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Minor League
April 1, 1997 Jack Murphy Stadium
San Diego Padres 12, Mets 5
David from Brooklyn
March 5, 2012
Opening day on the West Coast, listened to this game on the radio. Pete Harnisch threw a couple of mistakes. All right, he ran out of gas in inning number six. The guys we signed to clean up this bullpen (Yorkis Perez, and Toby Borland) are going to fix this.

Sorry, this is the 1997 Met Bullpen we are talking about and two of the main culprits (both of these guys above are gone before July) of a bullpen that needed massive restructuring during the season made this game memorable for all the wrong reasons, helping turn a 4-3 lead after Pete Harnisch went to get a shower into a 12-4 nightmare. Wretched, this was a road trip that would have ruined April and possibly a season from the start. Impressed this team survived this start (see other games on this trip) to finish above .500 and within striking distance of a wild-card bid.

April 7, 1997 Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles Dodgers 3, Mets 2
February 24, 2006
Joe Crawford's MLB debut and the lefty lost the game for the Mets in the 15th inning!

April 13, 1997 Shea Stadium
San Francisco Giants 5, Mets 1
John K
October 21, 2008
A raw overcast day as the Mets and Giants played 2 making up the prior day's rainout. My father and I went to the game, and the place was largely empty. We sat in the field level boxes and as it was so empty figured we'd move up a few seats -- but nothing close to front row. At any rate, the Mets ran a 'moving on up' contest that day in which they awarded field level seats to a family seated in the upper deck. As chance would have it the family won the seats we had moved to. When my dad and I realized this we moved fast -- thinking what are the chances of that. Luckily plenty of other seats. Only other memory was of Olerud's first games at Shea as a Met. He got 4 hits that afternoon with his ultra-smooth left-handed swing.

April 29, 2011

This is the "Opening Day" that wasn't. The prior day was supposed to be the opener but it got washed out.

I got excited to be there and purchased loge box seats down the left field line expecting opening day ceremonies. Much to my chagrin there were no ceremonies. Joe McIllvaine was quoted as saying, "we just teed it up and played."

I count this as an "Opening Day" but in reality in 1997 there was no "Opening Day."

April 15, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, Los Angeles Dodgers 0
August 16, 2000
What a great night at Shea! Took my Mom (who grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan) to her first game at Shea in over 20 years for Jackie Robinson Night. President Clinton was there. I said "hi" to Spike Lee in the corridor. Mom chatted with comedienne Elaine Boozler. Jerry was the only one missing! And the Mets played well, Reynoso pitched well, and it was a solid shut-out victory.

Dan H.
October 1, 2006

One of my all-time favorite nights at Shea. Honoring Jackie Robinson's 50th Anniversary of breaking the race barrier in the presence of his wife, Commissioner Selig, President Clinton was a highlight of my life. It was amazing to observe the multigenerational families: the grandparents who remembered Jackie and came to the game with their children and grandchildren who only know the legend. I, too, was there with my mother as well as my two young sons. That the Mets won the game was only a sidelight.

April 22, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 7, Cincinnati Reds 2
April 23, 2002
Rick Reed's coming out party. I ventured out to Shea on a bright April afternoon (I think I got sunburned) not expecting much. Got a field box from a scalper for $5 under face value. Reed was magnificent the whole way, despite some morons chanting "SCAB!" throughout the early innings. Boy, did he ever shut them up. Alfonzo blasted a 3-run triple in the 5th and that was all he needed, Reeder's first complete game and W as a Met. And when he batted in the 8th, he got a huge ovation, even from the idiots who had jeered him earlier. Great game.

May 3, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, St. Louis Cardinals 1
Mike From Bayside
April 24, 2009
I think there literally might have been only 2,500 people in the park for this game...it rained all morning and I guess people thought the game would be canceled. I remember they gave out some promotion honoring Hundley, Franco, Gilkey, and Lance Johnson.

May 11, 1997 Busch Stadium
Mets 6, St. Louis Cardinals 4
Bob P
September 9, 2004
With the Mets down 4-3 in the top of the ninth, pinch-hitter Carl Everett hits a two-run homer off Dennis Eckersley, and Butch Huskey follows with another pinch-homer as the Mets pull one out in St. Louis.

Ed K
May 23, 2005

This come-from-behind Mets victory was a special Mothers Day treat for Met fans. After the Mets had gotten off the season with a horrible 3-9 start, they had been playing good baseball in Bobby Valentine's first full season as their manager, and this victory finally put them over .500 with a 19-18 record. There was a sense that they had finally turned things around after years in the wilderness and were contending (at least for the wild card) for the first time since 1990.

May 13, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Houston Astros 3
April 25, 2005
1997 will be remembered as the season where the Mets, after years of misery and embarassment in the 1990s, finally turned it around and against all odds became contenders again.

I will always remember this game as the one where I finally believed that this team was going to do something.

The Mets had come home after a relatively successful road trip, and were hovering about .500, not great but perhaps getting better. In were the Astros, also a team on the rise.

Coming into the stadium this evening, I noticed, despite a relatively empty stadium on a cool, damp evening, there were two banners, one hanging in the left field corner, the other in the right field corner. The banners read simply:


I wondered what it meant.

Armando Reynoso started this game, pitched fairly well, and even hit a HR. He folded in the 7th, however, giving up a game-tying HR to Sean Berry, who was hitting a mighty .188 at the time.

In the bottom of the 7th, I saw one of the most gratifying Met HRs of my life.

(And I was at the Todd Pratt game, and the Mike Piazza game right after 9/11)

Butch Huskey, enjoying his finest season period, launched one of the longest and highest HRs I have ever seen, way off into the night, over the LF bullpen, giving the Mets a 4-3 lead, which they would hold on to, despite Franco pitching into a jam in the 9th.

The Mets would go on to win games like this one all season long, eventually driving into their first pennant race in nearly 10 seasons.

If one game was going to symbolize the Mets resurgence in 97 to greatness in the late 90s, it would have to be this one. NOW IT BEGINS held as a very apropos phrase for that evening and the 97 season.

May 19, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Colorado Rockies 3
March 7, 2004
A tip of the helmet! John Olerud hit the walk-off 2-run HR to win this one. First of many great moments with the Mets for Johnny.

June 3, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 2, Montreal Expos 1
Sasha Karma
March 20, 2002
A great game I remember going to. Bobby Jones duels Pedro Martinez. 7 shut out innings each and Matt Franco helps Jones get the win with a pinch hit HR. I emember seeing Pedro slamming his glove on his way to the clubhouse after giving up those 2 runs in 8th. Seeing that game gave some of us a feeling that this team could really be getting somewhere finally.

March 8, 2004

I remember two things distinctly about this game.

First, Baerga, in his usual habit of getting red-hot in May and June, then folding his tent, hit a huge RBI double in the last of the 8th, driving home the winning run, and then Hundley tried to score a third run, but got gunned down at home, despite the fact that he basically body-slammed Expos Catcher Darrin Fletcher at the plate. The OF who gunned him down, from RF, on the fly? Vladimir Guerrero.

The second thing I remember is the great Pedro Martinez, in his usual fashion, sitting by himself in the Expos dugout no less than half an hour after the game, alone, in the dark, arms folded and pouting.

Pedro, Pedro, Pedro...What are we gonna do with ye?

John K
April 12, 2004

A great game. Pedro v. Bobby Jones in a classical pitchers duel. Vladimir throws out Hundley at the plate from the warning track in right. The best throw I have ever seen. Matt Franco homers to the right field bullpen to win it over an awesome Pedro.

June 9, 1997 Riverfront Stadium
Mets 4, Cincinnati Reds 2
Ed K
October 14, 2004
This was Bobby Jones 8th consecutive winning start, tying a Mets record with Seaver (1969) and Cone (1988) for such a streak in a single year.

June 13, 1997 Shea Stadium
Boston Red Sox 8, Mets 4
February 19, 2004
Mo Vaughn hit a rocket HR in this, the first inter-league game in Mets history. The ball sailed over my head in the left field nosebleeds, and a man in a striped shirt reached up and made a sensational barehanded grab, the ball popping loudly (painfully) in his hand. A few celebratory 'I am the Man' arm pumps to those sitting around him, and, in a wonderfully fluid motion, he whipped Mo's home run ball back onto the field where it belonged. One of the greatest catches I have ever seen at Shea. I was so impressed that I took a disposable camera shot of the guy, but the blurry, out of focus picture that remains pales in comparison to my vivid memory.

June 14, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 5, Boston Red Sox 2
gharian price
April 1, 2004
I remember Mark Clark pitching a no hitter into the eigth inning for the Mets and ironically, Boston scored a run before they recorded a hit. This was the last game I ever attended with my father before he passed away. I love you dad :(

September 27, 2005

I remember Carl Everett bowling Boston C Bill Hasselmen head over heels. Carl was out on the play, but strutted back to the dugout like he'd just KO'd Tyson. Typical.

Mark Freedman
January 3, 2006

Mark Clark's home run was even more shocking than his almost no hitter. This was my daughter's first Mets game, which made her a life-long fan. Ironically, her second favorite team is the Red Sox, since she goes to Boston University, and was right down the road from Fenway when they broke the curse. But that's besides the point. This was the first interleague game I ever went to, and will remember it forever, mainly because of my daughter.

June 16, 1997 Yankee Stadium II
Mets 6, New York Yankees 0
Stu Baron
February 27, 2002
The inaugural regular-season Mets-Yankees game, in which mediocre Dave Mlicki pitched the game of his life. Sitting in the tier boxes above/behind 3B, I screamed myself hoarse by the fourth inning, and my voice didn't fully recover for 3 days!

Justin Perri
August 1, 2002

I was in the upper-deck for this one. Mlicki was ridiculous. Whiffed Jeter to end the game.

Karl de Vries
January 20, 2003

The one time in my life that I could claim superiority over those scumbag Yankee friends of mine...I still have the Bergen Record sports page from the day after, with Bob Klapsisch suggesting that Yankee fans hope for a sweep by the Mets in the interest of watching Steinbrenner explode and rip up the club. Sigh.

January 6, 2006

One of the most thrilling games I ever saw. I still remember my wife and I sitting on the edge of the couch with every pitch Dave threw like he was our kid at little league or something. It was magical and nerve wracking at the same time. It was a microcosm of what being a Met fan is. Something a Yankee fan cannot ever fathom. It was Wile E. Coyote opening the tiny umbrella waiting for the boulder to fall on him, and the exquisite relief of the boulder not falling - for once. A great, great Met moment.

Joseph Tyson
February 11, 2007

My fondest memory is of Yankees fans fleeing their own building (like rats deserting a sinking ship) so that by the 8th inning we Mets fans had the entiore park to ourselves.

Kevin from Flushing
November 25, 2007

I still get goosebumps thinking about the Mets unloading on the Yanks in the top of the first. It was LITERALLY unbelieveable. I kept saying to myself, "this is actually happening?! The Mets are really doing this?!" Just to be playing the Yankees in a game that counted was surreal enough, but to be spraying the balls all over the field from the get-go?! STUNNING.

That first inning layed on me a very specific type of unbridled joy that I had never felt before, and probably never will again. That's why this game holds a very special place in my heart.

And Dave Mlicki, wherever you are, next beer's on me.

September 25, 2009

I remember watching this game like it was yesterday at my friend's house (he was a Yankees fan) in Florida. Went to his house after work and had a bunch of friends there that were either Mets fans or Yankees fans. Wanted to see that historic first Mets-Yankees regular season game. The game was being televised on FX, so we were able to watch it at home. Otherwise we would have gone to a sports bar to watch it. Great way for the Mets to make a regular season inter-league debut in the historic house and Mlicki pitched a shut out. Always will remember this one.

July 7, 2012

Saw it from the right field bleachers with my friend Gordon. Being at the 1st Mets-Yanks game that counted was electric. Late in the game when it was obvious that the Mets were going to win, a Yankee fan sitting behind me said, "This is the worst day of my life." Hearing that made my night. Thanks, Dave Mlicki!

June 17, 1997 Yankee Stadium II
New York Yankees 6, Mets 3
Lou Poulas
March 9, 2002
I am a Yankee fan and my team won 6-3 but I donít think it mattered as much to me as the atmosphere. It was awesome. Tailgating 3+ hours before first pitch on the roof of the parking deck participating in Yankee Fan vs Met Fan wiffleball was an all-time great time.

June 18, 1997 Yankee Stadium II
New York Yankees 3, Mets 2
Bob P
August 20, 2004
The Yankees won the rubber game of the first "Subway Series" thanks to a tenth inning RBI single by Tino Martinez off John Franco.

Solo homers by Chad Curtis and Cecil Fielder had given the David Cone and the Yanks an early 2-0 lead. The Mets had no hits until John Olerud's seventh inning leadoff double.

Coney wound up with a no decision after pitching eight innings and allowing two runs and two hits. He walked two and struck out eleven.

June 19, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 7, Pittsburgh Pirates 6
May 1, 2005
I remember attending this game and not having any idea who any of the guys in the Pirates lineup were. Of course, now, players like Tony Womack, Jason Kendall, Jon Lieber, Joe Randa and Jose Guillen have established themselves. But the '97 Pirates were trying to build a team around them and not really succeeding.

The Mets jumped on Lieber early and led 6-3 going into the 9th. Then Franco, as he was apt to do, made us all sick by getting runners on base, getting 2 outs, and then allowing a 3-run HR to Dale Sveum (now the much-beleagured third base coach for the Red Sox) to tie the game. Jeez, it was the PIRATES!

Franco got booed off the mound, but the Mets came back to win the game in the last of the 9th on a Jason Hardtke single. This would be the lone memorable moment with the Mets for Jason Hardtke, who pretty much disappeared back into the annals of time after this game.

June 22, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 12, Pittsburgh Pirates 9
August 30, 2001
It was a great game to go to for my 14th Birthday. There was a short rain delay and Corey Lidle made an emergency start in this game. I remember Franco blowing the save, but Carl Everett hit the game running homer in the 10th, and I got to run the bases after the game.

March 31, 2002

It was just ridiculously hot that day - well over 90 degrees and the sun was blazing. The rain delay came late in the game and was like a gift from God. Everett had three or four game-winning home runs that season.

January 14, 2011

This was my first Mets game, a month before my sixth birthday. I don't remember much, but I do remember standing on my seat and going crazy when Carl Everett hit that home run! I believe I sat in the Loge behind home plate...excellent precursor to all the great times I would proceed to have at Shea.

May 10, 2013

This was the first Mets game I ever went to, I was only 6 years old. Brutal heat and then a violent rain delay highlighted an unbelievable first game for me. I remember the Hundley home run and Everett walk off vividly. I've been a huge Met fan ever since. Ordonez and Hundley were my favorite players in the beginning.

June 24, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Atlanta Braves 5
January 29, 2001
This game was a lot of fun. The Mets for the first time in years looked as if they might have a say in the division race, and rallied to beat the Braves in their final at-bat on a single by Carlos Baerga. It was their second straight win over the Braves and fans showing early symptoms of pennant fever left Shea chanting "sweep! sweep!" I was on a first-date with a Braves fan and was slightly embarrassed to be rubbing it in her face, but I did anyway. Too bad we got killed the next night.

January 10, 2005

Sat in the field level in left-field, saw Baerga's game-tying homer sail past me... then he had the game-winning single! His best game as a Met. I remember being elated, I had gone to the game the night before as well. My dreams of a sweep were dashed the next day when Bobby Jones was rocked. Luckily I wasn't there for that one.

June 25, 1997 Shea Stadium
Atlanta Braves 14, Mets 7
August 16, 2000
What a nightmare! Not only was it 95 degrees that day with a heat index of 105 degrees, but Chipper Jones ripped a grand slam and the Mets lost by a touchdown to the Braves. For this we risked heat stroke???

Bob P
September 1, 2004

ESPN.com's Jayson Stark reports that Chipper Jones hit two home runs off Bobby Jones in this game. That marked just the second time since 1916 that a player hit more than one homer in a game off a pitcher with the same last name!

Chipper had a solo shot with two outs in the fourth inning to make it 6-3 Atlanta, then hit a grand slam with two outs in the fifth. He finished the day 3-for-3 with two walks, five RBIs, and four runs scored. The Mets scored four in the bottom of the ninth to make the game look closer than it really was.

John Q
March 4, 2005

This game was the first Met game I ever took my nephew to see. He was about 4 years old at the time and I just remember it being the hottest game I ever attended.

I remember there was a buzz in the air because the Mets had just won a bunch of games and they were on the verge of sweeping the Braves for the first time in years. Unfortunately, Chipper Jones had a monster game and the Mets never caught the Braves.

June 29, 1997 Three Rivers Stadium
Mets 10, Pittsburgh Pirates 8
Bob P
August 20, 2004
The Mets scored nine runs over the last three innings to come from behind and beat the Pirates, 10-8. The Mets hit five homers over the last three innings. Down 6-1 with two outs and nobody on in the seventh, Butch Huskey homered and then after Luis Lopez kept the inning alive with a single, Matt Franco hit a pinch-homer to make it 6-4.

The Pirates got one back in the bottom of the seventh when Kevin Young homered off Ricardo Jordan, who would eventually be the winning pitcher, his first and only win with the Mets.

In the eighth, John Olerud and Todd Hundley hit back-to-back homers off LHP Chris Peters and the Mets took an 8-7 lead. Olerud homered again in the top of the ninth, a two-run shot off Rich Loiselle, and even though the Pirates got a run in the bottom of the ninth off John Franco, the Mets held on for the win. Franco picked up the 342nd save of his career, putting him in fourth place all time.

June 30, 1997 Tiger Stadium
Detroit Tigers 14, Mets 0
Bob P
August 20, 2004
This game was the most lopsided shutout loss in Mets history to this point.

The Tigers had more home runs (6) than the Mets had hits (5). Detroit's Bobby Higginson had three home runs...two two-run homers and a three-run homer...plus two walks in five plate appearances. It was the first time Mets pitchers had allowed six home runs in a game since April, 1978. Mark Clark gave up three, Joe Crawford two (both by Higginson), and Takashi Kashiwada allowed one.

July 4, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Florida Marlins 2
August 18, 2002
Fireworks night, also the day that NASA landed the rover on Mars. It was also an important night for the wild-card hopeful Mets, who defeated Al Leiter and the Marlins. A birthday present for myself and my friends, we sat in the field level down the first base line. Lousy seats, but we were treated to the debut of a little-known catcher by the name of Todd Pratt (I can remember my friends and I groaning at the absence of Todd Hundley from the lineup, then Pratt comes up and homers to give the Mets the lead). Crisp victory for the Mets, fireworks were great, and my friends and I made a sticky mess of cracker jack, Pepsi and peanut shells on the floor that had hardened by the eighth inning.

Putbeds 1986
February 12, 2006

What a way to spend the 4th of July, by being at Shea and watching the Mets vs the Marlins. Me and my friend Kathy had traded our opening day rainout tickets for Fireworks Night! Rick Reed was great that night and Bernard Gilkey hits a home run. At the time, who would of thought that the Marlins would be World Series Champions three months later? And Bobby "Earplugs/I'll Show You The Bronx" Bonilla K'd three times!

July 11, 1997 Turner Field
Mets 9, Atlanta Braves 7
January 23, 2013
If anyone remembers, this is the game where Todd Pratt lost his bat into the stands 3 different times, once injuring someone. By the 3rd time, in the 8th inning, Atlanta fans were booing Todd very loudly and security had to almost get involved by the Mets dugout and put a stop to a potentially bad situation.

July 13, 1997 Turner Field
Mets 7, Atlanta Braves 6
November 20, 2001
This was Huskey v. Neagle game I referred to. Butch hit 2 homers as the Mets erased a 6-0 deficit. In the 10th, Ochoa pinch-hit a home run so far the outfielders didn't bother looking back. That turned out to be the game-winner and probably, Alex Ochoa's greatest accomplishment as a Met.

July 20, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 10, Cincinnati Reds 1
Bryan Hoch
July 16, 2001
Great day at Shea. Todd Hundley had two home runs, one from each side of the plate, as the sun beamed down on a crowd of over 40,000. It was Sunglasses Day, and they were ugly, but they came in handy.

August 7, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 12, Colorado Rockies 4
Nick Pauly
April 6, 2005
This was the first Mets game I had ever attended; at the age of nine, it was the day I officially became a Mets fan and joined the beautiful orange and blue tradition. Not that I had the slightest clue who any of the players were, but that didn't matter much at the time.

August 8, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Houston Astros 1
June 19, 2003
This game is a more significant memory than many other games I have been to. I went to this game with my dad, cousin Dan, and my friend Tim. It was the summer before my freshmen year of high school. On the way there, my dad turned on the radio to WFAN and whoever was talking was talking badly about a trade. My dad was like, "uh-oh" and the guy announced that they had traded Lance Johnson, Mark Clark, and Manny Alexander for Brian McRae, Mel "Smell" Rojas, and Turk Wendell. Whoever was talking said something about hoping he gave enough time to "spit out your drink" in shock or something of the sort. How could then new GM Steve Phillips do this when they had been playing good baseball the way they were assembled?

The game was awesome. I remember in the first inning, James Mouton was up for the Astros and was batting like below .200 and my cousin made a comment about how he sucks and then BANG! He hit the ball out for a home run. My cousin should learn to keep his mouth shut, LOL! The next half of the inning, Brian McRae (he arrived that day) got on base leading off with a single and got picked off. These fans started yelling, "We want Lance!"

But the Mets went on to win 6-1 behind a good starting effort from Brian Bohanon and some good offense knocking Shane Reynolds out in the fourth inning. He was a Met killer back then. Brian McRae did go 3 for 4, but did not do much the rest of that season (he only had like a couple good months in 1998 when he had some big hits). I had a lot of fun this night excluding the news of that trade. Lance Johnson was one of my favorites.

August 10, 1997 Shea Stadium
Houston Astros 11, Mets 8
Bob P
August 20, 2004
Darryl Kile picks up his ninth straight win despite two homers by John Olerud. The win improved Kile's record to 16-3, and he finished the year 19-7 with a 2.57 ERA (the league average ERA in 1997 was 4.00).

In his career, Kile was 13-4 in 22 starts against the Mets.

August 22, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 9, San Diego Padres 8
April 1, 2006
This was an amazing game. It was a back and fourth battle into extra innings and it is probably the best Mets game I've ever been to and I've been to some classics. I sat in the first row of the upper deck, right behind home plate and Greg Vaughn of the Padres hit a foul ball straight back and I caught it and still have it, so that makes this game extra-sweet for me as well as the Mets win, I got a souvenir.

There were some little kids sitting to my left and they were hilarious...they were yelling about Mel Rojas, say "stick a fork in him, he's done!" They had me cracking up.

August 23, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 9, San Diego Padres 5
Dan the Man
February 15, 2011
This happened to be Irish night at Shea and everyone got green Met hats which I still have to this day. I was 13 and went with my father and some of his friends. I remember this being an enjoyable game and Todd Hundley hit an opposite field grand slam en route to a Mets victory. Looking back 1997 was one of the few years in my lifetime when the season ended and I was satisfied. (The Mets went 88-74 that year.) They did better than I expected and it just seems every season since then they either just were bad, collapsed down the stretch (e.g 1998, 2007, 2008) or had an excruciating playoff loss.

August 27, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 15, San Francisco Giants 6
Elliot Baron
February 7, 2005
This is a game I will always remember, because it was the first game I ever took my then 6 year old son to see. He was just getting into baseball at the time, and really took to the Mets. He loved John Olerud and purchased a Olerud key chain that day. And what a day it was as the Mets announced that they had resigned Bobby V and on top of that they scored 15 runs. During the game the Mets put his name, Jonathan on the scoreboard and wished him a happy 6th birthday. He was absolutely ecstatic and fell in love with the Mets at the Big Shea.

September 2, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, Toronto Blue Jays 5
Chris Mog
November 5, 2006
Clemens always finds a way to get rocked at Shea. Not to mention Rey Ordonez' first career home run at Shea. I never forgot how that ball literally went over the fence by an inch.

September 8, 1997 Shea Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 13, Mets 4
October 9, 2008
This was the last game witnessed by original Met Richie Ashburn. He broadcast the game on TV for the Phillies, which he had been doing for 35 years, and died of a heart attack the following morning. Whitey's life ended with a '62-style lopsided Mets' loss that, as a genuine Phillie, he didn't have to feel bad about.

R.I.P. Richie.

September 11, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 9, Montreal Expos 5
Bob P
September 24, 2004
John Olerud hit for the cycle in this game, going 4-for-5, and driving in five of the nine runs the Mets put up off six Montreal pitchers. Three of the RBIs came on a stand-up triple, Olerud's first triple in three years.

Edgardo Alfonso had three-quarters of a cycle as well with a single, double, and home run. Fonzie drove in three and scored three times.

September 13, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 9, Montreal Expos 6
Jared Marcus
October 3, 2000
Wow!!!. This game has got to be one of the greatest games in Mets history. At the time the Mets were still mathematically alive in the wild card race that they had so valiantly crept back into. I remember being at this game and wanting a win so badly to keep pace with florida. However, at the start of the sixth the Mets were not only trailing 6-0, they were being no-hit by Dustin Hermanson. They ended hermanson's no-hit bi din the sixth, but did not strike until the 9th. With the bases loaded and the score 6-2, Carl Everett came up as the tying run. Everyone was thinking Grand Slam, and then it happened, Everett corked one 400 plus feetd down the line...FOUL!! Noone could believe it, it was that close, and everyone pretty much figured that was it. But not Everett, who took another mighty swing and launched one 400 plus again, only this time it was a GRAND SLAM, and the Mets tied the game. They went on to win on home-run in extra innings, SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

Rob Diamond
June 19, 2002

This truly was an amazing game for me, not only for the late-inning heroics, but just the fact that it was the second Mets game I had ever been to, turning me into a Mets fan for life. The stadium had cleared by the bottom of the 9th, so my friends and I easily found field level seats to watch the 9th. I am fairly certain they didn't score their runs until they had already made two outs in the inning. But what a shot by Carl Everett! As he ran around the bases after unloading the game-tying grand slam on a 3-2 count, the scoreboard flashed "KING CARL" which was pretty accurate for that game. Bernard Gilkey hit a three-run shot in the 11th inning to win the game, an amazing end to a wonderful game! This is still the greatest game I've ever been to, by far.

Steven G
September 15, 2004

I have to admit that I was one of those fans that left the game after the 8th inning. As I was driving home, I almost drove off of the Major Deegan Expressway when Carl Everett hit that home run.

I have never left a baseball game before it ended after that.

Nick Pauly
November 28, 2004

This was just the second game I had ever attended, and at the age of nine, I was upset at my parents for taking me to a Mets game instead of the Yankees, but it was an experience I would never forget. At the time, I didn't understand the game of baseball all that well, but when Carl Everett hit that grand slam, it stuck in my mind for eternity, as it made me the proud Mets fan that I am today.

October 12, 2006

I was also one of those fans who left the game early. My friend and I were driving through the Bronx, I think (heading back to CT), when Everett hit the HR. I couldn't believe I missed it! We ended up going to Bobby Valentine's in Stamford to watch the end of the game.

June 5, 2008

My friend and I decided to stay despite the 6-0 score. When Carl Everett batted with the bases loaded, two outs, and launched a long drive just foul I was crestfallen. I told my friend I had never seen someone just miss like that then hit one out. Well this was the first time, as we stood in disbelief and watched the ball disappear, and the game tied. Bernard Gilkey's smash in the 11th only justified our staying. Now whenever I'm at a losing game and someone wants to leave, I bring this game up.

June 16, 2010

This game was similar to June 14, 1980...look it up all you ultimateMets.com fans

scott r
January 23, 2012

I was at this game, had front row upper deck right behind home, great seats. I remember the Mets had no hit= s until the 6th and that one could have been scored an error I was thinking to myself when the bottom of the 9th started, "Please all I want is one legitimate hit." Then they get a bunch of hits, score 2 runs and have bases loaded for Everett. He hits slam and Gilkey wins it in the 11th. A great night.

August 30, 2012

My girlfriend and I were back in high school and had been dating for only a few weeks when we went to this game together. She wasn't a baseball fan at all and this was her first baseball game ever. I wasn't leaving until the end and she was too polite to ask to go, so she suffered through what had been a horrible effort by the Mets until the 9th. I remember gathering our things as the Mets were down to their last out (so we could avoid the rush of all the 35 people left at Shea) when Husky got that single in the 9th. So we sit down and just a few batters later the game was tied and they had "King Carl" up on diamond vision as they followed him around the bases after his grand slam. I looked over at my girlfriend, who was near asleep 20 minutes prior, and she was up and jumping with her arms in the air like the biggest fan in the stadium. Unbelievable! So here we are, 15 years later and still together, married and bringing our 1 year old son to his first Mets game in a few weeks.

September 26, 2013

One of the greatest comebacks ever. The Mets did absolutely nothing for 8 innings and were down 6-0. They mount the comeback in the bottom of the 9th, with Everett tying it with a dramatic grand slam. No way they could lose after that and Gilkey won it in extra innings. Amazin!

September 14, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 1, Montreal Expos 0
SI Metman
April 2, 2003
It was only fitting that the current #17 Luis Lopez drove in the only run of the game with a home run on Keith Hernandez Day. This was the day the Mets inducted Mex into the Mets HOF and presented his bust which is displayed in the Diamond Club.

Mlicki tried to nab his second career shutout in this game (after getting the Yankees a few months earlier), but ran out of gas in the 9th and put runners on, so McMichael had to come in and get them out for him.

Tom C.
April 1, 2004

Biggest highlight of this game was the finish. After little Louie Lopez hits a rare dinger for the only run of the game, it was Gilkey to Ordonez to Pratt to nail down a runner at the plate in the 9th to preserve the victory. Big cheer from the crowd brought back glory day memories. Good fun!

October 21, 2007

I remember this game for many reasons. First, it was the game after the UNBELIEVEABLE finish the night before with Everett's and Gilkey's homers.

And second, this was the only game I've ever gotten to sit in the Diamond Club at Shea. It was a great experience. I remember the play at home plate pretty well and to this day I think the Expos runner was safe. Great game!

September 15, 1997 Veterans Stadium
Mets 10, Philadelphia Phillies 5
February 9, 2009
If I remember correctly, Butch hit a home run into the upper deck in this game, one of the few to do so at the Vet.

September 16, 1997 Veterans Stadium
Philadelphia Phillies 3, Mets 2
April 28, 2006
I hate the Mets. Go Phils.

Anyhow, I was at this game. Schilling got his 300th K of the year on Alfonzo, but something that sticks in my mind even more was a tremendous catch made by Phils RF Tony Barron on an all-out dive where he landed right on his chest on the rock hard Vet turf. Not only was it spectacular, but it preserved a no-hitter at the time, which Schilling lost in the 8th.

September 17, 1997 Turner Field
Atlanta Braves 10, Mets 2
September 18, 2002
The prototype for Turner Field heartbreak to come. The Mets (and me) were clinging to that Wild Card fantasy--and really now, with the Marlins as the competition, it could've happened. But all-star pitcher Bobby Jones retired not a single batter--said he couldn't grip the ball in the heat--and like Roto-Rooter, away went playoff hopes down the drain. When the disasters that have undone the Mets in Atlanta are tallied, I'm always curious as to why this two-game set that buried the Mets' first underfunded Wild Card quest is overlooked. It was, in its time, just as bad as the misdeeds of Angel Hernandez, Chipper Jones, Kenny Rogers, John Burkett...heck, you name it, it's been awful.

September 23, 1997 Shea Stadium
Pittsburgh Pirates 5, Mets 4
Ed K
January 14, 2011
Mets were eliminated from Wild Card contention this day although I do not recall whether the Mets loss or the Marlins win came first to do it.

September 26, 1997 Shea Stadium
Atlanta Braves 7, Mets 6
Mario Lanza
August 6, 2002
This was the major league debut of John LeRoy, whom I played with as a teammate, growing up in Bellevue, WA. He got the win in relief for the Braves, never again pitched in the majors, and died of an aneurysm in 2001 at the age of 26.

November 27, 2004

Nobody has noted that in this game, Rafael Belliard hit a 2-run HR in the 7th inning off of Brian Bohanon. This is quite a notable feat. The last time Rafael Belliard had hit a Home Run previous to this was on May 5, 1987. That is 1987. 10 years and 1,869 at-bats in between HRs. And, of course, it beat the Mets. Simply remarkable.

September 28, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, Atlanta Braves 2
Shickhaus Franks
November 5, 2006
It was the Mets home (and season) finale and the sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds all afternoon but they got this one in. John Olerud got to the 100 RBI mark as the Mets defeated the playoff bound Braves 8-2 in front of 27,176. After the game, Bobby V and company came out for a curtain call and we cheered like crazy! It was a sure sign of good things to come as then-Dodger Mike Piazza hit his 40th home run in Colorado on the same day. Who knew at the time that several months later that Piazza would be a New York Met?

April 6, 2016

One of the most "feel good" games in Mets history in my opinion. The 1997 Mets finished off an 88 win season with a big win over the Braves. This team really came out of nowhere to put together a season that few expected after years of mediocre play, especially with starting the season off going 3-9. Once this game was over, Diamond Vision played a video of season highlights and even some of the players had tears in their eyes (notably Carlos Baerga and John Franco). Fun game to watch and really set the stage for a nice run of seasons for the team.

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