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Ed Bressoud
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Ed Bressoud
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Ed Bressoud
Ed Bressoud
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 301 of 1043 players
Edward Francis Bressoud
Born: May 2, 1932 at Los Angeles, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Right
Height: 6.01 Weight: 180

Ed Bressoud was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on August 1, 2012, and May 18, 2016.

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First Mets game: April 15, 1966
Last Mets game: October 2, 1966

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Bob Hackett
My favorite remembrance of all time. Eddie drives up to the players lot behind the Met Bullpen. Kids would hang there early and scream for tickets as the players pulled up. Eddie reaches out with 2 tix and says "Don't sell these, I'll be watching for you". My friend and I go inside and we are right behind the Met dugout 3 rows back. Eddie starts that day and first time up he looks back to see if we're there. We wave and yell "hit a homer Eddie"....of course he does and we go nuts. He comes back to the dugout looks at us and smiles. For two 15yo kids it made our decade. Thanks Eddie wherever you are.

Joe Figliola
July 25, 2001
Bob, the home run you saw Ed hit that day was one of 10 he poled for the '66 Mets--which is still a record for a Mets shortstop. Kevin Elster tied the mark in the late 80s.

December 24, 2001
Ed's youngest daughter was my roommate in college long after he retired from the game and had become somewhat obscure to the general public. (Obviously a 13-year career is nothing to sneeze at, but he wasn't a superstar either.) I can't say I knew him well, but he seemed to have the game in perspective. Two examples:

1. Ed had car with the license plate of "ED E-6." E-6, as those more familiar than I with the minutiae of baseball know, is the scorekeeper's notation for an error charged to the shortstop. But what error was this referring to? I pursued. It came out that the guy who sold him the car said something like "Ed Bressoud! I remember you! You made the error in [some big game] that cost [name of team here] the game!" (It was probably the Giants, since this happened in the S.F. Bay Area.)

I wonder how many ball players would actually order a personalized license plate saying that after being reminded of a significant error on their part ...

2. I came home from class one afternoon to find him in the living room watching ESPN. Some pitcher had just signed a huge contract, or at least what passed for a "huge" contract in 1991. I asked him what he thought of ballplayer's salaries. Ed ... well, let's just say he thought they were all overpaid. :) I'd love to hear what he thinks about the _average_ ballplayer's salary being $2 million a year these days...

May 29, 2003
Bressoud was on the All Star Team in 1964 representing the Red Sox at Shea Stadium. He had some productive offensive years with Boston. I remember him as a rookie with the New York Giants.

Dave Saucier
September 8, 2004
Bressoud, unless I'm mistaken, hit the final home run for the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds. It exists in color on the Milwaukee Braves '57 highlight film. With limited range and only a fair arm, Bressoud should have been a career utility infielder, not an every day shortstop as the Red Sox used him.

Bob P
March 4, 2005
Ed was the first player taken in the October 1961 expansion draft. Most people know the story of how the Mets took catcher Hobie Landrith with their first pick (Casey's quote: without a catcher there'd be all passed balls). But the Colt 45s had the first overall pick in the draft and they chose Bressoud, who had played six years with the NY/SF Giants.

Ed never played a game for Houston though. About six weeks after the draft the Colt 45s traded him to Boston, where he spent four seasons before coming to the Mets.

August 18, 2005
I remember several times that year, Bob Murphy saying "The count is 2 and 2 on Eddie Bressoud"

Steve Callaghan
December 28, 2005
I had the great honor of playing a softball game against Eddie Bressoud in 1980 in Sunnyvale California. Eddie was playing shortstop for Chuck's Cherries. Though older he was still a smooth fielder. It just so happens we were trailing by 1 run in the bottom of the last inning...bases loaded and I hit a double down the right field line. Eddie came over and shook my hand. Class act.

Doctor Worm
June 28, 2006
Ed Bressoud is one of only two former New York Giants to play for the Mets. The other is slightly more famous.

Dennis Ferguson
November 8, 2006
I played shortstop for Ed His 1st year at DeAnza JC. in 1968. We finished 2nd in the league. Had a great time playing for him he is a class act all the way. I have not talked to him in 15 years or so, but would enjoy an email from him if possible.

Feat Fan
January 11, 2007
Couldn't field, couldn't run, couldn't throw, could hit a little: PERFECT for the 66 Mets. At one time a top prospect with the Giants, went on to have a few good years in Boston (think he had years of .293 20 homers 45 doubles) before fading. Finished with the 67 Cards as a bench player.

Michelle Kirby
February 4, 2007
I am proud to say that I have known Eddie Bressoud all my life. Today, he is very well respected and still definitely a class act. No matter what happened during any game, if he did well or not, when he got home he was still "Dad" to my brothers and I. We got to live what most kids only dreamed of.

March 3, 2010
The best thing about this web site (and there are so many things) is when friends and family members of former Mets weigh in with their own memories, much like the one above of Ed!

October 6, 2010
I always liked watching him play. I was about 10 years old and was always rooting for him. He seemed like a nice guy and it was fun watching him play.

August 11, 2015
I absolutely agree with the above comment on family or friends of the player that comments here on the site. It makes it extra special for all of us who can only watch and read about the players. As for Eddie Bressoud, I was so excited when he came to the Mets but could never understand in my young mind why he was gone after one year especially after having a pretty good year when these Met teams (of the 60s) were absolutely awful. Same thing goes for Tommy Davis, Ken Boyer, and all the others that left so quickly. Now that I'm older, of course I know there are so many factors involved as to why a player stays or leaves but as a kid I was heartbroken when guys like this were gone after only one year. But thanks Eddie for giving us fans some excitement in those early years.

July 4, 2015
I remember Ed playing for the 1966 Mets when I was 12 and in 6th-7th grade. I liked watching him play, and I remember he hit several clutch hits to win games. 1966 was the first year the Mets emerged from 10th place, which back then was really celebrated by many fans who were made up of many diehard ex NY Giant and Brooklyn Dodger fans. I collect autographs for fun as a hobby and I get my 2 NY Giant baseball items I mailed to him signed this past week, it was really a thrill.

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