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Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 541 of 1043 players
Thomas Virgil Sturdivant
Born: April 28, 1930 at Gordon, Kan.
Died: February 28, 2009 at Oklahoma City, Okla.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 170

Tom Sturdivant was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on March 3, 2009, June 6, 2010, and October 25, 2013.


First Mets game: May 10, 1964
Last Mets game: June 21, 1964

Uniform Number:47
Tom Sturdivant also played for the following teams:
Signed with New York Mets as a free agent on May 10, 1964.

Released by the New York Mets on June 27, 1964.

Opposing Batters vs. Tom Sturdivant
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Mays, Willie 510000010001.200.200.200Details
Cepeda, Orlando 420000000002.500.500.500Details
Hart, Jim Ray 320011000005.6671.667.750Details
Herrnstein, John 310000000001.333.333.333Details
Haller, Tom 300000000000.000.000.000Details
Marichal, Juan 300000010000.000.000.000Details
Taylor, Tony 321000000003.6671.000.667Details
Garrido, Gil 310000010001.333.333.333Details
Alou, Jesus 300001000000.000.000.250Details
McCovey, Willie 321010000006.6672.000.667Details
Wine, Bobby 300000000000.000.000.000Details
James, Charlie 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Roseboro, John 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Rojas, Cookie 200000011000.000.000.333Details
Davis, Willie 2220000000041.0002.0001.000Details
Flood, Curt 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Briggs, John 200000010000.000.000.000Details
Javier, Julian 2211000000051.0002.5001.000Details
Staub, Rusty 200000010000.000.000.000Details
Davenport, Jim 200000000010.000.000.000Details
Moon, Wally 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Tracewski, Dick 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Bunning, Jim 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Pagan, Jose 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Warwick, Carl 211000010002.5001.000.500Details
Allen, Dick 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Uecker, Bob 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Dalrymple, Clay 210000010011.500.500.333Details
Kuenn, Harvey 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Callison, Johnny 2200000000021.0001.0001.000Details
Wills, Maury 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Grote, Jerry 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Bailey, Bob 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Miller, Bob 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Aaron, Henry 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Taylor, Ron 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Law, Vern 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Spangler, Al 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Bailey, Ed 100000010000.000.000.000Details
White, Mike 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Clendenon, Donn 1110000000021.0002.0001.000Details
Menke, Denis 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Pagliaroni, Jim 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Mota, Manny 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Koufax, Sandy 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Triandos, Gus 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Santo, Ron 1101000000031.0003.0001.000Details
Torre, Joe 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Maye, Lee 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Clemente, Roberto 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Mathews, Eddie 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Bolin, Bobby 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Stargell, Willie 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Banks, Ernie 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Howard, Frank 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Bolling, Frank 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Groat, Dick 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Johnson, Ken 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Crandall, Del 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Parker, Wes 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Kasko, Eddie 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Fairly, Ron 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Cowan, Billy 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Hiller, Chuck 100000000000.000.000.000Details
White, Bill 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Gabrielson, Len 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Mazeroski, Bill 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Gilliam, Jim 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Wise, Rick 000000000010.000.000.000Details
Schofield, Dick 000000001000.000.0001.000Details
Carty, Rico 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Washburn, Ray 000000000100.000.000.000Details
Bateman, John 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Boyer, Ken 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Gonzalez, Tony 000000000010.000.000.000Details

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