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June 20, 2002 Shea Stadium
Mets 3, Minnesota Twins 2
Larry Burns
June 23, 2002
My life as a Met fan in a nutshell. I turn on the game the other night just as a hitter grounds out. The announcers tell me that Steve is flirting with a perfect game through 7 1/3 innings. I am absolutely juiced. I am hoping to at least watch the 1st no- hitter in Mets's history (a fact that is hard to believe). The next batter gets in and I believe on the very first pitch hits a clean single to leftfield. Dream over!

Melvin Mignucci
January 30, 2013

The thing I most remember about this game is Piazza's home run. Torii Hunter leaped at the wall and almost made a fantastic catch. He also lost his glove to the other side of the wall in the process.

June 10, 2004 Metrodome
Minnesota Twins 3, Mets 2
October 25, 2004
Cameron missed two cutoff men by 40 feet, allowing Matthew Lecroy, one of the slowest men in the league, to score from first on a double by Jose Offerman in the bottom of the 9th. An absolutely horrendous play by Cameron, which wasted a pretty good outing by Matt Ginter.

June 19, 2007 Shea Stadium
Minnesota Twins 9, Mets 0
henry (metsjets) Indictor
February 17, 2010
This game is why I wanted the Mets to sign Johan Santana. Seeing him pitch a complete game shutout of the Mets I figured that he'd be an excellent addition to the pitching staff

June 26, 2010 Citi Field
Minnesota Twins 6, Mets 0
Shickhaus Franks
July 13, 2010
Second time that I've seen Santana pitch in person (first time was in Sept '08) and he looked like he was distracted from all of the negative press from the past week and got roundly booed; meanwhile the Mets so-called offense made Carl "American Idle" Pavano look like Bob Feller as he goes the distance!!! Prince Harry (Prince Charles and Princess Di's son) throws out the first pitch as a goodwill gesture during his visit to New York for his support of both American and British military. Not bad for a soccer/cricket person; he should've stayed on the mound instead of mediocre ol' #57. Btw, many Twins fans were there from Minnesota and unlike the arrogant, rude and foul mouthed Satan Worshipers who cheer the Bronx Bastards; they were polite and down to earth with their wonderful Minnesota accents!

June 27, 2010 Citi Field
Mets 6, Minnesota Twins 0
July 1, 2010
First trip to Citi Field for my wife and I. Dingers from Frenchie, Ike, and Mr. Wright. Neat seven-hit shutout. What more could you ask for? The stadium is great - could use more blue and orange, though, to make it feel more like the Mets "home."

April 12, 2013 Target Field
Mets 16, Minnesota Twins 5
J. C.
January 10, 2014
SO COLD. First game I ever attended where it snowed. Target Field personnel gave out free hot cocoa and pins that said "I Survived Sprinter At Target Field" (sprinter=spring+winter). Was mostly just glad for the chance to see the Mets since they're rarely in Minnesota. Surprisingly strong offense with John Buck (during his inexplicable surge early in the year) hitting a grand slam. Niese wasn't his best, but hardly needed to be.

April 13, 2013 Target Field
Mets 4, Minnesota Twins 2
Hot Foot
April 13, 2013
Incredible pitching performance by Matt Harvey. In his third start of the year, he took the mound in 35-degree weather with near-perfect command. After the first batter, Aaron Hicks, struck out looking, I had a feeling we might witness a perfect game. His fastball was on fire this afternoon, reminding me of what the great Doc must have been like in 1985. The perfect game bid ended with a walk to Ryan Doumit in the bottom of the second.

Marlon Byrd hit his first home run as a Met to open the scoring. The Mets strung together a bunch of hits and ended up with a 4-0 lead, a perfect score for a no-hitter.

However, it was not meant to be (on this day). With two outs in the seventh, Matt gave up the first base hit by the Twins, a home run off the foul pole by Justin Morneau.

I didn't think that in 35-degree weather, Matt would pitch better than he did on opening day, but I can't say he surprised me.

His line in this one: 8 innings pitched, 2 hits, 1 earned run, 2 walks, 6 strikeouts.

April 16, 2013

I traveled to cold Minn to attend this game. Yes, it was freezing, but watching Matt Harvey pitch was worth it. It was my first visit to this new stadium. As I entered the stadium, I explained to the Twins greeters to watch our (Mets) pitcher. Doesn't matter the weather, Harvey is already becoming a star.

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