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April 8, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Pete from Nassau
June 9, 2004
I remember the Doc had it going this game. The only run he gave up was a solo homer to Kruk over the right field fence. Things were looking up after this one.

Joe From Jersey
November 29, 2005

The first home opener I ever attended and instead of spring (or winter) like conditions; It was 90 degrees at game time. Nails and Wally were in the lineup for the Phils and Hubie Brooks played at RF. The place was rocking after this game and it shoulda been a harbinger of things to come but it was NOT to be.

Marlboro Man
September 22, 2007

I don't have any memories of this game, but I did find a scorecard from this game that I apparently went to a day before I turned 13. Looks like it was a good one, better than the previous years opening day loss to the Pirates.

April 9, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Hank M
May 22, 2008
I was at this game, watching from the loge level along the right field line. It was 1-0 Phillies in the bottom of the ninth inning. Rick Cerone came up and slugged one over the left-center field wall off Roger McDowell to tie it up. Len Dykstra just turned and watched it go out.

In the tenth, Hubie Brooks batted against Joe Boever. He hit a long, high drive down the left field line. I followed the ball and when I saw the people seated above the scoreboard all standing up in unison, I knew the game was over. It was coming down right into their section. Hubie had a game-winning home run! It was his first homer since his return to the Mets.

Also in this game, Pete Schourek and Doug Simons both made their major league debuts. Simons finished it and got credit for the win.

Later, I went out behind the bullpen near the players' parking area. When Hubie came driving out, the crowd there gave him a huge cheer. It was a wonderful early-season afternoon at Shea.

April 10, 1991 Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 8, Mets 7
Alice Lovier
September 24, 2002
April 10, 1991 was a beautiful spring day. In the early afternoon, my Dad, Louis, joined his friends and co-workers for their local team practice... With all intentions to come home and watch the game...

My Dad, 32 years of age, carrying the bases in at the end of the practice, fell to the ground and died on April 10, 1991.

As my sister and I sat home and waited to hear from the hospital we had the game on. But after we received the news I don't remember anything after that. I was sixteen.

I am so grateful that the game was on even though I don't recall any of it.

He raised me, a Mets fan. And proud to be!

April 30, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, San Diego Padres 3
March 19, 2016
This game ended with the fog too much to continue. They waited until after midnight from what I remember but it just wasn't getting any better. I believe this is one of only two games in Mets history to be called due to fog. A nice, shortened Mets win.

May 4, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, San Francisco Giants 4
Bob P
March 4, 2004
Nice win for the Mets on a Saturday afternoon at Shea. The Mets fell behind early, 2-0, then tied it at 2-2. The the Giants scored two in the fifth on a Will Clark homer and it looked like that would be the difference.

But in the bottom of the ninth Bud Harrelson sent Mackey Sasser up to lead off, pinch-hitting for Charlie O'Brien. Sasser homered to make it 4-3, and then Mark Carreon, batting for Alejandro Pena, homered to tie the score. It was the first case of back-to-back pinch-homers in the NL since 1975.

Howard Johnson's two-run homer in the bottom of the twelfth won the game. Rookie Pete Schourek picked up the win as the Mets improved to 14-9.

May 5, 1991 Shea Stadium
San Francisco Giants 2, Mets 0
January 12, 2005
This game was Kahn's shirt day for kids. I need old yearbooks to help my memory because I cannot remember exact dates of games I went to before 1993. I was at this one because in some old pictures of myself, I am wearing the "Property of Mets" shirt they gave away at this game. Dwight Gooden pitched this game and it looks like he did good.

May 7, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Los Angeles Dodgers 5
Steven G
September 9, 2004
This was the greatest regular season game I have ever attended until 1999, when Matt Franco singled off of Mariano Rivera to beat the New York Yankees.

I sat in left field, upper deck box, first row, overlooking the whole stadium. The stadium was rocking that night, as it was Darryl Strawberry's return to Shea, as a Los Angeles Dodger.

The game had everything, including Straw homering off of Frank Viola, Gary Carter getting a big hit against his former mates, and, best of all, John Franco striking out Darryl to end the game.

Absolutely awesome!

Joe From Jersey
December 27, 2005

I was thisclose to missing the whole game because a distant relative had died in an auto accident 2 days before and there was talk of the wake being held on Tuesday. But blind fortune went my way; the wake was rescheduled for Wed. (I didn't have anything to do with it) and I watched the game on Channel 9. It was weird to see Darryl in a visitors uniform as well as the Kid. I remember Straw hit a home run and then Franco struck out Straw to end the game.

Bob P
December 28, 2005

One clarification to the two earlier posts on this game: John Franco did indeed retire Darryl Strawberry for the final out of this game, but it was on a ground ball to third, not a strikeout. The Dodgers had scored twice in the top of the ninth--the first run scoring on a pinch-double by Gary Carter--off Franco to make it 6-5 Mets. The Dodgers then had the tying run on third and the go-ahead run on first when Darryl grounded out.

Strawberry's homer came in the sixth inning off Frank Viola with the Mets up 6-0 at the time. It was only his second home run of the season in his 25th game as a Dodger.

May 8, 1991 Shea Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers 3, Mets 1
Max Clauss
August 18, 2005
David Cone struck out the side in the first inning.

Mackey Sasser had difficulty in returning pitches to the mound, because of a mental anxiety from which he was suffering.

David Cone started wearing #17 in this game. Keith Hernandez was present.

May 17, 1991 Dodger Stadium
Mets 4, Los Angeles Dodgers 2
Jared K
July 17, 2007
I was 8 years old, but I remember this Friday game because this was the first time my father was able to convince my mother to let me stay up and watch the late night West Coast game with him.

Viola pitched a complete game gem. My father got a good laugh when Strawberry, during one of his at bats, called a timeout, didn't get the call, and Viola floated one right by him. Darryl was my favorite player, but my father and I both hated him in that white and blue Dodger uniform.

May 26, 1991 Shea Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals 14, Mets 4
Jared K
April 5, 2006
I have very vague memories of this game. I was in the car with my father and mother. We were going on some long trip for Memorial Day weekend. My father flipped on the radio for the score, and I heard all kinds of things that no 7-year-old probably should hear.

14 to F'IN 4!! JESUS H CHRIST!!! Stop snorting coke Gooden, damn you!!! 5 years ago seems like an eternity!!! 14-4!! Son of a....

Then my mom yelled at my father for his potty mouth! Ahhh childhood...

Now I'm 22, and my father yells at me to calm down when Looper blows a save or when Randolph makes some idiotic double switch or leaves Dae- Sung Koo or Danny Graves in for 2 more innings then he should. My mother yells at both of us to shut up now. The circle of life is complete!

Jared K
November 3, 2006

I have very vague recollections of this game. I was 8 years old, and my family was on a long drive for a Memorial Day weekend vacation. My father flips on the radio and hears the score. He starts muttering all kinds of stuff that 8 year olds probably shouldn't hear. "Fourteen to eff'n 4! Jesus H Christ! What the hell's wrong with you, Gooden??!" My mom yelled at my father to cut it out, but she just didn't understand! It was my first true taste of how much a labor of love it would forever be to root for the Mets! But when you get seasons like this year, it's ultimately worth it!

June 12, 1991 Shea Stadium
Atlanta Braves 6, Mets 1
Bob P
August 20, 2004
Atlanta LHP Steve Avery shuts down the Mets at Shea, and to top it off, he goes 4-for-4 with three singles and a triple.

Avery was not a bad hitting pitcher through his career. He finished with 14 doubles, 4 triples, 4 homers, and 32 RBIs in 437 at bats.

June 15, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Houston Astros 0
gharian price
May 22, 2004
I remember attending this game, it was the first and only time I ever got to see Doc Gooden in person. He baffled the Astros on a beautiful summer night in June.

June 17, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 10, Cincinnati Reds 6
Jared K
June 11, 2007
If I remember correctly, this was a Monday, and it was my last day of second grade. Since I couldn't go out and get loaded like I usually did when I got done with classes later in life, I did the next best thing. I had my friends come over, we grabbed some Cokes out of the fridge, and played Nintendo until the Mets came on.

Darling was so-so on this night, but the Mets came to Cincy ready to hit. Howard Johnson had a monster shot into the upper decks of the old Riverfront.

Overall, a great day for a lad like me!

June 25, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, Montreal Expos 5
Ed K
August 9, 2010
The 5th and most recent (as of July 2010) walk-off grand slam by a Met as Kevin McReynolds did it to turn defeat into victory with 2 outs in the 9th inning.

A weird game as there was scoring in only 3 innings: the Mets grabbed the early lead with 4 runs in the first, then the Expos scored 5 runs off Doc in the 5th, and then the grand slam in the 9th.

January 24, 2014

I was at this game as a 12-year-old following my last year of elementary school. I don't remember anything else other than how it ended and the fact this was the only time I sat in the Diamond Club suites.

June 29, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, Philadelphia Phillies 0
January 18, 2005
It was my ninth birthday and as I remember, my family took me to see this game and the fireworks afterward as a celebration. Do not remember anything about the game. I was not yet the big fan I am today.

June 30, 1991 Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 10, Mets 9
MIchael Pinto
July 13, 2004
This Sunday afternoon game was played on a day that Mike Tyson celebrated his 25th birthday. Doc got shelled early-possibly riding a hangover resulting from a long New York City Saturday summer night-but who knew at the time. With the Mets loss in this one I suffered my largest defecit ever to the "boys" as I had dropped 2 dimes on Doc with the hope of breaking even (was down a grand and they were laying 2-1). The Metties battled back from the wrong side of a 9-2 score and scored twice amid a ferocious rally in the bottom of the ninth. With the bases loaded the always selective Dave Magadan stepped to the plate from the left side. On a 3-2 pitch he took an inside pitch for strike 3 and the game was over. Ouch babe!!

Bob P
August 20, 2004

Dave Magadan actually led off the bottom of the ninth by grounding out. Kevin McReynolds followed with a double and Howard Johnson homered to make it 10-9. Hubie Brooks walked to put the tying run on but Rick Cerone lined out and Mark Carreon struck out for the final out of the game.

The teams combined for 27 hits, and Doc gave up three home runs in 4.1 innings, including the only homers of the 1991 season by Steve Lake and Sil Campusano. It was also the last homer of Campusano's career. The Phillies sent him down about a week later and he never played in the majors again.

A very odd boxscore, seeing Wally Backman leading off and playing third base for the Phils, Roger McDowell pitching in relief for the Phils (he had to leave the game with a pulled side muscle), and Tommy Herr, Rick Cerone, and Garry Templeton playing for the Mets.

January 15, 2006

I just found a program and scorecard of this game while cleaning stuff out of my former room in my parents house, so I apparently was at this game but I don't have any memory of it as I was 11 years old at the time. According to the scorecard it also appears I left during the 8th inning.

July 6, 1991 Veterans Stadium
Mets 2, Philadelphia Phillies 1
Mike A.
December 17, 2007
As mentioned on my post about Hubie Brooks, I'm almost certain that this is the game he hit the upper deck HR.

Other memory of this game as a spectator was the Phillie Phanatic hassling Charles Barkley of the 76'ers behind the Phillie dugout.

July 7, 1991 Veterans Stadium
Mets 8, Philadelphia Phillies 2
Jim Eckert
February 18, 2011
Attended this game against the awful Phillies in Philly. The Mets won easily 8-2 as I watched with quiet contentment. You don't make joyful Met noises in Philly. I'm yet alive to this day because I understood that.

Regrettably it was heading into the all star break as the Mets extended to a 7-game winning streak. But for a bit more they didn't cool, they picked up after the break to make it 10 in a row. They were making their run and were going to finally steamroll past the Pirates! They reached 53-38.

Then the wheels fell off and the engine dropped out, worse than in 1977. How can a 53-38 (94-68 season equivalent) team end by going 24-46 (56- 106 season equivalent). Can anyone explain how this happened?, I forget, probably because I tried hard to. Even the "awful" Phillies, 14 games behind the Mets after this game, finished a half game ahead of them. A dark era had come, anti-climaxed, of course by 1993, the worst Met season in context ever.

July 11, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, San Diego Padres 3
Charlie with Good Taste
October 11, 2017
This was the night the Padres chose to pitch to the wrong ex-teammate. With the winning run on second base in the bottom of the ninth inning, Garry Templeton (traded to the Mets by San Diego that season) was walked intentionally to set up a force play situation. Kevin McReynolds, another former Padre, came to bat and hit an RBI single for a Mets victory. I guess the Padres figured if an old friend was going to beat them, let it be one who left the team five years ago instead of a more recent one.

July 12, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, San Diego Padres 3
Chris Kyriacou
July 13, 2004
My brother was "stuck" going to the game with his girlfriend and two of her girlfriends... begged me to go along with him because he couldn't handle them by himself. Needless to say, I met my wife that night, who was one of her girlfriends. Game? What game?

July 14, 1991 Shea Stadium
San Diego Padres 2, Mets 1
May 16, 2003
In one of the flukiest games ever, the Mets were one hit by Greg Harris. What made it fluky, however, was that my main man, Mackey Sasser, started in right field, got the Mets' only hit, and robbed TWO home runs. Pure insanity.

July 15, 1991 Shea Stadium
San Francisco Giants 4, Mets 3
Rob P.
October 13, 2008
Went to this game as a guest of my girlfriend's family friend. Our seats were 1st row, on the homeplate side/edge of the Giants dugout. I sat right next to baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent who introduced HIMSELF to ME. What a nice guy! Anyway, it was the day the Mets traded Ron Darling to the Expos. The Commish asked ME what I thought of the trade, I told him the Mets got the short end of the deal. Many players walked up to the Commish to say hi, including Will Clark and Roger Craig. The Commish signed a ticket stub for me and my girlfriend's idiot brother asked him to sign a pack of cigs. The commish's people declined and he signed a ticket stub for that tool also. Great time!

July 16, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, San Francisco Giants 4
a mets fan
February 23, 2003
Was awsome to see the Mets pull this one out for a win., even though neither team was in contention. I remember totally losing respect for Kevin Mitchell once he left us, and he got a lot of booing that day. 1991 was the first year of the authentic collection MLB baseball caps, and I remember after this game going to Modell's and getting myself an authentic blue Mets cap. By the way in this game I saw Kevin McReynolds' hat. He takes a size 7 and a half.

July 18, 1991 Shea Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers 10, Mets 5
Stephen Costanza
April 23, 2003
Darryl Strawberry and Gary Carter homered in the first inning to set the tone for this game. It was Strawberry's first game at Shea after signing with LA in the previous offseason.

October 23, 2008

His first game was on May 7th my friend. A game I attended where Straw homered off Frank Viola. I am surprised no one has corrected you.

Doug Brogowski
October 13, 2008

This game was "The Revenge of the Ex-Mets!" There was so much hype around Strawberry coming back to Shea for the first time. Mets fans weren't happy with the way he left. There was lots of booing and energy at Shea. Then Darryl and Gary slug big homers in the first inning to shut up the Shea crowd.

July 20, 1991 Shea Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers 11, Mets 7
Stephen Costanza
June 19, 2004
This was a very interesting Saturday afternoon game. The Mets picked up 4 runs in the 4th inning, but in the top of the 5th, Tommy Lasorda elected to pinch hit Dave Hansen for Orel Hershiser, and he hit a 3-run homer to make the game 4-3. Later in the inning, Eddie Murray hit a 3-run homer, and the Mets never recovered in the game. Mackey Sasser hit a 2-run homer in the 9th, but the Mets were too far behind at that point to have a chance.

July 21, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 9, Los Angeles Dodgers 4
Michael Fox
July 11, 2005
I was at this game back in 1991. I remember distinctly that I was excited that my all-time favorite player Charlie O'Brien was playing. (The 2 days before Sasser and Cerone played.) Some jackass behind me said (when they announced the starting lineup and said his name) great, we lost, this guy can't hit worth a $hit! When he hit a double off the top of the wall at the farthest part of the park I turned around and said, "Some bad hitter, frickin moron." All he could do in response was make nasty comments. I was disappointed because he didn't hit a HR and would have if it was hit ANYWHERE else!

He also hit in 3 runs that day, the most of any of the Mets team. In my book, he was the main reason they won.

July 20, 2008

Are you kidding? Charlie O'Brien? He was a horid hitter, and his defense was the reason the Mets had him. Even with his defense, he was an overall louse of a player. Terrible! So what, he had one game he did well, this one!

July 28, 1991 Jack Murphy Stadium
San Diego Padres 2, Mets 0
Jared K
June 11, 2007
I love this site! I think back to all the Met games I possibly remember, and I can go back and peg exact dates just by little tidbits of info I casually remember from childhood.

I remember this game because, I swear, of all my years watching baseball, this was the only time I EVER witnessed Tony Gwynn striking out! Viola got him to end an inning.

Too bad the game result didn't go the Mets way.

August 14, 1991 Busch Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals 5, Mets 4
Educated Fan
November 24, 2006
This was an extremely hard loss for the Mets. They had already lost 5 in a row, and it looked like they would end that streak today.

They had a 4-2 lead in the top of the 8th, and a chance to put the game away with the bases loaded, nobody out. But they couldn't score a single run. In the bottom of the 8th, the Cardinals scored 3 runs, and held on to beat the Mets 5-4. The pitcher that got the Mets out in the 8th was coincidentally named Cris Carpenter, not the same guy as the Cardinals' current star pitcher.

This one really hurt. After this, they would lose 5 more in a row for an 11-game losing streak.

I think this was one of the most devastating losses ever for the Mets. While there was no longer any hope of them making the playoffs, now they couldn't even win a game.

August 25, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Cincinnati Reds 1
Elliot S.
June 26, 2005
I don't remember anything about this game, except that I was seven years old and it was my first baseball game. The only reason I'm certain it was this game that was my first was I know it was in August of 1991, against the Reds, and that the Mets won.

I remember being really impressed and excited the next day when my mom showed me the box score of the game in Newsday. I was just shocked beyond words that something I was part of was important enough to end up in the newspaper! For the rest of the baseball season, I would cut out the box score section of Newsday and closely examine Mets box scores until I finally understood how they work.

August 30, 1991 Riverfront Stadium
Mets 3, Cincinnati Reds 2
Bob P
July 13, 2004
David Cone struck out nine batters in six innings for the win on a Friday night at Riverfront Stadium. In the bottom of the sixth he struck out the side on nine pitches. According to baseball- almanac.com, this has only happened 37 times in the history of major league baseball. Cone was the second Met pitcher to do this, with Nolan Ryan being the first on April 19, 1968.

Cone's nine-pitch victims were Herm Winningham, Randy Myers, and Mariano Duncan.

This was the first major league game for Mets OF Terry McDaniel, who came into the game in an eighth inning double switch. McDaniel wound up the season 6-for-23 with eleven strikeouts, was waived in November and claimed by Pittsburgh, but never made it back to the majors.

September 7, 1991 Shea Stadium
Atlanta Braves 6, Mets 1
September 27, 2001
Mets were so pathetic at this point in the season that fans at this game were more interested in rooting for Jimmy Connors, who was playing a US Open match across the street at the same time as the game. Unfortunately, Connors suffered the same fate as the Mets this day.

September 10, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 9, Montreal Expos 0
Ed K
March 17, 2005
This was the only Met one-hitter ever thrown against the Montreal Expos and a bright moment in a disappointing season. Mets had been 2.5 games out of first at all-star break and gone 19- 38 since then to fall 17 games behind when Shourek threw this gem which was his only complete game shutout of his MLB career. Kenny Williams got a single to left in the fifth to ruin the no-hit bid. This was also the first of three one-hitters in eleven days thrown by the Mets. Cone started and lost a one-hitter on September 14th, and then Cone won a one-hitter on Sptember 20th.

September 14, 1991 Busch Stadium
St. Louis Cardinals 2, Mets 1
Ed K
October 27, 2004
The only one-hit game (out of twenty-seven) by Met pitchers that they lost. In the bottom of the fifth, Cone gave up two walks, got two outs, then gave up a two-run single to Lankford. A run scoring double by McReynolds in the ninth was not enough and the Mets lost 2-1. A typically frustrating game in the 1991 season.

Walt Vercoe
August 9, 2010

I was at this game and remember it clearly. After Cone walked two, he threw a wild pitch prior to Lankford's single. Also, Lankford threw out the tying run at the plate with 2 out in the 9th to end the game. Fitting for the person that had the only hit for the Cardinals.

September 17, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, Montreal Expos 2
Shickhaus Franks
August 14, 2011
This series was supposed to be played at Olympic Stadium but due to structual damage at that ballpark, the Expos were forced to play the rest of the 1991 season on the road and only 4,000 diehards were witness at Shea to this unusual doubleheader between two teams going nowhere.

September 20, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 1, St. Louis Cardinals 0
Ed K
March 15, 2005
The third one-hitter thrown by Met pitchers in eleven days! Schourek had thrown one on September 10th, and Cone had started and lost one on September 14th. Both that day and this day. the Mets only got one run, but this time, Cone made it stand up with a shutout.

September 24, 1991 Shea Stadium
Pittsburgh Pirates 10, Mets 8
Shickhaus Franks
January 2, 2009
I was watching this "game" on Ch. 9 when all of a sudden, it's 9pm and I had a decision to make whether to continue to watch the Mets-Pirates (w/o Barry-roid Bonds in the lineup) or go to Ch. 2 and watch "Murder In New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story". Tough choice though: Underachieving rich grown men playing a boy's game or Helen Hunt in a bikini? Guess which one I chose to watch.

September 26, 1991 Shea Stadium
Pittsburgh Pirates 4, Mets 3
Ruba Khetan
May 4, 2005
One of my first Mets games as a kid. We were supposed to catch the second game of the doubleheader but the first one was still going on. Watching from way up in the red seats, some random rookie hits his first career home run, a solo shot in the bottom of the 14th inning. Not until years later do I realize that rookie was Todd Hundley.

September 28, 1991 Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 6, Mets 2
Ed K
February 1, 2006
Bud's last game as manager and another loss.

September 29, 1991 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Philadelphia Phillies 3
Ed K
February 12, 2006
Mike Cubbage's first game of his short managerial stint with the Mets.

October 6, 1991 Veterans Stadium
Mets 7, Philadelphia Phillies 0
All-time Metfan
October 30, 2001
For about a month and a half I had tuned out the Mets after their 10 game losing streak in august and their flat play to finish up the season in september. Then I turn on the TV and David Cone strikes out 19 and gets arrested for sexual abuse the same day. I really felt like this game optimized what was a rather grim season. A season that would replicate itself in one way or another five more times until a guy named Piazza came around.

Fan 5/31/64 - 8/11/94
April 8, 2005

Like so many loyal Shea fans we took the trip down the Jersey Turnpike every time the orange and blue played in cheesesteak land. I believe that this was the last game of the year. Some time in late summer, the short-term 80's dynasty ended, although no one realized it at the time.

Cone had a slew of K's through the first 6 and I realized that he might reach 20 or 21 at that pace. In the top of the 7th, he walked and was out on the bases the whole inning. The bottom of the inning, he had no K's.

It was still exciting to see him get close and eventually tie the record that Seaver set one warm spring day in 1970. The writers, however, downplayed the feat as many of the players in the Phillies lineup were really Scranton-Wilkes Barre Red Barons that year.

Shickhaus Franks
March 15, 2008

The other night SNY showed this game and it featured the broadcast team of Ralph Kiner and Frank Cashen. (Tim was getting ready for the post-season for CBS.) I remember watching the game and the weather was rather dreary and many of the Phillies were swinging and missing like they had one foot out of the Vet. After the game, Ralph and Frank talked about the hopes of 1992 which turned out to be a long nightmare until Metal Mike Piazza arrived on the scene in May of 1998.

May 13, 2008

Cone's best start in his career. Although you could never tell if the Phillies had one step on the plane; 18 of the k's were swinging if I remember. =

The 1991 Mets seem to be a largely forgotten team among fans. Probably because it was the team right between the Strawberry era and the "worst team money can buy" 1992 Mets. But this team was just as disappointing. Channel 9 showed a stat on one of the last games of the '91 season, and it said no team in HISTORY had ever finished below .500 after being at least 14 games above .500 after at least 90 games. Except the 1991 Mets.

Robert Ford
June 16, 2010

The Phillies starting catcher that day was Doug Lindsey, who was making his Major League debut. He went 0 for 3 with 3 Ks and never started another MLB game (although he did get into four more games with three more at-bats with the Cubs and Phillies in 1993).

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