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Bill Hepler
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 501 of 1043 players
William Lewis Hepler
Born: September 25, 1945 at Covington, Va.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 160

Bill Hepler was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on September 25, 2010, and September 25, 2012.


First Mets game: April 23, 1966
Last Mets game: October 2, 1966

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June 22, 2001
This guy's 1967 baseball card was hilarious -- he looked like a 15-year-old with his jug ears and everything including his cap seemed too big for him. His numbers weren't bad, though -- I guess he got a sore arm.

Mr. Sparkle
December 16, 2001
69 innings 25 strikeouts and 51 walks. That is impressive.

Bob P
June 2, 2003
I remember when Hepler came up to the Mets in 1966. He was twenty going on twenty-one. I turned twelve in the summer of 1966 and I swear I looked older than Hepler!

He was also very thin if I remember correctly. I see he is listed at six feet and 160 pounds. He certainly had trouble throwing strikes as you can see from his stats.

jamey bumbalo
November 15, 2005
I agree that his 1967 baseball card was hilarious; he looked about 12 years old and his hat was way too big. Still, you have to wonder what happened to him after his brief stint in baseball; he came to the Mets after just one year in the minors.

June 14, 2006
I met him once in Florida in the '70s when he worked for my father. Nice guy - looked better than his baseball card. He was missing his baseball days since injury cut his career short. I'll bet it's a rough road to go from being a star to just being one of the guys. But he should have great stories to tell his kids/grandkids.

Bill Hepler
June 12, 2009
I met Bill back in 1966 when he came to Pittsburgh to play against the Pirates. My Dad phoned up the Mets and arranged to meet him, on the grounds that his son (me) had the same name as Bill. I was about 11 or 12 at the time - and he come to our house, and I think had lunch or dinner, and played a little whiffle ball with us in our back yard. He then arranged to get us some box seat tickets for a game that he pitched in, and he did well in that game. We were not able to trace any relationship between our families. Bill was low key, but pleasantly charming meeting a whole whack of people of various ages. (Remember he was only 20 or so.)

The whole thing is a very pleasant memory to me.

Fritz Fritsch
May 15, 2013
Interesting statistical line on Bill Hepler. 69 innings pitched, gave up 71 hits and 51 walks. That's almost two base runners every inning, yet he had a not too bad ERA of 3.52. Creates the impression of a young pitcher who pitched his way into and out of a lot of jams. Plus a 3-3 .500 record, which was all right for a Met pitcher in those days; makes you wonder why he didn't stick around longer. Must have hurt his arm or something.

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