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July 20, 2010
Diamondbacks 3, Mets 2
2010 Regular Season Game 95
July 21, 2010
Diamondbacks 4, Mets 3
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July 22, 2010
Dodgers 2, Mets 0
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July 22, 2010
The Mets are in huge trouble. The Braves are running away with this division and the WildCard is slipping away as well. Don't know how the offense can be so great without Beltran and be so lethargic with him in the lineup. Makes no sense. I don't like calling players out, but Jason Bay is robbing the Mets right now. The guy has been terrible all year long and he has not earned any of the money the Mets are giving him. He is an untradeable player based on his salary and performance so the Mets are unfortunately stuck with him. He needs to get his act together because without some type of contribution from him the Mets are going nowhere.

Not ready to give up on this team yet but am getting close to that point

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