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Rick Herrscher
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Rick Herrscher
Rick Herrscher
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 728 of 1043 players
Richard Franklin Herrscher
Born: November 3, 1936 at St. Louis, Mo.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.02 Weight: 187

Rick Herrscher was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on November 3, 2013.

1b 3b of ss

First Mets game: August 1, 1962
Last Mets game: September 26, 1962

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September 30, 2001
If memory serves, Rick Herrscher hit only one HR during his short stay in MLB...and I was there at the Polo Grounds...I think it was 1963...so I was 9 yrs old. It was a fly ball that went directly down the right field line extremely close to the foul pole. I don't recall the exactdimensions of the Polo Grounds, tho I know if was about 300 feet..but this HR went that distance...and 1 inch more.

gary nelson-long island,new york
October 11, 2002
If I remember right, I went to the Polo Grounds when I was 11 years old and Rick Herrscher did hit a home run and I think it was a three run homer on August 5, 1962. I always thought the year was 1963 but I was wrong, and here's why: When leaving the Polo Grounds a newspaper boy was yelling read all about it Marilyn Monroe is dead. I looked up the date when she died. 8-5-1962. I also think it was a doubleheader on a Sunday afternoon.

June 24, 2003
If memory serves correct, he homered to help win a game against the Cincinnati Reds, who saw their hopes of repeating as NL champs fade by losing 3 of 4 to the '62 Mets - how depressing must THAT have been for them?

Ed K
September 3, 2003
I was also at the 8-5-62 game at the age of nine. I had a vague recollection of someone for the Mets hitting a home run that barely made the seats down the line in the Polo Grounds (i.e. less than 300 feet) but had no idea it was Rick who hit it until reading this website. The game was my first Met win. I had previously gone to a game in July in which the Cards thrashed them 15-1 behind Bob Gibson, I think.

I recall being very excited about the three game winning streak. They were also winning the nightcap of the doubleheader when my family left early but eventually lost it when we got home.

I also have no recollection of Marilyn Monroe dying that day but at age nine, I am not sure I even knew who she was.

Mark Simon
October 18, 2004
For those curious, I wrote a short piece on Herrscher in the October '04 edition of NY Mets Inside Pitch. He was an interesting interview. I told him about how Marilyn Monroe died the day of his HR- he said he didn't remember that, but was intrigued by it...He tells a couple of good Casey Stengel stories, and explains how Gil Hodges is in his personal "Hall of Fame."

He's an orthodontist in Texas now, and has been since 1972...still follows baseball very avidly.

Check it out if you get the chance.

Ed K
April 1, 2007
One other interesting note about Rick: according to Baseball-Reference.com, he was received by the Mets from the Braves in May of 1962 as a "Player to Be Named Later" in the Frank Thomas trade which was the first trade in Mets history. This makes him the first Player-To-Be-Named-Later to become a Met.

Mets fan in Maine
January 1, 2008
Herrscher was the captain of the SMU basketball team in his college days. He hit .338 in the minors in 1960. He has a baseball card in the Larry Fritsch One- Year Winners series.

Fan of obscure Mets
January 1, 2008
If you Google Rick Herrscher, you'll find the website for his orthodontics practice and an article about him and other notable Southern Methodist University alumni (both with several photos of Herrscher). He received his dental degree in 1968.

Bob P
April 29, 2008
To follow up on some older posts, Rick's home run was indeed in game one of a doubleheader on August 5, 1962, also known as the day Marilyn Monroe died.

The home run was also Rick's first major league hit in seven trips to the plate. And yes, the homer did barely clear the right field fence. It was hit the opposite way by Herrscher, a righty batter, off Reds' lefty Jim O'Toole.

Rick had just been called up from Syracuse a week earlier when the Mets sent Ed Bouchee down.

And actually, the Mets won three of five from the Reds that weekend, losing Friday night, sweeping a doubleheader on Saturday, then settling for the split on Sunday.

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