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September 2, 1997 Shea Stadium
Mets 8, Toronto Blue Jays 5
Chris Mog
November 5, 2006
Clemens always finds a way to get rocked at Shea. Not to mention Rey Ordonez' first career home run at Shea. I never forgot how that ball literally went over the fence by an inch.

July 1, 1998 Skydome
Toronto Blue Jays 15, Mets 10
Chris Creamer
February 10, 2002
This was a great game for me! I'm a Jays fan, but I came to see the Mets for the first time that we could here in Toronto, and it turned out great for me!

During batting practice I caught a Rey Ordonez 'homer', a pretty awesome catch too! I just stuck my glove out in between two big guys and I felt a smack in the glove, got a nice round of applause from the SkyDome faithful.

Hideo left this game early due to some sort of injury, I can't recall what it was.

A Canada Day Classic! Fireworks after the game, 25 runs, and my first MLB Baseball!!

Phil Thiegou
April 22, 2010

WHOA!!! Where do I start? July lst is Canada Day in Canada (our 4th of July) so it was a holiday matinee so they opened the roof of the Sky Dome on this beautiful sunny day. Key word in that sentence is sunny. More on that later.

This was the beginning of the end for the brief and pathetic Mets careers of Hideo Nomo and Mel Rojas. Nomo got shelled in his brief outing. The Mets managed to get back in the game to take the lead. However Mel Rojas came in relief and stunk up the joint. He was so bad, after he hit a batter, me and a bunch of other Mets fans yelled at the umpire for not ejecting him for intentionally hitting him.

This game was one of the longest 9 inning games in MLB history, lasting almost 4 and a half hours, thus leaving me to bake in the Canadian sun for 4 l/2 hours. After the game was over, they closed the roof for a fireworks display. Then they re-opened the roof and you had the sun shining on the smoke left by the fireworks, so you felt like you were in a war zone, not a friendly baseball game.

When I left the Sky Dome, I noticed that I was bright pink from all that sun. When I got back home, everyone was wondering where I got so much sun. Miami? The Caribbean? Hawaii? No, Toronto, Canada. So Hideo Nomo, Mel Rojas and I got royally burnt that day.

July 2, 1998 Skydome
Mets 9, Toronto Blue Jays 1
John Douglas
July 4, 2004
As a Met fan living smack in the middle of Jay-land, this game was the first live Met victory I'd seen after the first two in this series ending up losses. Because of my work schedule, I considered skipping the game but eventually decided to go to Skydome and made it just as the anthems wrapped up.

The extra bonus as a Toronto person was seeing Dave Stieb make his first appearance in Toronto during his 1998 comeback.

June 9, 1999 Shea Stadium
Mets 4, Toronto Blue Jays 3
April 16, 2001
A great game, Ventura had a key AB in the 9th vs Wells where he fouled off about 8 pitches before drilling a 2-run single to cut the Jays lead to 3-2. McRae tied it by smoking a 2B into the LF corner. And then the game just kept going...and going...and going. By the 13th inning, cheers erupted! The Knicks had won! but this game continued. Finally, at 12:16 AM, Rey-O lofted a deep fly to left with Lopez on 3d, and the Mets had won a marathon.

July 4, 2004

A great game at Shea. The Mets were beating the Jays 3-0 in the ninth but they made a comeback, capped by a game-tying double by Brian McRae. Then the game seemed to never end until, in the 13th, Rey Ordonez stepped up with Lopez on 3rd and hit a long fly ball into left field and Lopez came home with the winning run! What a game!

October 18, 2004

In retrospect, I should have added a few things in my previous post. It has only taken me 3 and a half years to rectify this.

I was at this game, which Wells started, and Ordonez ended, and among the more notable happenings this night was this was the infamous Bobby Valentine "Moustache" ballgame, where he was ejected, although for the life of me I can't remember when or why he was tossed, I want to say it was in the 10th inning, and of course I didn't know it at the time, since I was in the upper deck and couldn't see into the dugout, that Valentine had indeed donned a fake moustache, Groucho Marx glasses and eyebrows and snuck back into the dugout to see the finish, around the 12th or 13th inning. I only saw a clip of this on Sportscenter or the game replay, so I don't know if he was around for the finish in the 14th.

Also, as I mentioned, the Knicks were cheered loudly around the end of the 13th inning, as this was, I believe, the night they beat the Pacers in Indiana in game 5 of that series, which they won two nights later. Don't recall the score, but fans were a good minute ahead of the Shea announcement.

May 23, 2005

It seems I never have enough to say about this game...

This game was featured on an ESPN 25th Anniversary "Top 25" show, although I forget what it was the Top 25 of. But it was about Bobby Valentine in the Moustache, and they happened to show him getting ejected from the game, and jogged my memory, so I checked my scorecard from the game, and sure enough, there it was.

Top of the 12th. 1 out. Mahomes was pitching, Shannon Stewart had singled and was on 1st when he attempted to steal second with Craig Grebeck at bat. Piazza threw Stewart out (!), but the home plate ump, Randy Marsh, ruled that Grebeck had hit Piazza's glove with his swing, which is Catcher's interference. Grebeck was awarded first and Stewart was awarded second.

Bobby V came out to argue the call and ended up going fairly ballistic on Marsh. He was thrown out of the game. Mahomes went on to get Willie Greene to pop out and he struck out Delgado. Shortly thereafter, Bobby would re-emerge in the Mets dugout in Groucho glasses and Moustache, and the legend was born.

I miss those days...

July 18, 2000 Skydome
Mets 11, Toronto Blue Jays 7
Bob P
August 20, 2004
Mike Piazza hit a grand slam in this slugfest, his third grand slam of the 2000 season. It came in the fifth inning with nobody out and broke a 3- 3 tie.

Blue Jays LF Shannon Stewart hit four doubles in the game to tie a major league record. The Jays had thirteen hits in the game, and only two of them were singles! Bobby Jones went six innings, allowing five runs and ten hits. Of the ten hits, seven were doubles and two were homers.

October 25, 2004

I remember vividly watching this game with a friend. Piazza hit his Grand Slam in the 4th or 5th inning as the Jays' starter slowly imploded, and he hit it over an advertisement at the Skydome that read "PIZZA PIZZA." So, being that Fran Healy was the announcer this evening, we were treated to hearing "Piazza hit a Ga-Rand Sa- Lam, OVER THE PIZZA SIGN!" about, say, 44 times over the course of the rest over the game.

July 15, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 6, Toronto Blue Jays 2
Shickhaus Franks
October 19, 2011
I was at this game. The Mets and Blue Jays wore replica Negro League unis and it was quite rare that a series started on a Sunday.

July 17, 2001 Shea Stadium
Mets 1, Toronto Blue Jays 0
April 30, 2005
The Mets scored the lone run of the game in the bottom of the 1st. McEwing was hit by a pitch, Fonzie singled him over, Piazza drove him in. Blankety blank the rest of the way. Leiter threw a nice game over 7. Benitez made it hairy in the 9th, allowing runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs, but recovered, struck out Izturis, popped out Jeff Frye and struck out Shannon Stewart to end it.

This was not a particularly fascinating game by any stretch, however, this was the 164th Mets game I had attended (not counting Postseason), and the 100th of those games that they won.

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