus to still build from, so lets get ready for pitchers/catchers in February and begin making Fla, Wash, and Philly realize that they woke a sleeping giant.

October 2, 2007
We had season tickets from 1984-1994 and went every day (now it's just the Saturday plan). One late October evening, Mookie Wilson had just hit a grounder that rolled under Buckner's legs and the person who had the other two seats in our box tapped me on the shoulder and said "Now, we can never complain about anything that happens here ever again". I said, "Not yet". The next night, Orosco strikes out Barrett, throws his glove in the air and falls on his knees. On the way down the ramps, I turned to my friend and said "NOW we can never complain about anything that happens here ever again".

Even without that, it is hard to feel bad about the overpaid prima donnas while sitting in a seat that costs what it does and watch them not run out ground balls or pop ups.

Still, my heart goes out to those who were there every day, who invested so much time and emotion in this club to see it end this way. Especially those that weren't there 20 years ago to see the magic. You deserved better. Non-fans or casual ones don't understand that this is like investing in a stock, only to see it crash. The truth of the matter is that we weren't really that good and it caught up to us in the end. Pennant winners do not play .500 ball for the whole last two thirds of the season. I suppose that it will be a return to mediocrity for our last year in a real stadium.

Bob P
October 4, 2007
I’m bitter. I’m embarrassed. But…

Should any misfortune befall the Yankees this October…say they get beat by Cleveland 22-1 three games in a row, or they take a 3-0 lead on the Red Sox/Angels and lose the next 4, or they make it to the World Series and Mariano blows four straight ninth-inning leads and A-Rod goes 0-for-the-postseason, I have four words for Mets fans: SHUT THE FREAK UP.

We Mets fans should not be allowed to talk about the Yankees for the next 25 years, or until the Mets win a World Series, whichever comes first.

October 6, 2007
We were SO pumped up for this game. Yes, we had just lost our ridiculous first-place lead after playing horribly all of September, but there we were: tied for first with one game left to play. Hell, John Maine almost threw a no-hitter the day before! The collapse would just be a footnote in history after the Mets pulled it out and made it to the playoffs.


The always-hateable Tom Glavine gave his boys in Atlanta one last gift in his shortest outing in almost TWO DECADES, surrendering 7 ER and getting...one out. "One out? That's all he could get? One god damn out?" The Mets were almost right back in it after Castro hit a bases- loaded bomb in the bottom of the first...that was caught at the warning track. The Mets were booed off the field at the end of the game, reclaiming their spot as the laughing-stock of baseball, and the Phillies went on to win their game over the Nats. The depressing Mets collapse was finally complete. It's times like these that make me almost want to stop watching baseball. Almost...

See ya in March.

Dan H.
October 6, 2007
Disaster. The fans were ready to cheer and support the Mets from start, but before we were even settled in our seats in the first inning, we were behind. When LoDuca hit the rolling bunt and was thrown out for the third out with the bases loaded, it felt that all life and hope were sucked out of Shea.

Shickhaus Franks
October 8, 2007
One week after the fact and it still HURTS!!! I was hoping for a 1986/2006 type miracle as I watched on the CW-11 but it NEVER happened and those "wonderful" Yankee fans (especially the PHONY MTV-influenced ones) were giving me the "I'M SO SORRY" b-s. But their condolences were about as "pleasant" as diarrhea in a swimming pool. But someone once said "What doesn't kill you makes you only stronger" and in 2008, the Mets will come out stronger and better than ever!

October 21, 2007
I had a bad feeling about this team since spring training. No matter how much I wanted to believe that this was the year, deep down I knew something bad was bound to happen. Boy I was right, and this last game proved me right. Besides that damn Brave giving up 7 runs in a third of an inning, leaving a small army on base in the first 3 innings, and not putting up at least a small fight after that, completing the worst collapse since the 64 Phillies made me sick to my stomach. Hopefully next year Omar can right his wrongs and get a bullpen, and hopefully we can find the heart again. Sad. Really sad.

October 28, 2007
After Willie Randolph's 3rd straight bad September managing, I have three words for Omar.....HIRE...JOE...TORRE!!!

John T Greenpoint
December 9, 2007
This is by far the worst day in Mets baseball history!!! How this team blew their 1st place lead just boggles my mind!! The Mets will really have to do some wheeling and dealing in the winter to get this team to where it has to be.

Joe Figliola
January 30, 2008
Rank this date along with June 15, 1977 as one of the worst in Mets history.

I just recall how defeated the Mets kind of looked after that first inning. Glavine also appeared to be a bit blase when he was removed from the mound. He absolutely had no bulldog in him during the first inning; at times, he looked like he was pitching batting practice.

Had Castro's ball gone yard in the first inning, I don't think it would have made a difference in terms of turning things around. What Met fans saw that afternoon was a team that was beaten and cowardly and gutless.

If I was Omar Minaya, I would have sent every Met player a mirror for Christmas with the following inscription: "Hold it up to your face. Tell me what you see." The Mets had no business to perform the way they did that final month. And contrary to what Classless Tom Glavine said, yes, that loss was devastating!

September 6, 2008
Willie couldn't make a lineup change? People say it wasn't his fault. There's nothing he could do? If Beltran was so wonderful, how come he was hitting under .280 and batting cleanup? Were it not for his big contract, he shouldn't have hit higher than sixth. Alou when healthy always hit and should have been batting cleanup. That alone, would have helped. Glavine should not take the hit alone. He hit a rough game for himself. The entire team sucked in the last month and it was everybody's fault, plain and simple.

Joe Lanzisera
March 2, 2009
We were just pulling in to Giants stadium to watch the G-Men play the Eagles in a Sunday nighter. Looking forward to watching the Mets on the dish while we started the tailgate. The line to get into the lot backed up due to a security sweep. We flipped on the car radio and heard Glavine taking his warm-up throws. We get to our parking spot not 10 freaking minutes later and we are down 7-0!!! Not to mention that I was traveling with a couple of Eagles/Phillies fans who made the afternoon impossible! Thankfully Osi laid a six-pack on Winston Justice and McNabb and the Giants beat the Birds, but an ugly day in Mets history.

Henry (metsjets) Indictor
January 9, 2011
At first I was pumped up for this game. I was wearing my Mets baseball cap and David Wright jersey (cuz he is my favorite player along with Reyes, Santana too, but he was still a Twin back then.) I went to Pleasantville diner. Watched the end of the pregame and whole 1st inning. I was allowed to sit at the counter because the head waitress was a Met fan and noticed my jersey and told me I could sit there.

When I saw the Marlins score seven runs, I was shocked and booed Tom Glavine by saying don't get another contract offer and go back to the Braves where you belong. When the inning ended I went back to my table where my dad and sister were and took a drink. Then a boy who worked at the diner who I assume was the head waitress' son (might've been 20) goes up and tells me "I know how you feel." He's also a met fan and I talk to him when there is a Met game when I'm at that diner.

I choose to watch the rest of the game at mom's house. I remember crying hysterically after the last out. I was still shocked the next morning. But the 2007 collapse doesn't stop me from being a huge die-hard Mets fan. It does stop me from being a fan of Tom Glavine. And sure enough he went back to the Braves months later.

Luckily I moved on to the Jets and got over the collapse.

Kong Lives
January 14, 2011
This game was, as someone said, an ugly day. But in the bottom of the first inning, the Mets scored one run and then had the bases loaded. Ramon Castro hit a fly ball to the warning track in left field that fell a foot or two short of a grand slam. Had the ball sailed over the fence, the Mets would have been down, 7-5 and perhaps could have won.

The worst part, though, was the crowd. As the afternoon wore on, the fans in our mezzanine section were getting drunker and more vile. A lot of parents started taking their kids home because of all the yelling and fighting, which was no longer amusing. I eventually moved to the loge level, but the anger of the fans was just as bad there. I left ashamed to be around Mets fans that day, and was really glad the season was over.

Sadly, Mets management did not overhaul the team in the off-season, and the same train wreck happened in 2008.

May 22, 2011
This was one of two games that I saw at Shea during the 2007 season and I unfortunately remember this one like it was yesterday. I had recently arrived back from a camping trip with my father and older brother. My aunt from Queens Village, a die-hard Met fan since their days in the Polo Grounds, had some extra tickets to this game. The four of us were off to Shea with high hopes but we were crushed when Glavine allowed those seven runs in the first inning. The entire season for us ended in what should be described as the worst twenty minutes in New York Mets history. We left in the seventh and listened to it on the radio on the way home; we just couldn't take it anymore.

April 1, 2014
I attended this game after being at the Maine game the day before. Hoping for another win! BUT my hopes were dashed in the form of Tom Glavine. I sat in the right field Loge level, sat near Cowbell Man that day, even seen him cry. Me and my wife just sat stone-faced throughout the whole ordeal, even when the stands emptied we just sat there, it seemed to be like an eternity. I could not believe I just witnessed the greatest collapse in history (up to that point). After the game we were outside the right field player exit and fans stood lined up hoping to catch a glimpse of our favorite players, and who is in one of the cars but Tom Glavine, an old 70-80 year old woman was in the road giving the middle finger telling him he should be ashamed of himself! It was classic!

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