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Dave Marshall
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Dave Marshall
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Dave Marshall
Dave Marshall
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 299 of 1043 players
David Lewis Marshall
Born: January 14, 1943 at Artesia, Cal.
Throws: Right Bats: Left
Height: 6.01 Weight: 192

Dave Marshall was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on June 17, 2011, and January 27, 2014.


First Mets game: April 9, 1970
Last Mets game: October 3, 1972

Share your memories of Dave Marshall


I was sitting in Sec. 4 in the Loge at Shea when Dave Marshall hit a foul ball that nearly broke my hand. 30 years later, I have still not touched a foul ball hit at Shea.

March 18, 2001
I remember him leaping for a ball over the wall in RF and coming down without a glove.

Richard Kissel
March 30, 2001
My cousin Wendy used to go to sleep dreaming of Dave Marshall.

Big Dave Shaw
June 2, 2001
5/11/71 --- I was at junior high baseball practice when my sister shows up and says "C'mon, we're going to the Met game." I had to get permission to leave so the coach tells me, "Remember, the Mets don't come to see you play." Duh. Anyway we went and Marshall hits a grand slam and the Mets beat Houston, 8-1. I have photos of him rounding 1B with his arms raised.

Jim Snedeker
November 15, 2001
Dave Marshall was my favorite player on the Mets while he was there. Don't ask me why, he just was. To this day (30 years later), his uniform number, 18, is my favorite number.

Funny, EG, I too remember that him scaling the right field wall to try and grab a home run, and coming down without a glove. I saw that game on TV. I wanted to run to Shea and be the first to get it from behind the wall. I even still have a picture that I cut out from the New York Times the next day, where they show him leaping for that ball.

Though mainly just a reserve right fielder, he had a cannon for an arm. I remember watching from the right field stands, warming up before a game, and making bullet throws from deep right field to home. My Dad, an ex-Brooklyn Dodger fan, was very impressed.

And in his pinch-hitting role, Dave was always good for a grand slam evey now and then. And I also remember that one he hit where he put up his arms in triumph. In fact, I ended up imitating him on that same play when I was on my Little League farm team. I walked with the bases loaded, and was so happy to drive in a run that I threw up my arms, just like Dave.

December 4, 2001
Strange as this may seem, my only real memory of Dave Marshall is how the P.A. announcer at Jarry Park used to pronounce his name, sort of like: Dave Marrrrshallllll.

Just as a side note, the announcer outdid himself in 1973 when the Expos got "shortstop, Pep-ay Free-ass".

Michael Nissenfeld
January 14, 2002
I do not know why, but my all time favorite Mets player was Dave Marshall. I remember a game where he came up in the 9th inning with the Mets down by 4 against his former team, the Giants, and he hit a grand slam to tie the game, he was utilized as a pinch hitter, so he stayed in the game and in the 11th won it with a solo homer. All my Mets jerseys have his number on them(18)and almost everybody who asks thinks its for Darryl Strawberry, when I tell them its for Dave Marshall, alot of them say "Who"? In fact in the book "Ballplayers" they describe him as "The defensively deficient Marshall was a singles hitter who was used as a backup" I do know they used him primarily as a pinch hitter but he did have power and came through with a nice number of clutch hits for the Mets from 1970 through 1972.

David Seideman
January 20, 2002
Wow, what a thrill to discover this page and the fact that I'm not the only person alive whose favorite player was Dave Marshall! I, too, remember him coming up with big with some clutch home runs late in the games. He actually hit a grand slam the first time he faced his old team, the S.F. Giants, on the very first pitch. Not only that, the pitcher was his old roomie, Gaylord Perry, who threw him a spitter. As a writer, I tracked down Dave Marshall a few years ago and wrote a magazine article about him and the experience. He's a wonderful guy and a great story teller. If anybody wants a copy, please e-mail me. For what it's worth, I also have quite Dave Marshall collection-- including his actual game bat and jersey, a stadium button, souvenir photos and lots of tokens of my fanaticism.

Fr. Kaz
January 24, 2002
For some reason, I remember how the P.A. announcer at the old Jarry Park used to pronounce his name. It came out sounding like it was spoken by Rosie from the Jetsons, sort of like "daaaaave Marrrrrrshalllllll"

May 26, 2002
I wondered whether anybody would remember the glove incident -- the only memory I have of Marshall, and that only because it was on one of the season highlight reels that WOR would play endlessly during the many rain delays of the mid 70's.

I remember Marshall as being in CF, leaping at the wall, catching the ball, and then having it take his glove off and continue over the fence. No idea how much of that was real and how much was the imagination of a then pre-teen.

Tony Gruenewald
October 28, 2003
Dave Marshall was supposed to be the guest speaker at my Little League banquet one year. He never showed up.

jamey bumbalo
December 9, 2005
Supposedly known for his defensive prowess, Dave Marshall lives in my memory for always grabbing his crotch before every pitch. It's an old joke to say that ballplayers grab their crotch, but Marshall always did. It's probably not good that I remember that.

Bob R
January 3, 2006
Wow, I haven't thought about Dave Marshall in decades....but my strongest memory of him was a game in which he hit a pinch-hit homer in the bottom of the ninth to tie a game at Shea. I was in the stands and went crazy when he hit it, along with the rest of the fans. Sadly, the Mets lost the game in extra innings, but that was one of the most exciting moments I ever witnessed at Shea. I don't even remember what year it was or who they were playing.

Bob P
January 17, 2006
Bob R,

It appears the game you are referring to took place on Friday night, June 11, 1971. The Mets were trailing the Giants, 2-0 in the bottom of the ninth. With two outs and Bob Aspromonte on first, Marshall batted for Danny Frisella and homered off RHP Jerry Johnson to tie the game.

As you recall, the Mets lost the game. In the top of the tenth Hal Lanier doubled off Tug McGraw, went to third on an infield out, and scored when Tug threw a wild pitch with Willie Mays at the plate.

March 5, 2006
Dave Marshall's numbers don't reflect the type of hitter he was. He hit the ball hard and rarely got cheated at the plate. A pretty good pinch hitter, he reminds me of Bernie Allen offensively. Hardly an easy out. Good guy to have on your bench.

mets gal
April 3, 2009
In the early 80s, Dave was a bartender at a place called Profiles on E. 79th St. He was adorable and was always very focused on how good his hair looked - I guess it's because it was always hidden under his cap. Rumor has it that he was the inspiration for the character of Sam Malone on Cheers. Don't know if that's true but it would make sense.

September 21, 2010
I remember Dave Marshall's glove-over-the-wall incident in right field. It was my first time at Shea. I believe it was one of Hank Aaron's many home runs.

Ruben Martinez
November 22, 2010
Well, I'm not a Mets fan but I'm a fan of Dave Marshall and do respect the Mets fans. I met Dave in Long Beach, CA and ever since that day we have been friends. Dave is the nicest person. He goes out of his way to make sure that his fans get treated with respect. My son is a huge Dodgers fan (he is only two) and having Dave taking pictures with him and giving him an autograph to add up to the rest of his autographs, can't thank him enough. I love his baseball stories especially against my Dodgers but most of all, I enjoy having him as a friend. I'm having Thanksgiving lunch with him on Wednesday. I will make sure to let him know about this web page. Dave will love it!!

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