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Greg Harts
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Greg Harts
Greg Harts
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 788 of 1043 players
Gregory Rudolph Harts
Born: April 21, 1950 at Atlanta, Ga.
Throws: Left Bats: Left
Height: 6.00 Weight: 168

First Mets game: September 15, 1973
Last Mets game: September 20, 1973

Share your memories of Greg Harts


flushing flash
June 22, 2001
AS anonymous a player as you'll ever see. It makes you wonder why he never played again after going 1 for 2.

Joe Figliola
July 24, 2001
The following will likely be the largest thing anyone will write about Greg Harts as a Met.

He, along with Brock Pemberton, Brian Ostrosser, Lute Barnes, Tommy Moore, and Rich Puig were always listed in the yearbooks as the Stars of the Future. I have absolutely no clue as to what type of hitter Harts was. All I know is that he had a bit of an Afro and wore glasses.

Kenny M
August 29, 2003
I agree with Joe F. We heard about Harts being the next Met star, especially in the yearbooks and during spring training, and he never made it. Most people, myself included, never saw his few at bats in 1973. Why was he never called up again?

April 14, 2005
As I recall, one of the Mets Yearbooks stated: "Greg Harts, highly regarded prospect." I remember his major league debut in September. It was a warm, sunlit Saturday afternoon at Shea, and he hit a single up the middle. You always wondered why this highly touted player never got anywhere. He was an outfielder in the organization at a time when Don Hahn and George "The Stork" Theodore were roaming the green pastures of Shea for God's sakes. Would the Mets have pushed him along a little more if he was white? Hate to play the race card but ...

pete hamner
July 21, 2007
I met Greg in extended spring training of 1975. It was my first spring in the Mets organization. Greg, on the other hand, was a veteran. He'd been to the bigs with the Mets and now was on the way down. They were trying to convert him to a pitcher. He was a quiet, polite guy. I'd talk to him a little shagging in the outfield. He wasn't very happy with what was going on but he didn't cause any trouble. He was just part of the minor league meat grinder

March 30, 2008
Well, I finally had the pleasure of meeting Greg Harts. A great guy. Still looks exactly like the picture on his Wiz card. Had some great stories. Now my quest is down to Randy Sterling, Brock Pemberton, and Butch Benton.

david lozano
July 22, 2008
Another teammate of mine. Great guy. Got to the Major Leagues in 1973 and than went all the way down to A Ball in 1975. They tried to convert him into a pitcher because he had a great arm but was still a great athlete. Mets organization was known as lily white in the 70's. Don't forget the Cleon Jones incident in 1975.

December 19, 2008
Harts may not have had much of a career but he did play in one of the greatest Mets games of all time. September 20th 1973 against the Pirates in the middle of a pennant race--the game Dave Augustine hit the ball off the top of the wall in extra innings and it went up in the air and came down in Cleon Jones' glove and he threw the relay to Garrett who nailed Richie Zisk at the plate. And the Mets went on to win it in the bottom of the 13th on a Ron Hodges single. Harts went in to pinch run for Duffy Dyer who hit a two-out pinch hit game tying double in the bottom of the ninth to tie it and Harts wound up stranded at third. If you're gonna play in 2 games in your career and that's one of them that's pretty memorbable!

BTW that was a Saturday day game that went into the early evening and that night was the Billie Jean King- Bobby Riggs Match! What a great day in sports!

Hank M
December 22, 2008
Sorry, Buzz, but I must correct you. It was on a Thursday night, not Saturday, that the September 20th game was played. But you are right that it was the same night as the King-Riggs tennis match.

As for Greg, I saw him get his first (and only) major league hit. It came in his first major league at-bat in the second game of a Saturday doubleheader against the Cubs on September 15. As a pinch hitter, he singled up the middle. The Mets got clobbered in that game, settling for one of their many doubleheader splits in that strange pennant-winning '73 season.

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