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Brock Pemberton
Brock Pemberton
Ultimate Mets Database popularity ranking: 650 of 1043 players
Brock Pemberton
Born: November 5, 1953 at Tulsa, Okla.
Died: February 17, 2016 at Ardmore, Okla.
Throws: Left Bats: Both
Height: 6.02 Weight: 195

Brock Pemberton was the most popular Ultimate Mets Database daily lookup on December 9, 2006.


First Mets game: September 10, 1974
Last Mets game: September 23, 1975

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This is one of the guys who I thought were going to turn the Mets into a powerhouse in the mid-70's. He was a 1st baseman who had several very solid seasons in the minors, hitting for a good average with some power. I don't know why he didn't get more of a shot in the majors.

Joe Figliola
September 13, 2001
The only memory I have of Brock (other than seeing his photo in the Mets yearbook under such headings as "Stars on Tomorrow" or "On the Way Up") is that every time I saw his name in the boxscore, he would have a hit. Judging by his batting average in 1974, I guess he stopped hitting.

Brock Pemberton
November 1, 2001
I have no memories of Brock Pemberton. I just share his name, which is difficult to live up to! Brock Paul Pemberton

B. Moore
August 4, 2002
Brock was also a very good basketball player as a kid. Even at twelve and thirteen, he was quick and aggressive. He and his team once clobbered my team in a seventh-grade basketball game in our hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma! I lost touch with him after that, and I'm sorry to learn he had such a short career with the Mets.

David Hudson
December 5, 2002
I saw Brock play in Triple A and he was a tremendous player and also a great clubhouse leader. I thought he would make it in the majors but I think a lack of power from the first base position hurt him. He was a high average hitter.

craig cacek
November 15, 2003
I played with Brock his first two years--at Marion and in Pompano Beach. We roomed together at Marion, and I later played against him in AAA (the International League). He was a class act all the way. a leader, great sense of humor, and a great teammate and competitor. He was truly one of the great guys I met in the game. He didn't have a lot of power, but did have some pop from both sides, could spray the ball all over the yard, and was difficult to strike out--a tough out. And he was solid defensively.

david lozano
October 13, 2008
Teammate in 1974 Instuctional League. Great guy. Played hard and knew the game. Switch-hitter and great defensive 1st baseman. Mets should have never traded him. Another good player they let get away from them. I wonder if you could ever see how many ex-players got to the major leagues who were in the Mets organization.

Shickhaus Franks
January 9, 2011
One of many Mets players who had their cup of coffee in the show. Got a base hit in the 25th inning during the famous 25 inning loss to the Cardinals on September 11, 1974. As Casey Stengel used to say: YOU COULD LOOK IT UP.

March 19, 2016
Brock recently passed away. With the Mets way out of the pennant race 1974, he was one of many prospects who got a lot of playing time with the team in September of that year. He hit the ball hard several times and it looked like he could be a solid contact hitter that would help the Mets’ continuous woeful offensive. Sadly, that did not happen.

Pemberton later closed out his career at Single-A as a player/manager, which is a rarity at any level of pro ball.

R. I. P. Brock.

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