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Dick Rusteck
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 628 of 1043 players
Richard Frank Rusteck
Born: July 12, 1941 at Chicago, Ill.
Throws: Left Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 175


First Mets game: June 10, 1966
Last Mets game: October 2, 1966

Uniform Numbers:
Start DateEnd Date
43June 10, 1966July 16, 1966
40September 1, 1966October 2, 1966

Opposing Batters vs. Dick Rusteck
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Harper, Tommy 410000000001.250.250.250Details
Johnson, Deron 400000010000.000.000.000Details
Pinson, Vada 400000000000.000.000.000Details
Cardenas, Leo 300000000000.000.000.000Details
Aspromonte, Bob 300000010000.000.000.000Details
Rose, Pete 300001000000.000.000.250Details
Ruiz, Chico 310000010001.333.333.333Details
Coker, Jimmie 300000010000.000.000.000Details
Perez, Tony 310000000001.333.333.333Details
Harrison, Chuck 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Maloney, Jim 200000010000.000.000.000Details
Clemente, Roberto 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Adlesh, Dave 200000010000.000.000.000Details
Morgan, Joe 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Bailey, Bob 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Mota, Manny 2201000000041.0002.0001.000Details
Clendenon, Donn 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Alley, Gene 211000000002.5001.000.500Details
Pagan, Jose 210000000001.500.500.500Details
Staub, Rusty 200000000000.000.000.000Details
Mazeroski, Bill 2210000000031.0001.5001.000Details
Williams, Billy 200000010000.000.000.000Details
Campbell, Ron 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Stewart, Jimmy 1100010000011.0001.0001.000Details
Giusti, Dave 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Jackson, Sonny 100001010000.000.000.500Details
Wills, Maury 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Javier, Julian 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Davis, Ron 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Zachary, Chris 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Amalfitano, Joey 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Fairly, Ron 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Flood, Curt 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Schofield, Dick 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Miller, Bob 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Bateman, John 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Raudman, Bob 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Beckert, Glenn 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Roseboro, John 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Pagliaroni, Jim 100001000000.000.000.500Details
Thomas, Lee 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Shannon, Mike 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Davis, Willie 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Ellsworth, Dick 100000010000.000.000.000Details
Johnson, Lou 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Maxvill, Dal 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Veale, Bob 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Maye, Lee 100000000000.000.000.000Details
Pavletich, Don 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Brock, Lou 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Buchek, Jerry 1100100000041.0004.0001.000Details
Parker, Wes 1100000000011.0001.0001.000Details
Simmons, Curt 000000000100.000.000.000Details
Corrales, Pat 000000000000.000.000.000Details
Pointer, Aaron 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Gagliano, Phil 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Kessinger, Don 000001000000.000.0001.000Details
Davis, Brock 000001000000.000.0001.000Details

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