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2012 Regular Season Game 84
July 6, 2012
Cubs 8, Mets 7
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Shickhaus Franks
September 25, 2012
Called in sick from work and at 3pm decided to head out to Citi Field. Got a $25 seat in section 537 (a Bob Uecker seat) etc. Before the game I ran into my good friend Kathy, her mom who was visiting from Florida and Kathy's son Adam. Plus I saw my beautiful friend Julie who I have known for many years (also both of our late mothers were co-workers).

Rough outing for No-Han as he gave up a few dingers and wound up hurting his ankle.

FYI, I am taking to task the fans who show up to Mets games wearing T- shirts and hats of other sports teams (NFL Jets, NFL Giants etc; I even saw a guy wearing a New York Islanders hat and shirt) Also there are a quite few "people" who show up wearing the GARBAGE stuff (aka The New York Stankees). If it was a Subway Series game, that would be different but it was Mets vs Cubs (There were the usual many North Side supporters thanks to WGN America). As a public service announcement, I request to you Evil Empire fans if you go to a Mets game that is NOT the Subway Series; LEAVE THE STANKEES CRAP AT HOME; THANK YOU! I am also taking to task the PA system for blasting the current noise that play (i.e the American Idol/Radio Disney diarrhea they call music); NOT EVERYBODY IN THE STANDS IS 12 YEARS OLD!!!! I give 2 THUMBS WAY UP to Kirk #9 for having the Motor City Madman and for Lucas Duda for playing Hendrix as their at-bat songs. BTW, BRING BACK THE "CURLY SHUFFLE".

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