06/30/1962 Los Angeles Dodgers 5, Mets 0 Sandy Koufax
06/21/1964 Philadelphia Phillies 6, Mets 0 Jim Bunning
09/20/1969 Pittsburgh Pirates 4, Mets 0 Bob Moose
10/02/1972 Montreal Expos 7, Mets 0 Bill Stoneman
08/24/1975 San Francisco Giants 6, Mets 0 Ed Halicki
09/08/1993 Houston Astros 7, Mets 1 Darryl Kile
06/09/2015 San Francisco Giants 5, Mets 0 Chris Heston
10/03/2015 Washington Nationals 2, Mets 0 Max Scherzer

Game Memories for June 30, 1962 (Los Angeles Dodgers 5, New York Mets 0)

Ken Akerman
March 31, 2003
This game was the first of four career no-hitters by Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax.

July 23, 2003

This game was televised from the coast - an 11 PM start. I fell asleep during the second inning. I vowed never again to leave a game until I saw a team get their first hit. Finally paid off a couple years later when I saw Jim Bunnings perfect game - ignoring all my friends screaming at me from outside to come out and play stickball!

rich edwards
August 13, 2003

If my memory serves me correctly this was a Friday night game (Koufax no-hitter). I don't even think the results were in Saturday's Newsday. I don't remember WOR televising the late West Coast games until around 1969. Anybody?

original mets
August 23, 2006

This game was on Saturday night, televised on WOR-9 and it was not the first time they faced Koufax. In the first inning Sandy threw 9 pitches striking out the side.

Mike Friedman
January 10, 2014

It has gone unnoticed but it was Ray Daviault's best major league performance.

Game Memories for June 21, 1964 (Philadelphia Phillies 6, New York Mets 0)

November 26, 2001
Jim Bunning of the Phillies pitched a perfect game in this game, which I attended with my dad (I was 12 at the time.) The Mets had 2 really good chances at getting a hit. Ed Kranepool hit a line shot down the rightfield line that hit the wall foul by about a foot or so. Met catcher Jesse Gonder hit a ground ball in the hole between 2nd and 1st that Phils 2b Tony Taylor made a great play on to nab the slow-footed Gonder at first. Outside of those, Bunning mowed the Mets down with ease. I was keeping a scorecard, but did not realize it was a perfect game until the 9th inning when the partisan Mets fans started cheering when the Mets hitters made an out. I think pinch-hitter John Stephenson made the last out.

Unhappily, it was a doubleheader and the Mets got bombed in the 2nd game also (par for the course in those days.)

J. Eckert
April 7, 2002

I was Jr. high age, and had tuned into this horror on TV at my cousin's place to hear that Bunning had just retired his 13th straight batter. I knew what could happen, especially with Bunning who was merciless against the Mets (5-0 that season, 5 complete games, ERA 1.00). I watched and nervously kept chomping down stacks of cheap generic chocolate sandwich cookies, the kind you'd get 200 of for $0.99 (maybe even $0.49 those days), hoping the spell would be broken. Not only was I a Mets fan, but I lived in Reading, PA, a snakepit of Phillie fans who would never let me alone if this went down. But it did, and I was not then even the least bit happy, after all, that I had seen History.

To this day the cheap plasticky taste of those kind of cookies can remind me of that thing.

orange and blue
July 4, 2005

Besides jim bunning throwing a perfecto in game 1, the Mets did not get a base runner until the 5th inning of the second game. Rick Wise was the pitcher and when he walked the batter the Mets got a standing ovation. Wise had no idea what the commotion was until Tony Taylor told him!

Bob P
July 5, 2005

Further to Orange and Blue's post above, the walk actually came in the second inning of game two. In fact, the Mets scored a run in the bottom of the second without a base hit thanks to a walk, wild pitch, and an error.

Joe Christopher singled in the bottom of the third for the first Met hit of the day.

Game Memories for September 20, 1969 (Pittsburgh Pirates 4, New York Mets 0)

Mike Selk
July 20, 2002
The very first major league game I ever attended - and the source of a running joke in my family (to wit: I went to my first Met game in 1969, but I didn't see them get their first hit until 1970).

Being the baseball neophyte that I was, I didn't realize that a no-hitter wasn't all that common. Now, of course, I know better.

Ken Akerman
April 2, 2003

Bob Moose of the Pirates pitched a no-hitter against the Mets in this game.

Don L
September 24, 2004

I remember flipping over to NBC's Saturday Game of The Week after this no-hit loss. The Pirates were on their way to beating the Cubs 13-4, so the Mets didn't lose any ground in the standings.

December 27, 2004

I was there. It took a special talent to see a game the Mets lost in September 1969. I remember the Mets botching a rundown early on in the game allowing a runner to score. The Mets best chance for a hit was a Wayne Garrett hit that Roberto Clemente caught against the wall, relatively late in the game. My first and only no hitter. Needless to say, 35 years later, us Mets fans are still waiting to see our first Mets no hitter!

Paul Zavaglia
March 21, 2005

I was a young 11 year old die-hard Mets fan living in Bayonne NJ at the time. I went to this game with my Cub Scout pack as part of a field trip. We had great seats and we had a great time. I could NOT believe that Bob Moose pitched a no-hitter! I'll never forget the Pitates jumping all over Bob Moose after the final out was made. I was so shocked, but the memory of this game is forever embedded in my mind. I tell my 3 boys that about this game all the time. I collect sports memoribila today and my one regret is that I did't keep my ticket stub from this game... Oh well! I was sad to hear that Bob Moose died on his birthday in 1976 in a car crash.

July 12, 2006

For the record, I believe Art Shamsky made the last out of this game with a ground out to 2nd.

Tom Quinn
September 22, 2007

I was at this game and had attended the twi- night double header the night before. If the Mets had won all 3 games this game would have clinched the division. This game convinced me that I was a jinx as I managed to attend five games at Shea that year and they lost 4 of them (My parents insisted we go home after 12 innings before they won the 5th game I went to that went 16 innings back in June). I was so mad that they got no-hit and, at 10 years old, did not appreciate the historical significance of this game until years later.

March 5, 2008

My girlfriend and I were sitting behind the auxiliary scoreboard in right field and we couldn't see the big scoreboard, the only place where hits were tallied. We weren't keeping score; we were just there to see the Mets win and to be part of the excitement. No hitter? Yup. The only no-hitter I've seen live in fifty years of watching baseball. The trouble is we didn't realize that we had seen it till it was over and saw the Pirates jumping all over Bob Moose.

July 24, 2009

I attended this game at Shea. When the game was over, most of the fans remained standing at their seats for about 20 minutes, intently watching the scoreboard to see the outcome of the Cubs game that was still in progress. Even at that late date in the season, I believe the standings were pretty close.

August 5, 2009

I attended this game at Shea. When the game was over, most of the fans remained standing at their seats for about 20 minutes, intently watching the scoreboard to see the outcome of the Cubs game that was still in progress. Even at that late date in the season, I believe the standings were pretty close.

August 14, 2009

I attended this game at Shea. When the game was over, most of the fans remained standing at their seats for about 20 minutes, intently watching the scoreboard to see the outcome of the Cubs game that was still in progress. Even at that late date in the season, I believe the standings were pretty close.

October 19, 2009

I attended this game at Shea. When the game was over, most of the fans remained standing at their seats for about 20 minutes, intently watching the scoreboard to see the outcome of the Cubs game that was still in progress. Even at that late date in the season, I believe the standings were pretty close.

steve corn
February 10, 2011

I was at this game. I was 8 years old, with my dad and grandfather and I remember the wild pitches that scored the Pirates runs, more than the no-hitter. Funny.

December 9, 2011

My older sister took me and my twin sister to this game, the day before our birthday. We all sat high up in the upper deck. I remember it being rather cold and windy - especially up there. Attendance was one of Shea's biggest, over 50,000. No-hitters might be a little historic, but (especially if you are a fan of the opposing team) this one, on an uncomfortable day, high up, was not fun. I attended a handful of games in 1969, also the years before and after. It was wonderful to be a Mets fan.

Steve Tilders
April 19, 2012

I was at this game too. My problem is that I recall the place being jam packed. I remember having to sit on the concrete steps in the grandstands (upper deck). The attendance is reported in the record books at around 38,000. I thought it was at least 56,000+ to capacity. Does anyone here recall that?

John Weber
March 28, 2013

I was at this game, too. I was 15 years old and went in with a friend. We bought general admission tickets and then bribed an usher (my friend's dad taught us how to do this) for about $5 if I remember correctly and he seated us behind home plate under the screen about 15 rows back. We were, of course, diehard Mets fans and they were in the hunt for their 1st pennant. After about the 5th inning once we realized that Bob had a no hitter going we started rooting for him. Bob's wife was sitting about 4 rows in front of us and I can remember her crying and everyone hugging her when the game was over. I was also at game 6 of the 86 world Series sitting at the front of the 2nd deck right on the 1st base line. I don't know which experience was better, it was all good!

May 9, 2013

This was my first MLB game as well. We went with either the Cub Scouts or Levittown Little League, not sure which. I seem to remember the stands being very full--it had to have been 50,000. Sure gave me a great story to tell for the next 40+ years. Man, I'm old.

September 27, 2013

Roberto Clemente made a great catch in right field. Mets fans were rooting for the no-hitter at the end.

November 28, 2014

I was at the game too--my first game. I was 6 and 1/2 years old. I also remember the wild pitches that scored the Pirates runs. We lived in NJ, and my mother (obviously not a baseball fan) made my dad take us home early. We left in the 8th inning. I remember getting in the back of our VW in the parking lot at Shea, and we were the only ones in the lot. Dad tuned the game on the radio and that is how we found out that the no-no was completed.

Gerry Bagdziunas
November 28, 2014

I was at this game with my high school friend who had saved Bordon Milk coupons giving us free admission to the game. The Mets, not having any premonition of a miraculous season, had designated certain games as Coupon Games during the 1969 Season. Because of this promotion and the fact that the Amazing Mets were in first place, Shea Stadium was packed to the rafters. I truly believe this was the largest crowd ever. There was not a seat to be found anywhere within the stadium. We stood at the left field foul pole above the visiting team Bullpen. The official announced attendance was in the 30,000 range. This would include only PAID Attendance. That is why the other memories of a full stadium are valid. I remember Clemente's catch preserving the no-hitter. Again, I had never seen the stadium as full even during World Series games.

Tom Klein
October 21, 2015

I was at that game. I was 11 years old at the time. My father and I were sitting in the upper deck between home plate and third base. If I remember correctly, the stadium was packed that day. Like Lucille, I also remember staying after the game ended to watch the progress of the Cubs game on the scoreboard. Growing up in Richmond Hill, Queens, I have many great memories of Shea.

Paul Malchodi
October 30, 2015

My Father brought us to this game with Borden Milk coupons as well. The coupons got us to our first game in several years since money was tight and with 5 kids we drank a lot of milk, so the coupons were a perfect promotion for us. It was my first trip to Shea. We sat way up in the upper deck and I remember it being packed and cold and feeling like I could reach up and touch the planes flying overhead. I was sure we were closer to the planes than to the field. I remember thinking it was pretty special to attend a no-hit game, and after the World Series thinking that it was even more special to see the eventual WS champions no-hit at home in the stretch run. The great Roberto Clemente saved the game for Bob Moose, though I don't remember that play. Sad that they both died young and in accidents.

Dave Schwartz
October 30, 2015

Basically, remember it being very cold. Drank hot chocolate there. What I really need to know is what Game No. is on the ticket for this game? Does anyone have an image of a Grandstand Ticket they could send me? Thanks

Game Memories for October 2, 1972 (Montreal Expos 7, New York Mets 0)

Mark Price
June 4, 2002
As a 9-year old Montrealer, I attended this game with my father and still remember how cold and windy it was. What can I say, I was awed just to see a MLB game, let alone a no-hitter. The Mets weren't a bad team and one of the few bright lights on the Expos was Bill Stoneman. This was only the second game I ever attended in person. The Mets were probably the one team I saw most against my beloved Expos.

I am a long way from Montreal and Jarry Park as I write this. Jarry Park was small, windy and not very major league. However, the Expos made a big mistake moving to the Olympic Stadium, which contributed greatly to their demise. Just about every seat in Jarry Park was close to the field and it was a wonderful place to watch a game. It is missed.

Game Memories for August 24, 1975 (San Francisco Giants 6, New York Mets 0)

Ken Akerman
April 2, 2003
Ed Halicki of the Giants pitched a no-hitter against the Mets in this game. I recall seeing it on TV.

September 7, 2007

I guess I wasn't aware the Halicki was throwing a no-hitter until the very last out and Halicki was celebrating wildly like he had just won the World Series.

For some reason I recall Halicki walking more people than I see in the box score. (I'm sure the box score is correct!) If I remember correctly, he was getting into some deep counts. There was a point in the game where the Mets had runners on first and second and were threatening, but obviously Halicki got out of that jam.

I recall Rusty Staub beating out a throw by the Giants secondbaseman on a slowly hit groundball that I think he bobbled momentarily. The play was subsequently scored an error. There was some question of whether it should have been scored a hit.

They showed a replay of the Rusty "hit" on the nightly news with the sportscaster (I don't remember who or what station) berating the Mets' offense in the game.

Incidently, I believe this was during Mike Vail's 23-game hitting streak. He was a pinch-hitter in the game and worked out a walk. Because he didn't make an out, the streak was kept intact.

Quality Met
April 24, 2010

This was the first no-hitter I ever saw. Even though it was against the Mets, I was still excited to see it. It was the second game of a doubleheader. The Mets won the first game, but they couldn't do anything against Ed Halicki, a New Jersey native.

One other thing I remember about this game was Jesus Alou pinch-hitting in the ninth. This appearance gave him and his brothers, Felipe and Matty, a combined total of 5,000 games played. A family milestone was reached, but overshadowed by something bigger.

Game Memories for September 8, 1993 (Houston Astros 7, New York Mets 1)

July 2, 2002
This game showed what Darryl Kile was about.

July 2, 2002

They just showed this game on ESPN Classic last night because it was Darryl Kile's no-hitter. I had forgotten how horrible the Mets were back then. Joe Orsulak batting cleanup? Are you kidding me?

The Mets run should not have counted. It came with Jeff McKnight on first with a walk and Orsulak up. Kile threw a sharp breaking ball that hit Orsulak in the foot and bounded away toward the Astros dugout (Orsulak even hopped and limped around for a few seconds). But for some reason plate umpire Ed Montague missed it and said it was in play. Scott Servais didn't chase the ball and McKnight kept running around second, to third, when Jeff Bagwell ran the ball down and threw wildly to third, allowing McKnight to come all the way around.

June 30, 2009

I was in my college dorm room studying and had the ESPN weeknight game on. I think the game was Braves vs Giants in the NL West race. The game was not on Channel 9 that night, was on Sports Channel which I did not get in college. Just as ESPN always does when a no-hitter is happening in the 9th if they are not televising the game, they took the audience to the game and showed the inning and the no-hitter take place. Great pitching by Darryl Kile as the Mets line-up was not something in 1993 to write home about. Not when Joe Orsulak is batting clean up.

A lot of dubious feats happened in 1993. This was the first time since 1975 the Mets were no-hit against as well as their first last-place finish since 1983 and first 100-loss season since 1967. Only fitting they get no-hit in this real disastrous season of 1993.

Game Memories for June 9, 2015 (San Francisco Giants 5, New York Mets 0)

community chest
June 10, 2015
There's nothing thrilling about being humiliated, but Howie Rose was acting like it was Christmas in June. Get a job, Howie.

Game Memories for October 3, 2015 (Washington Nationals 2, New York Mets 0)

The Big H
October 4, 2015
During the game besides the fact that Scherzer pitched a no-hitter I noticed everyone on both teams seemed to be striking out except for the very few guys on Washington who were involved in the two runs scored. Harvey with 11 Ks and the other Mets pitchers combined for 18 strikeouts, while Scherzer got struck out 17. 35 struck out batters for two teams in a nine inning game is a record by FOUR. I was there and the lighting looked ok from the stands but who knows? PS with the Dodger win later in that night the Mets were eliminated from home field for the Mets vs Dodgers playoffs.

NYB Buff
September 27, 2016

This was the second no-hitter pitched against the Mets during a season in which they won a National League championship. The only team previously to be no-hit twice and reach the World Series the same year was the Chicago White Sox in 1917. In the words of Casey Stengel, "You could look it up."

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